Trying To Travel With Kids? Try These Travel Hacks

travel with kids

Like most of us, Katherin and Nathan Spaccarelli love traveling. They love the broadened perspective it offers, the opportunity to enjoy the world’s cuisine, and the sense of adventure it brings to everyday life.

And for years, they said, they were traveling the regular way — booking tickets, staying in hotels, and paying full-price.

But after attending one of Chris Gillebeau’s WDS events and watching is course of Travel Hacking, they decided to play the points and miles game and save up for a yearlong, round-the-world trip they called The Big Break, which they took with their two school-aged boys.

Yes, the Spaccarelli family is more than just a couple of jetsetters — they’re a family of four.

Through some savvy budgeting and a couple years of earning points and miles, the whole family set off on a truly impressive global adventure.

If you’ve always wanted to try racking up points and miles, but are worried about the logistics of travel with kids, you’ve absolutely got to hear their story in this clip from Make Your Dream Trip a Reality with Chris Guillebeau and Stephanie Zito:

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