Top 5 CreativeLive Music & Audio Classes of 2014

Kurt_Ballou_WEB_1600x9001. Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou
Kurt Ballou takes you behind-the-scenes of Godcity Studios to show you exactly how the magic happens. This all-access studio pass fully immerses you in every aspect of Kurt’s distinctive sound — from choosing and setting up gear, to tracking and mixing.

best creativelive classes music audio2. Using the Axe-Fx — Cooper Carter
The Fractal Audio Axe-Fx gives guitar players an incredible range of capabilities, but the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. In this CreativeLive class, Cooper shares his road-tested tips for getting the most out of the Axe-Fx preamp/effects processor.

creativelive music audio classes3. Mastering Metal Mixing — Eyal Levi
If you take mixing seriously, take this class. Preparation and setup will do more to improve the quality of your mixes than anything else you can do.

creativelive music audio classes4. Advanced Drum Production — Eyal Levi
Recording drums that sound both hyper-polished and authentic has always been something of a black art — one that isn’t taught at any school, one that you could only learn from one of the few elite engineers scattered across the planet. Until now.

Graham_Cochrane_Master_Class_Bundle_WEB5. Compression & EQ Master Class — Graham Cochrane
Every mix you’ll ever produce involves equalization and compression – and Graham will make sure you aren’t just turning knobs when you work through these essential steps.


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