2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Traveling Photographer

Travel photography by Ian Shive.
credit: Ian Shive

Photographs are the perfect travel memento. On the ground they motivate you to really take in your surroundings and appreciate the view; after you’ve flown home they accurately reflect the time, season, and sky of your destination–as you experienced it. This holiday season equip your jet-setting photographer friend with the tools they need to take their own epic images.

From classes that cover how to scout, shoot, and edit shots to gear recommendations that travel well and can take a beating – this gift guide is sure to please every traveling shutterbug on your list, from the first-timer to the veteran expert.

1. The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Guide to Photography & Motion with Ian Shive

Ian Shive teaches photographers how to turn a passion for nature and adventure into a livelihood.

2. LowePro Camera Sling Bag

Designed for enthusiasts who want to carry an equal amount of camera and personal gear as they sightsee and travel with their DSLR.

This camera bag is a perfect gift for the travel photographer in your life.

3. Urban Landscape Post Processing Techniques with Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli reveals the best camera settings for skyline and urban shots and then covers post-processing techniques for creating amazing images.

Travel photography by Serge Ramelli.
credit: Serge Ramelli

4. External Battery Pack

With two USB ports this power pack charges two devices at once, ensuring your on-the-go gear is ready when you are.

An external charger is an ideal gift for a travel photographer.

5. Perfect Exposure from Histogram through Lightroom with Jared Platt

The perfect image starts with the perfect exposure, but what does the perfect exposure look like in the camera? Jared Platt covers everything exposure in this all-levels class.

6. The Backpacker Air Tripod

This lightweight aluminum tripod folds down to next to nothing making it the perfect companion for traveling photographers.

A lightweight tripod is an ideal gift for the travel photographer in your life.

7. Creating a Realistic HDR Photo with Serge Ramelli

Photographers will how to use Photoshop®’s simple layers to blend different exposures and get the best out of each image in this fast-paced class.

Travel photography by Serge Ramelli.
credit: Serge Ramelli

8. Hydrapak the Collapsible Water Bottle

Water is essential when you are out in nature for long stretches. This lightweight bottle will keep a person hydrated without competing for space.

9. Travel Photography with John Greengo

This class is an ideal introduction for the aspiring travel photographer. Students learn the ropes and get tips on getting the most out of their camera and their trip.

10. Headlamp

A headlamp will light the way when daylight escapes you, don’t get stuck on the trail without one.

11. Developing a Social Media Strategy for Photographers with Colby Brown

Once the aspiring travel photographer has mastered the essentials of shooting and editing, it is time to share. This class covers the basics of social strategy and branding.

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