Our Best-Selling Photography and Photoshop Classes of 2017

Every new year is your chance to make a fresh start. In 2017 thousands of photographers from around the world decided to make 2017 the year they learned more.

With help of CreativeLive and our incredible roster of classes, beginner and advanced photographers invested time and money into accelerating their careers, expanding their skills, and growing their businesses

If you are ready make your own change in 2018, start the new year out right with a commitment to learning. To get started, look no further than this list of photography classes – it includes our best-sellers of 2017 and each one is guaranteed to inspire and educate.

1. Fundamentals of Photography with John Greengo

Master the technical basics of the camera and form an understanding of the kind of equipment you need in this essential class with John Greengo.

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2. Fine Art Photography: The Complete Guide with Brooke Shaden

Learn how to choose which ideas to create, how to turn your concept into a production, and steps to getting your work seen and even sold in Fine Art Photography: A Complete Guide with Award-Winning Photographer, Brooke Shaden.

3. Adobe® Photoshop® CC: The Complete Guide with Ben Willmore

Ben Willmore teaches students how to process and organize images more efficiently – an essential skillset once you start shooting all of the time.

4. From Capture to Print with Rocco Ancora

Rocco Ancora explains how to capture and edit your image so that it translates perfectly to print in this essential class.

5. Portrait Retouching with Lisa Carney

Make the people in your portraits shine. Learn exactly what and how to enhance when retouching with Lisa Carney.

6. Portrait Photography Bootcamp with Lindsay Adler

Lindsay walks you through everything you need to know to take great portraits in this in-depth portrait photography class.

7. Newborn Photography Bootcamp with Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown demonstrates her flow posing technique for newborns and teaches the techniques you need to get incredible shots of babies.

8. Posing 101 with Lindsay Adler

Delight your clients and produce flattering results with helpful posing tips and techniques from Lindsay Adler.

9. Adobe® Premiere Pro® CC Video Editing: The Complete Guide with Abba Shapiro

Learn the tools that allow you to build a story with video. Join one of the best editing instructors, Abba Shapiro, to learn how to work effectively in Premiere Pro® in this best-selling class.

10. How to Shoot with Your First Flash with Mike Hagen

A small flash can have a huge impact on your photos and is easier to use than you think! In this class, Mike walks through the different flash options available and explains how to sync your camera and flash.

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