Our holiday yule log — which, yes, is close to a full hour of nothing but a crackling fireplace that you can put on in the background while you edit photos or make jewelry or balance your books or whatever you do for fun — is, around this time of year, one of our most beloved YouTube clips.

Forget our hours of free education from world-class instructors…during the holiday season, this video is what people want to watch. So here it is. And, in case you want to sound smart, here are some facts about this fiery piece of lumber.

— The yule log is an extremely old tradition, dating back to medieval times.

— The burning of the yule log appears in multiple religious traditions across many countries.

— The term “yule log” may also refer to a round, log-shaped cake.

From our family at CreativeLive to your family wherever you are, we wish you a warm and happy holiday season.