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Posing Tips for Portrait Photography

Learn Posing for Portrait Photography

In this video, Zack Arias teaches photographers how to pose for a portrait. Zack explains how to pose a model in order to clean up the area around the jaw line and elongate their neck, which can really make a difference in the final result of the portrait photo.

Portrait Photography Posing Tips – Video Transcript

posing for portrait photography>> Zack Arias: So, I’m gonna make sure that she’s not backed up like this. I’m gonna have her kind of leaning forward a little bit. I want to elongate the neck. I wanna bring the chin out. I want to clean up this line around the jaw line, not back, all right?

So I’m gonna have her always kind of leaning forward a little bit, stretching that neck, chin up, I want a nice clean jaw line. You can take someone who’s very fit, very trim and you can shoot them at the wrong angle or have them pull back, and chins start to show up where they shouldn’t.


The neck can get kind of thick right here, all right? Even thin, fit people. You shoot someone like me. Watch out. That’s why I grow a beard. Thank you for watching this short clip of posing for portrait photography. Click to link to view the full course.

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