Unique Ideas for Photo Graduation Announcements

Graduating seniors know basically two things: They can’t wait to graduate, and they want to look good in their senior portraits. As a photographer, you can’t do much about the former, but you can help them with the latter — and even better, you can help them figure out what to do with the portraits once they’ve been shot. Sure, being prepared with some ideas for unique, special graduation announcements is kind of going above and beyond the call of duty  — but that’s what makes a really great experience, right?

Our friends at PearTree Greetings are the experts when it comes to helping graduating seniors affordably show off their personalities with their graduation announcements. Here are some of their ideas that you can share with your clients:

Ribbon Booklets:

graduation announcements

These 4-panel designs are folded up like a booklet and tied with a ribbon for friends and family to unfold. Filled with lots of photos and personalization options, they let you tell your story in your own way.

Real Foil-Stamped Announcements

graduation announcements

These graduation announcements let your personality shine! Real foil in gold or silver is stamped on the cards for the look of formal graduation announcements without all the pomp and circumstance.


graduation announcements

When you spin the wheel on the side, photos or messages appear through the cut-out on the front. Friends and family will love taking these graduation announcements for a spin.

Photo Books

graduation announcements

Ten pages filled with photos and memories, these photo books become wonderful keepsakes for friends and family. From baby pictures to scholastic achievements, it’s the story of your journey.

Multi-panel Folds

graduation announcements

Multiple panels unfold to reveal oodles of photos, personalized messages and party details. These graduation announcements will surely make a nice display on someone’s mantel.

Pop Ups

graduation announcements

Friends and family will love to open the little windows on these graduation announcements to see your photos inside.

For more great ideas for how to help your senior clients pick the perfect way to celebrate, check out PearTree’s graduation announcements collection, and check out their blog for more graduation announcement ideas.

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