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Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

with Tara Gentile

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   09 Create Your Ideal Work Environment


Class duration: 9h 40m

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About The Class

Prevent yourself from burning out and hire the right people to grow your business

Are you too damn busy? Your business can’t run—let alone grow—without all the hard work you put into it on a daily basis.

What’s worse, you don’t have the time to hire anyone, you’re not making the money you need to hire anyone, and you don’t see how anyone else could do the work you do.

If you keep at it this way it’s just a matter of time before you burn out. You will end up closing up shop, not because the business wasn’t working but simply because it wore you down. You had something and couldn’t make it last because you just couldn’t do it all.

There is also the problem that if you hire the wrong people you will be wasting time and money on a series of hires that don’t alleviate your stress.

Set up your business to be the best place to work—even for yourself.

Finally, retire from being “too busy” and once and for all streamline your operations and systematize your workflow.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe your company culture and why it makes for a great place to work
  • Streamline your business operations, focusing only on what really counts
  • Systematize your workflow so that you never have to reinvent the wheel
  • Create a plan for fulfilling the roles every business needs to succeed
  • Identify who you want to hire and when
  • Craft a job description that brings in the right folks

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Building The Company Of The Future

  3. 03

    Recommit To Your Goals

  4. 04

    Introducing You, The Business Owner

  5. 05

    Back To The Future

  6. 06

    Meet Your Team

  7. 07

    Design Your Ideal Team

  8. 08

    Ways to Improve Your Team

  9. 09

    Create Your Ideal Work Environment

  10. 10

    Recreating Positive Work Environments

  11. 11

    Your Company's Mission, Vision, & Values

  12. 12

    Skype Interview with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

  13. 13

    Job Crafting

  14. 14

    Make it Easy to Work for You

  15. 15

    Creating Standard Operating Procedures

  16. 16

    Lessons 1-15 Recap

  17. 17

    Show Me the Money

  18. 18

    Your Business Finances

  19. 19

    Create a Hiring Budget

  20. 20

    Hiring Budgets Review

  21. 21

    Identify Your Next (or First) Hire

  22. 22

    Best Hiring Practices with Patrice Perkins

  23. 23

    Every Job Needs a Job Description

  24. 24

    Job Description Student Exercise

  25. 25

    Finding the Right Person for the Job

  26. 26

    The Job Application Process

  27. 27

    Interview Fears

  28. 28

    Evaluating a Candidate

  29. 29

    Making Your Offer

  30. 30

    Adding New Team Members

  31. 31

    The CoCommercial Onboarding Process

  32. 32

    Performance Management with Lucus Lyons

  33. 33

    Who will be Your NEXT Hire?

  34. 34

    Class Recap


Meet Your Expert

Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is the founder of CoCommercial, a digital small business community for entrepreneurs serious about making money, impacting their communities, and transforming the ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Tara Gentile - Hiring Roundtable Discussions
  • pdf Tara Gentile - Hiring Plan Journal
  • zip Tara Gentile - Hiring Plan Swipe Files
  • pdf Tara Gentile - Org Chart Example

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • LaShanta Green

    LaShanta Green

    November 2017

    If you are hesitating about whether or not your should purchase this class, DON'T. Truth is ,as a business owner you are already hiring on a consistent basis when you make the choice to charge yourself with doing all of the work. I'm sure you didn't leave a normal "job" just to to do several jobs. Don't be the boss you left, be the boss you wish you had. The boss who empowered and encouraged you to work in your zone of genius, be the bearer of opportunities, and the overcomer of obstacles. Tara's course teaches you how to be resourceful by working and hiring with intention. From what I have learned from this course, it's never too early to set yourself up for success. Even if you are not in the position to give up all your hats yet, you'll leave this course knowing how to where them more efficiently and effectively. You are more boss thank you think! The most boss thing you can do for you as an owner and creator of opportunities is click the buy button.

  • Lyn Parker

    May 2018

    I am only on lesson 6 and already have my money's worth. I feel relieved, confidence and prepaid in running my business; even if I never hire. (But I will)

  • Creativelive Student

    March 2018

    Tara is my go to business leader. What she create with her community CoCommerical is a must join for anyone wanting to build a business regardless of the size. You not only will learn more from her wisdom but other highly accomplished buisness owners and entrepreneurs

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