It’s World Photo Day – Where In The World Are You?

World Photo Day

World Photo Day is Friday, August 19th, and that gave us an idea.

Here at CreativeLive, one of the things that makes all of us most excited to come to work every day, is knowing that we are actually helping people change their lives for the better. That’s not just a marketing line, it’s really how we feel.

Even cooler? We are able to have this impact on a near global basis.

The Idea

In celebration of World Photo Day, and the fact that our CreativeLive community is truly a global one, we had an idea.

We want to see what your world looks like, from your perspective, in the form of a single photograph.

Show us where you are in the world, by taking a picture of your surroundings, your life, your environment. Then upload that photo to Instagram and use the hashtags, #worldphotoday and #creativelive.

Celebrating World Photo Day at CreativeLive

Here in the CreativeLive office, we have a tv screen that only has one channel: it is a map of the world, that shows where everyone is tuning-in from. Throughout the day, we get to see how many people are watching our live courses, and from where. We truly have a global reach, and that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me.

This is why we are really excited to get a glimpse into the variety of our global CreativeLive community. You all come from different walks of life, from different corners of the globe, and everyone has a story to tell.

Some History

In case you were curious, World Photo Day has its origins from the invention of the Daguerreotype, the world’s first practical photographic processes developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837.

Photography technology has come a long way since then, but the essence behind what it means to capture a moment with a photo really hasn’t. From here at CreativeLive, we wish you a happy World Photo Day, and are excited to see where in the world you are!


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Justin Katz

Content Marketer at CreativeLive, and outdoor and landscape photographer. I work with great people to create awesome photography content and education.