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Ditch Your Day Job

with Michelle Ward

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  •   03 Why You Need a Plan


Class duration: 7h 43m

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About The Class

A step-by-step online course to leaving your boring day job and launching a career you love.

You don’t have to commit your life to a soul-sucking day job. In fact, you can drum up the job of your dreams if you have the right mindset and an action plan to back it up. In Ditch Your Day Job, career coach Michelle Ward will show you what it takes to go from bored-at-work to satisfied and self-employed.

There was a time when Michelle was wasting her days working in finance. She was miserable at work and needed a change. Over the course of two years she cooked up her escape plan and has been perfecting her approach by helping others for the last five years. In this class, she’ll show you how to prepare to leave your day job for a career you love. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a simple plan for getting your business started
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Identify your existing sources of help and support

Michelle will take the mystery out of starting your own small business and help you zero in on the details that will make it happen. You’ll develop a savings plan that will give you a good buffer before making the leap and get tips on exactly what it takes to make your new endeavor profitable.

If you are done with counting down the minutes at your day job and want to launch your own creative business, Michelle is ready to give you all the inspiration and insights you need to set yourself up with a life and job you love.

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Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    How I did It

  2. 02

    What Are We Gonna Cover?

    You can escape your day job and just wing it, but it is much easier and less stressful when you have a plan in place.

  3. 03

    Why You Need a Plan

    You can escape your day job and just wing it, but it is much easier and less stressful if you have a plan in place.

  4. 04

    Do You Really Need a Plan?

  5. 05

    What Makes Up Your Safety Net?

  6. 06

    Your Breath Easy Number

  7. 07

    How to Save Money

  8. 08

    How to Make Money

  9. 09

    Your New Breath Easy Number

  10. 10

    Interview (SKYPE) with Jema Valle of Date Night Planners

  11. 11

    Calling out Your Common Freelancing Fears

  12. 12

    What's The Worst That Can Happen?

  13. 13

    Your "Perfect" Day Job and Your Plan B

  14. 14

    Beginning Your Phase One

  15. 15

    Best Platforms for Minimal Cost

  16. 16

    Interview with Steffanie Housman of Old Town Suds

  17. 17

    Connect Your Phase One with Your Online Presence

  18. 18

    The Dreaded Question: What It Is and How to Answer It

  19. 19

    Best Practices for Family Support

  20. 20

    Available Support System

  21. 21

    Who Makes Up Your Support Squad?

  22. 22

    How to Put Together and Action Plan

  23. 23

    What does your SNAP Consist of?

  24. 24

    Best Practices to Ensure Follow Through


Meet Your Expert

Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward (CPC, PCC), also known as The When I Grow Up Coach, has offered dream career guidance to creative women since 2008. You may have seen or heard her in New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Etsy, Newsweek, Freelancers Union, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career List or 100+ other media outlets. ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Creativelive Student

    June 2015

    Fantastic course! I highly recommend it. Michelle is a wonderful teacher: energetic, passionate, funny, and encouraging. Kenna is also a great facilitator; the most natural and genuine host I've seen so far on Creative Live! Great job both of you. And a well-deserved shout-out to the in-class participants, who were engaged and candid about their own situations. Best of luck to both of you with ditching your day jobs. This class has given me the structure and several practical tools to facilitate my own transition to creative entrepreneurship and out of a soul-sucking job. Michelle shared many supportive messages that made me look more confidently at my "uniquity" and its value in the creative marketplace; as a result, I am now eager to take the action towards building my art business. I will use my S.N.A.P. to comfortably and confidently get to where I want to be, so that I don't snap at my day job in the process ;-)

  • Becky Pennington Arce

    Becky Pennington Arce

    June 2015

    This course is truly AMAZING! I've been in hyper - forward motion since the first day! Thank you Michelle! This course was honestly different then any other! It gave actionable items, where to find support, and tons of yummy resources (which if very time consuming and somewhat impossible when you have a DAY JOB!) My Day Job is actually "ditching" me but by having a plan (which Michelle gives step by step details how to do), I'm totally comfortable and even EXCITED to be DITCHED! Several items that she shared I've already been able to implement into my creative business plan AND my personal life! Double whammy! I ended up buying the course to make sure I didn't miss anything! Super excited to continue and wish everyone luck on their own creative journey! ~Enjoy!

  • Heather Young

    Heather Young

    June 2015

    I was one of the fortunate studio members of this class. Wow! So much great information, step by step instructions, enthusiastic encouragement and fun! Michelle takes you through the baby steps needed to form a solid foundation to get ready to ditch your day job and do it with a plan, a safety net and a support network. A common sense guide to doing something uncommon and (to some) seemingly nonsensical. The videos will teach, inspire and encourage, the workbook will make it real for your own situation and the resources that are provided will be invaluable as you prepare to ditch your day job. You will be so glad you purchased this class!

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