Love, Schmove: 5 Movies For Valentine’s Day Haters

valentine's day movies for single people
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Valentine’s Day, shmalentine’s Day. For some, the only good thing about this day is that it marks the end of those incessant diamond commercials. If you’re not in love or in a relationship this day (or maybe you are, but you really don’t go in for the cards and candy), it can just hit like a freight train. Try to ignore it, and you’re bound to still be hounded by unwelcome engagement posts on your Facebook feed and, of course, pink and red everything in every store. Instead of fighting all the love, why not embrace it with a good movie night? Here are a few Valentine’s Day movies that aren’t, exactly, Valentine’s Day movies. These are our suggestions for the cynics, the closeted romantics, and those who are perpetually stuck in the friend-zone. These tales of comedy, drama and dysfunction will help you get through it all relatively unscathed.

Match Point

Woody Allen’s Match Point digs into the underbelly of marriage and the allure of lust. In this drama-filled London tale the characters exist in a web of luxury and deceit propelling them all into impending disaster. This is a great selection if you want to watch someone make all the wrong choices.


If you ever wondered why Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are household names Swingers is an absolute must see. It highlights friendship at its best (or worst) and showcases the ridiculousness that ensues when dealing with matters of the heart. If you’ve ever left a few too many voicemails for someone this will ring true.

The Other Woman

The Other Woman is probably more for the gal pal get togethers out there but it’s no less valuable to list. This comedic revenge story features ladies who discover that they’re all being cheated on by the same guy. It’s an unbelievable plot that is surprisingly hilarious from start to finish. Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton form an unlikely trio of blonde besties who somehow manage to make you totally love their bizarre friendship by the time the film concludes. Definitely cosmo-worthy.

Coming to America

Coming to America is definitely an unexpected choice for this list but the reasons are solid. It’s one of the funniest films to ever grace screens and the entire plot circles around our hero on the search for his true love in Queens, NY. Romantic at heart or not, you can’t deny the power of soul. Also, Arsenio Hall, and Eddie Murphy.


Oh my my, the 80s, the beach, a memorable soundtrack, Elisabeth Shue in a waterfall, and young bright-eyed Tom Cruise. Cocktail is the perfect ‘I hate but kinda love Valentine’s Day’ choice. There’s so much sauciness and romantic hoopla in this flick that it’s kind of silly. The upside to that of course is over-the-top acting, melodrama, and a whole lot of alcohol.

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