How to Know When You Need a Time Management Plan

The ticking clock got you down? Get some helpful time management tips from Tara Swiger.

Overwhelmed by a giant to do list?

Drowning in ideas and projects you want to start if you ONLY had the time?

You’re not alone! Most of the creatives I work with, start out by struggling to get it all done. Businesses are full of tasks, projects, and ideas, often more than you could ever implement in a day. And creatives have it even harder, because your creative mind is churning out new ideas all the time.

But, there’s an easier way.

You can sit down to work calmly, knowing you’re not forgetting anything. You can track new ideas, break them into doable chunks, and find the time for it all. How? By implementing a system for managing your tasks and organizing your days. Learn more and get my time management framework in my class, How to Get More Done!

You might need a time management system if:

1. You can’t remember everything you need to do. Your brain loops or swirls through your list over and over so you don’t forget anything. You work on your business at strange hours because you just remembered something that is due right now.

2. You worry a lot about being late or forgetting something. Your products don’t quite ship on time (or you worry they won’t). You’ve got notes all over the place, but they never seem to surface when you really need it.

How to Know When You Need a Time Management Plan

3. You feel like you have no time to add anything new. A new social media tool? Guest posting? A Marketing Plan? Where in the world would you find time for that – you’re completely overwhelmed as it is!

4. You’re not quite sure what to do when you sit down to work. Do you frequently get distracted by the internet or unimportant tasks? Two hours later you pull yourself out of Pinterest, only to realize that you were supposed to have spent the day shipping products!


All of this can be solved by a time management system. The system doesn’t have to complicated, it just has to work for you – your life, your time, your goals. It will help you keep track of your ideas, break down your project, and get it all done.

You don’t have to feel frazzled and overwhelmed. You can get a handle on your workday and ideas and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Your new time management system will include:

• A dedicated time for working.

• A way of keeping track of all your tasks and projects

• A focus on what matters to you

You can start now.

Start by setting aside a dedicated time to work. Start writing down all the steps of a project and breaking them into realistic, actionable To-Dos. (Bonus tip: Keep it all in one place, like a planner (I like this one) or an app (I like OmniFocus and Asana. You can read more about how I use them here.) Decide what you’re going to work on before you start working (pick things from your list!).

Want more?

Together we’ll build a total time management system for you, your life, and your creative business in the class, How to Get More Done. Join us to build a system that works for you!

Learn how to get more done! Check out Tara Swiger's productivity class on CreativeLive.

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