Tobi Fairley’s Picks for Top 2014 Home Design Trends

Interior Design: Indigo Blue Walls2014 is finally upon us, and now that we’ve fully recovered from a New Year’s Eve spent eating cheese and drinking Franzia, it’s time to talk design. We can’t wait to find out what interior design trends will be in vogue this year, and thanks to industry vet and creativeLIVE instructor Tobi Fairley, we have a sneak peek at what to expect when it comes to 2014’s color schemes.

Pantone Radiant OrchidYou probably know that Pantone’s Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid, but Tobi doesn’t expect to see too much of the purple hue in interior design — at least not this year. In a recent creativeLIVE chat with House Beautiful‘s Editor-In-Chief Newell Turner, Tobi revealed that she has her eye on cobalt blues and moodier, rich hues like charcoal and navy.

We know, we know, grey was all over the place in 2013 — but don’t expect that to change anytime soon. It’ll be a while before we get back to the popular yellow and golden hues that were commonplace a few years back (uhm, thank God), but Tobi says to expect tons of brass this year. Yep, brass is back in a big way (in both varnished and tarnished variations), and is especially trendy in combination with mid-century furniture, as well as industrial and handcrafted aesthetics.

So, what else can we expect from 2014? Tobi says design enthusiasts should get excited about seeing paint colors with a lot of life and vibrancy — specifically indigo, an ever-trendy pan-cultural color that will take 2014 by storm. Sigh, sounds like this will be a year to remember in terms of design! Now excuse us, we have to sell our Radiant Orchid throw pillows and polish some brass doorknobs.

To learn more about how to define and hone your home design style, check out Tobi’s creativeLIVE course, What’s Your Home Design Personality?

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