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Props for Adorable Newborn Photographs

Learn How to Use Cheap Props To Create Memorable and Adorable Newborn Photographs

In this clip from the CreativeLive course, The Creative Newborn Photography Studio, Julia Kelleher uses everyday items as props for an newborn photography shoot. You’ll see Julia asking mom about the colors in the house to inspire her color palette which she can use a selling point later.

Newborn Prop Photography – Video Transcript

newborn photography poses guideThis, what do you think this is?
>> Speaker 2: Door.
>> Speaker 3: Door.
>> Julia Kelleher: A door stopper, like the draft thing that stops the draft. Get one of these, they’re brilliant. Mom, what’s your favorite, what’s the colors of the nursery.
>> Speaker 2: Teal.
>> Julia Kelleher: Teal. Ooh. Okay. Well, we’re going to do teal later, so maybe we will start with a different color.

Are there any other colors that you love in your home? What’s your living room like?
>> Speaker 2: It’s like a gray blue.
>> Julia Kelleher: Gray blue?
>> Speaker 2: Huh.
>> Julia Kelleher: So soft grays?
>> Speaker 2: Mm-hm.
>> Julia Kelleher: Okay. And a light, I’m sorry go ahead.
>> Speaker 2: Yeah light.
>> Julia Kelleher: Light, light tones?
>> Speaker 2: Yeah.

>> Julia Kelleher: Okay. So maybe we, yeah I’m thinking since the floor, that might be a little too blue. We’re going to start off pretty neutral and then we’ll bring in a gray on top. Okay. So the only reason I’m picking this and not letting you guys do this is cuz I kinda know this is a specialty thing.

Again JD Vintage Props, love Joanna, she’s amazing. And this is another little trick of the trade. Where’s my towel, my towels thank you. Let’s just do this. My door stopper thing is not quite long enough for this bucket. I wanna make a perfect circle, okay, so I’m just gonna add to it with my little wash cloth here.

This is pretty much like a cowl scarf. I start with it inside out, put it in the middle. And then fold it around the outside. I know, it’s like, oh, brilliant. That’s how we get that smooth look, huh? And it takes a little finessing, so keep that in mind.

And because my little door stopper. So get a long one, or get several lengths if they have, I should probably go out and see if they have several lengths. But isn’t that looking smooth and pretty? Now there’s texture in here but it’s not messy, it’s neat. Okay? And you all know where little baby, sweet baby girl’s going, don’t you?


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