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Become an Engaging Presenter

with Andrew Whelan

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  •   03 Why Presentations Miss the Mark


Class duration: 2h 2m

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About The Class

Presentations don’t have to be a punishment, you get to enjoy doing them.

Does your work require you to give presentations? Are you just getting through them and hoping for the best but not quite hitting the mark? 

Are you building decks to pitch your ideas and to present to clients, but feel as though your presentation skills are mediocre at best? 

Have you lost out on opportunities because you failed to connect with your audience? It’s time to learn how to improve your presentation skills and to start actually enjoying the entire process. 

Join former Late Night with Conan O’Brien performer, accomplished career coach, and small business owner Andrew Whelan to learn how to be an engaging, dynamic presenter. 

This class is short, actionable, and something you can always reference before you go into a pitch. 

In this class you will learn how to: 

  • Prepare your story and rehearse 
  • Prioritize your message 
  • Improve your vocal strength and physical presence 
  • Get emotionally connected with your audience 
  • Keep the momentum going to develop a rhythm 
  • Read cues, connect with your audience and present yourself as an authority 
  • Manage anxiety and handle the unexpected 

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Engage Your Audience Right Away

  3. 03

    Why Presentations Miss the Mark

  4. 04

    Tips for Effective Communication

  5. 05

    Break Down Audience Barriers

  6. 06

    Stories vs. Statistics

  7. 07

    Build Your Presentation

  8. 08

    Know Your Audience

  9. 09

    Organize Your Information

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Execute & Engage

  12. 12

    Anxiety Makes Me Nervous

  13. 13

    What's a Q&A Session?

  14. 14

    Q&A & Final Thoughts

  15. 15

    BONUS - Effective Types of Story


Meet Your Expert

Andrew Whelan

Andrew Whelan is an accomplished career coach and small business owner. His background also includes performing at... ... read more

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Bonus Material

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • NeeLee

    March 2017

    This is my second time as an audience member for Creative Live, and I have to tell you all - I'm hooked! I decided to give it a shot because I'm genuinely interested in the subject being covered, it is a wonderful networking opportunity, and its free for audience members - so I receive the course and the bonus materials. For those of you that are nervous about the cameras like I was, let me assure you that you hardly even notice them. If you ever watched a few courses before becoming an audience member, you can tell how little the audience is even shown. Now as for Mr. Whelan - CL couldn't have picked a better presenter to present about presentations. His knowledge and experience reflects in his presentation - he's warm, personable, and if he did rehearse and prepare the way he recommends, it's not noticeable. He's natural and you can relate to every point made. I hope there are other Andrew Whelan courses in the future. I highly recommend CL - as a participant and an audience member - for their variety of course content and bonus materials that I continue to use in my day-to-day. I strongly recommend any class or workshop that includes Andrew Whelan. His advice, experience, and genuine empathetic approach to helping others become better, is invaluable. Thank you Andrew and Thank you Creative Live!

  • Carolyn Winslow

    Carolyn Winslow

    April 2017

    Thank you! You gave me some fresh ideas to share when I am presenting, and when I'm helping folks be more comfortable when they need to speak in front of others. Good examples, to the point without fluff, and even a bit entertaining. Thanks!

  • Jack Foxe

    Jack Foxe

    March 2017

    This was my first live audience experience, and wow was i shocked how engaged i was! Im someone who has an awful attention span so the fact that i was listening and taking everything in was fantastic. Thanks Andrew for some great tips and making me laugh and thanks to Creative Live for having me in the audience. If anyone who interacts with other people on a regular basis this class is essential!

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