18 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Creative People You Love

valentine's day gift roundupWhether you dismiss Valentine’s Day as a made-up greeting card holiday or fundamentally believe that February 14th is the day to pull out all the stops and shower your special someone with gifts and romance, St. Valentine’s Day IS approaching.

This year, give that creative genius of a mate, who had the good sense to choose YOU as a partner, something really unique. There’s nothing sexier than having your artistic side acknowledged and encouraged. By giving an unexpected gift, like one from the list below, you’re showing your Valentine that you understand what makes them tick, and that you love the way they tick.

The New Standard

Roses, chocolates (and diamonds?) are seen a Valentine’s Day standard. If you want to step up your gift game, try one of these clever alternatives.


Diamond Ring Stamp

If we’ve learned anything from television, it’s that ladies love diamonds. This diamond stamp ring is a practically perfect piece of bling for many makers.

3d roses

3D Printed Roses

Buy flowers that look perfect and will outlast you and your loved one. Bonus, they ultimately save you money since you never really need to buy flowers again.

lego rose


Lego Rose

Or, build your own bouquet with a few of these nifty Lego rose kits.

nendo-chocolate paints2

Chocolate Paints

Design studio Nendo, created a limited quantity of chocolate paints for the Japanese department store, Seibu. As far as I can tell the only way to acquire these insanely cool chocolates is to get yourself to that mall in Japan before they run out.

Edible (gold!) spray-paints from Wilton and the Deli Garage are a cool alternative, if you can’t make the trek overseas.

gold tomato

Bath Time is Sexy Time

A good bath can cure a terrible day, and when your sweetheart draws it for you, you feel 100% pampered. These bath accessories will score points with anyone who needs to soak in some suds.


Bath Bombs

Lush is known for their dreamy bath bombs like Sex Bomb and Love Locket

But you could always show you care by making your own fizzy bath bombs with any number of online tutorials.


Coffee Bath

Pick up a care package of handmade goodies to make your tub at home feel more like a spa. Bonus if the items are made with coffee to put a little skip in your sweetie’s step.  


Sexy Homemade Soap

Ever tried soap making? This site has loads of anatomical soap molds for making your clean-up time a little dirty. Melt and pour soap tutorials will get you up and running if you’ve never made your own soap before.

Home is Where the <3 Is

Transform your home into a cozy love nest with these adorable embellishments that will keep the romance going all year long.


Heart-Carved Tree Pillow

This personalized pillow offers the long-lasting look of a carved-heart tree, without having to wield a single knife in the woods!  

kissing mugs

Kissing Mug Mugs

Nothing fuels creative couples like a big old mug of Joe, Johnny, or Pinot. These mugs can be customized to look like you and your mate. LOVE.


Darn! Men with Yarn Calendar

What better way to keep the home fires burning (and your dates organized) than with this beefcake calendar of sexy men in sexier knits.

Crafter’s Delight

Get your Galentine what she really wants- craft supplies!


Valentine’s Day Washi Tape

Stuck on what to get your favorite maker? Chances are, these tapes will adhere to their sense of creativity.


Grosgrain Heart Ribbon

Wooden spools! Grosgrain ribbon! HEARTS! These may be too pretty to use and that’ll be just fine with the craft supply hoarder who captured your heart.

heart shape pom pom

Heart-Shaped Pom-Pom Maker

The pom-pom maker you’re familiar with updated for love-struck yarn-wrappers of all ages.

Size Matters Measuring Tape

For sewing.

Or, whatever.

She Blinded Me
Chemistry and attraction go hand-in-hand.  Put one of these gifts in your Valentine’s hand and watch sparks fly.


Anatomical Heart Knit

Crochet your own, or request that VooDooMaggie make one for you with her custom listings on etsy.


We’ve Got Chemistry Kit

Cheers to making fuzzy drinks and foaming jellies with your loved one. Thank you for the at-home date night, science!


Neon Love Sign

Make your own neon canvas sign with a little EL Wire and this video from the fabulous Meg Allan Cole.

Gifts from the heart are always appreciated, and if your significant other has an insatiable appetite for creativity, feed it! Isn’t that what made you fall for them in the first place? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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