Photo Week 2014

Once a year CreativeLive convenes the world’s best and brightest photographers to bring you the industry’s most epic online photography conference: Photo Week.

Featuring engaging master classes, gear and software demos and informative how-tos – across three live channels, CreativeLive Photo Week has classes that appeal to everyone from the enthusiast to the veteran pro.

Featuring a unique content track on each of three live channels – CreativeLive Photo Week has a channel dedicated to engaging master classes, another to gear and software demos and a third broadcasting informative how-tos. You'll find content for everyone from the enthusiast to the veteran pro. Tune-in and give your skills a serious upgrade with training on: commercial, real estate, interior, Instagram, film, outdoor, GoPro, and, of course, wedding photography. There will also be plenty of training on post-processing, lighting and gear.

This all-access pass to all-things-photo will inspire and educate and leave you electrified and ready to explore whole new territories through your camera lens.

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Included classes

50 Tips, Tricks and Thoughts

with Susan Stripling

Fuel your creative spark and renew your enthusiasm for your wedding photography business with Susan Stripling. In this inspiring two-part class, Susan will share her top tips, tricks, and thoughts for getting through a busy wedding season

You’ll learn organizational tips that will keep you informed and fully-prepared for your clients more...


with Mike Fulton

There is a science to shooting with speedlights and in Speedlites, Mike Fulton will teach you it.

If you want to shoot with speedlights you have to learn the system first. In this class Mike will dive into the concepts behind flash and trigger devices show why these tools work and more...

Extraordinary Engagements

with Callaway Gable

Celebrate the unique magic of each client. In Extraordinary Engagements, Brian and Allison will share their secrets for capturing and conveying the energy of their subjects in every shoot.

Brian and Allison will teach you how to empower your clients and help them co-create a conceptual and themed shoot that more...

Boudoir Photography

with Jen Rozenbaum

Running a boudoir photography business can be a fun and enriching career path for any photographer - learn how to build one that complements your style and life.

In Building a Successful Boudoir Business with Jen Rozenbaum, students got an up-close and personal education on the way she runs her business. more...

Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

with Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

Bring more flair to all of your photographs with fashion-inspired posing and lighting ideas from Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze.

In Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting, Sue and Felix will show you how to direct and light a model to create a fashion-style shoot. This class brings together a master more...

Real Estate and Architectural Photography

with Mike Kelley

Photography is commonly used to sell, document, and advertise buildings, homes, and spaces – join Mike Kelley for an introduction to the fundamentals of real estate and architectural photography and how it can bolster your photography business.

This course will debunk common myths about architectural photography and share best practices for more...

The Business of Outdoor Photography

with Ian Shive

Join the 2011 winner of the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, Ian Shive, as he talks about the thrill and precision of taking photographs in the world’s wildest places.

Ian will share the stories from his experiences photographing for leading environmental organizations - from spearfishing at night in the more...

High Impact, Low Fuss Lighting

with Lindsay Adler

Ready to capture gorgeously-lit images without expensive gear or complicated lighting setups? Join portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler for an exploration of high impact, low-fuss lighting.

In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve a wide variety of visual styles using basic zoom reflectors, a beauty dish, and a soft more...

How To Create Shareworthy Marketing

with Sue Bryce

Let Sue Bryce show you how to create your own compelling, highly visual marketing materials and grow your photography business.

In this class Sue will offer tips, tricks, and ideas you can use to design and shoot your own marketing stills and video. Sue will help you develop marketing campaigns more...

DIY Lighting

with Kevin Kubota

Learn how to hack your photography lighting with tips and tricks from Kevin Kubota.

You don’t have to break the bank on expensive products to achieve professional-quality results with your lighting. In this class Kevin will show you how to build your own lighting gear for a fraction of the cost more...

Commercial Portrait Lighting

with Brian Smith

Tune-in for a memorable shoot with celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith, Here’s your chance to see what really goes on during an editorial or corporate portrait shoot as Brian Smith photographs portraits of CreativeLive staff. Watch as Brian captures portraits of the folks who bring you CreativeLive. Hear why Brian more...

Newborns: Props and Posing

with Ana Brandt

Newborn photography is a rich experience for both photographers and new parents. In Newborns: Props and Posing, Ana Brandt will share some of her creative insights for capturing that magic with the propping and posing techniques she uses in her own successful newborn and family photography studio.

In this class Ana more...

How to Take the Perfect Headshot

with Peter Hurley

If you aren’t offering headshot photography services, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. The demand for professional headshots has proliferated in recent years and in this class Peter Hurley will teach you shooting and selling techniques that will help you land that business.

A headshot can quickly communicate personality more...

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

with Pei Ketron

As technology evolves, so does the landscape of photography. With Instagram and other highly-visual, social platforms, photographers can reach and grow their audiences in a variety ways. Learn how you can maximize your reach, cultivate your social media voice, and build your business through photo-sharing apps. more...

How to Paint with Light

with Ben Willmore

Discover the unique art of light painting, and add a new dimension of light painting into your photography. Experienced light painter Ben Willmore will introduce you to the basics of light painting in this fun and informative class. You’ll learn which tools and settings to use to get your desired more...

How to Shoot Pets in the Studio

with Carli Davidson

Learn the trick to creating awesome pet portraits and assuring your non-human clients they aren’t at the vet’s office in Shooting Pets in Studio with Carli Davidson.

In this class you’ll get tips and techniques for creating an environment that sets your four-legged models up for success. Carli will teach you more...

How to Expand Beyond Wedding Photography

with Jim Garner

Expanding your product offerings not only opens you up to a whole new revenue stream, it keeps you engaged and inspired.

In How to Expand Beyond Wedding Photography, Jim Garner will introduce you to his new business venture, Flashfolios, and share with you a process you can use to widen your more...

How to Increase Wedding Profits without Raising Prices

with Gary Hughes

It’s no secret that the photography business has gone through some big changes in recent years. For some photographers those changes have made doing business a totally different ballgame. This class will help any wedding photographer increase their wedding sales averages using low pressure sales techniques and creative marketing. The more...

How to Shoot with Film

with Josh Moates, Ryan Muirhead

Experience the look and feel of film photography with this beginner’s guide to film for DSLR photographers.

Photographers who came of age in the era of digital photography are often intimidated by the prospect of shooting to film. In this class, Josh Moates and Ryan Muirhead will cover everything you need more...

How to Create Photo Books

with Khara Plicanic

Printed photo books are prized possessions and important family keepsakes – learn how to create photo books your clients will love. In this class Khara Plicanic will teach you how to assemble awesome photo books whether your are working from a template or starting from scratch. Khara will introduce a more...

How to Improve Your SEO

with Gary Hughes

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective tools for identifying and connecting with new clients — but it only works if you know how to do it. Gary Hughes will share his experience and years in IT and photography to bring it all together for you. more...

How to Define Your Style and Brand

with Ben Sasso

Learn how to define your photographic style, foster its progression, and build a brand that brings out the best in that style.

A clearly articulated brand helps you attract the kind of clients you genuinely enjoy working with. In How to Define your Style and Brand, Ben Sasso will help more...

How to Get It Right in Camera

with Felix Kunze

Let Felix Kunze show you how to get the shot you are seeking, in camera.

In How to Get it Right in Camera, Felix will teach you how to get the results you want – as soon as you click the shutter. He will share his approach to shaping and shooting more...

How to Boost Your Brand in 20 Steps

with Vanessa Joy

Activate your brand with marketing tips from Vanessa Joy. In this class, Vanessa shares 20 fresh ideas that'll take your brand from bland to booming. You’ll get actionable ideas you can use to bring your brand to life on social media and at in-person events. Vanessa will help you develop more...

How to Use GoPro for Outdoor Photography

with Colin Smith

The GoPro is one of the world's most popular cameras. They are very popular with adventurers, adrenaline junkies, and belong in the outdoors, even underwater. These tiny, durable and flexible cameras are capable of very big things.

Colin Smith shows you how to do a ton of things with the more...

How to Photograph Men

with Jeff Rojas

Learn how to capture men in their best light with an introduction to men’s portrait photography. Jeff Rojas will take you through the essential elements of Men’s Portraiture. Jeff will cover the basics of directing and posing male subjects so they look natural, masculine, and confident in front of the more...

How to Take Your Own Headshot

with Erin Manning

A great headshot is an essential marketing asset for promoting your businesses online – learn the trick to snapping an amazing one, yourself.

In this class, Erin Manning will show you how to create a great headshot without a lot of trouble or expense. You’ll learn about everything from choosing the more...

How to Transform a Photoshoot for $10 or Less

with Brooke Shaden

Learn how you can use image compositing and smart set design to create stunning images at an impressively low cost. In this class, Brooke Shaden will take you through a dozen different setups shot with props that cost $10 or less. She’ll share how she created unique images shooting in more...

How to Set Up 10 Essential Poses

with Lindsay Adler

You don't need to memorize hundreds of poses to create dynamic and engaging shots of your subjects. Instead, you can learn just 10 essential poses, and make slight modifications to them to create an endless range of looks. In this class Lindsay Adler will share 10 poses you can use more...

How to Pose Family Portraits

with Michele Celentano

Capture the magic of a family in a group portrait. In How to Pose Family Portraits, Michele Celentano will teach you how to take memorable family photographs of groups – sized 2 to 100. You’ll learn how to use bodies as puzzle pieces and how to position them together as more...

DIY Makeup for Photographers

with Courtney Dailey

Beautiful, styled shoots can be done without the help of a makeup artist. Learn how to provide your clients with gorgeous, glowy foundation, red carpet-worthy eyes and a brilliant smile. In DIY Makeup for Photographers, Courtney Dailey will discuss how to offer a high-end experience with makeup and hair services more...

How To Retouch As Efficiently as Possible

with Pratik Naik

Retouching portraits can be extremely work intensive. Learn time-saving techniques from Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch.

With Pratik’s guidance you’ll develop a blueprint for retouching portraits by utilizing the tools you already work with just in a more efficient manner. You'll also learn the trick to developing a plan of action more...

How to Get Started in Nature Photography

with John Greengo

Stunning nature and landscape photography requires the right gear, techniques and approach. In this class, John Greengo explains the tools and techniques required for succeeding in this inspiring but demanding discipline. You’ll get an introduction to the equipment, exposure, focus, subjects, light, composition and photographic process needed to get your more...

The Bigger Picture: Why We Do What We Do

with Jeremy Cowart

It's easy to get caught up in the gear, the shutter speeds, the f-stops, the lighting, and the post-production. But sometimes, we need to be reminded of why we take and create images in the first place. Join celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart as he sits down and tells stories from more...

How to Light and Pose Beauty Shots

with Courtney Dailey

Clients love the feeling of a photo shoot, especially when it feels like an magazine editorial. In this class, Courtney Dailey will help you create that feeling in your studio by sharing some of her favorite beauty photography tricks. Courtney will share her preferred beauty lighting set-ups, creative tricks and more...

How to Shoot with Polaroid

with Jonny Davenport

Learn all about Polaroid Photography from an inspiring and enthusiastic Polaroid photographer. In How to Shoot with Polaroid, Jonny Davenport will teach you the brief history of Polaroid, talk about how it is used today and introduce you the artists who are still shooting in this historic medium. You’ll look more...

Bring Details to Life with Alien Skin

with Sue Bryce

Beauty is in the details and Alien Skin helps acclaimed glamour photographer Sue Bryce bring those details to life.

Alien Skin helps photographers enhance their work with photo effects inspired by film. Learn how Sue uses Alien Skin to complement her work. more...

Adorama Gear Review: Fuji X-T1 and 18-135 Water Resistant Lens

with John Greengo

Get acquainted with the Fuji X-T1 and the Fujifilm XF 18-135mm Water Resistant Lens. The Fujifilm X-T1 is a strong addition to a camera lineup renowned for classic styling, color reproduction, and ergonomics. With the added weather resistance and largest EVF on the market, this low-light king is sure to more...

Adorama Gear Review: Nikon D610

with John Greengo

The Nikon D-610 gives you the power of a pro-level full frame camera in an affordable, user-friendly package. Added frames-per-second and a Quiet Continuous mode mark a couple of new and upgraded features. Learn more about it from outdoor and travel photographer John Greengo.

John will highlight the camera’s most important more...

Shooting in the Boudoir with Sigma

with Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum takes photographs that feel spontaneous and feminine and she relies on her Sigma gear to help capture that magic.

In this segment Jen will reveal her two favorite Sigma 50mm lenses and showcase images she shot while using them. You’ll learn how she picks which lens she’ll more...

Adorama Gear Review: Pentax KS-1 and K-3

with John Carlson

Curious about the new Pentax cameras? Learn all about the Pentax KS-1 and K-3 in this segment brought to you by Adorama.

You’ll learn all about the features and functions you’ll find in these two DSLRs and how to put them to work. more...

Inside the New Perfect Photo Suite 9 with onOne

with Dan Harlacher

Join Dan Harlacher, Senior Product Manager, as he walks through the newest version of the Perfect Photo Suite. The new Perfect Photo Suite 9 will provide you a fast browsing experience for your photos, easy masking tools, and a large catalogue of effects for endless creativity. more...

Adorama Gear Review: Canon 70D

with John Greengo

John Greengo will help you get the most out of your Canon 70D in this gear review brought to you by Adorama.

The Canon 70D remains the professional's choice when seeking a full-featured APS-C camera body. An updated image processor and improved auto-focus speeds tip the scale on an already enticing more...

Cutting-edge Photo Techniques Using Macphun Software

with Colin Smith

Stay on the cutting-edge of creativity with this fun and informative class that will help you discover and explore new digital image processing techniques. Presented by best-selling author, trainer, and founder of PhotoshopCafe, Colin Smith, you will quickly learn how to make your images simply amazing using the award-winning innovative more...

Sigma's 24-105mm and 70-200mm One-two Punch

with Lindsay Adler

The Sigma 24-105mm 4.0 and 70-200mm 2.8 really pack a 1-2 punch! Join fashion photographer Lindsay Adler as she discusses how she utilizes the versatility of these two lenses for wedding, fashion and beauty photography. Not only will she share how these lenses have been utilized to make some of more...

Bring Back that Analog Feeling with Alien Skin

with Felix Kunze

Alien Skin allows you to create gorgeous digital images with an analog soul. Learn how Alien Skin can enrich your photography with demonstrations from Felix Kunze.

Felix uses Alien Skin to preserve the details in his portraiture and this segment will show you how to integrate Alien Skin into your post-production more...

Photo Week 2014 Panel 'State of the Industry'

with Sue Bryce, Ben Sasso, Jason Groupp, 3 others

Join your favorite Photo Week instructors for an after-hours conversation about all things photography. You’ll get insights on emerging trends, straight-talk on challenges, and insights on the state of the industry.

Learn from a panel of experts – including master glamour photographer Sue Bryce, wedding photographer Ben Sasso, Director of WPPI more...

Photo Week Image Critique 2014 Hosted by Sue Bryce

with Sue Bryce, Lindsay Adler, Brooke Shaden, 4 others

Join Sue Bryce, Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler and other beloved Photo Week instructors for an all-day Image Critique session. Our judges will be critiquing images submitted by the CreativeLive community in four different categories: Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, and Landscape. These world renowned photographers will be providing invaluable insight and feedback more...