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How to Make Money

with Ramit Sethi

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  •   02 The Psychology of Money


Class duration: 17h 4m

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About The Class

get strategic about work and money.

"...I'm just starting to implement some of the things Ramit suggests. I have a long way to go but so far i've gone from making $40,000 to $64,000 within a few months and that was by using negotiation tactics during the interview process." CreativeLive Student

Take control of your personal finances, earn more money on the side, and land your dream job with a high salary with strategic advice from Ramit Sethi.

Ramit has taught over a million students how to better manage their finances and in How to Make Money with Ramit Sethi he shares his proven techniques for transforming your financial outlook. Ramit will show you how to reach your personal financial goals by teaching you how to spend, save, and invest your money. Ramit will also show you how to turn your passions into extra income on the side. Ramit will also discuss finding and landing your dream job (or gig) and negotiating your salary once you do.

If you are one of the countless individuals who needs a little extra help developing a more strategic approach to work and finance, this informative and inspiring class is for you.

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Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Personal Finance Basics

  2. 02

    The Psychology of Money

  3. 03

    Saving Money & Cutting Costs

  4. 04

    Better Spending & Smart Negotiation

  5. 05

    Automating your Investments

  6. 06

    Automating your Investments (Cont.)

  7. 07

    Simple Investing

  8. 08

    Lightning Round Q&A

  9. 09

    Paying Off Debt

  10. 10

    Living a Rich Life

  11. 11

    Money and Relationships

  12. 12

    Intro to Earning More

  13. 13

    Overcoming Mental Barriers

  14. 14

    Success Story: Violin Teacher

  15. 15

    Understanding Your Clients

  16. 16

    Finding a Profitable Idea

  17. 17

    Validating Your Business Idea

  18. 18

    Pitch Your Business

  19. 19

    Success Story: Martial Arts Instructor

  20. 20

    Finding Three Perfect Clients

  21. 21

    No-Stress Selling

  22. 22

    What Should I Charge?

  23. 23

    Finding Your Dream Job

  24. 24

    Breaking Your Barriers

  25. 25

    Identifying Your Dream Job

  26. 26

    Natural Networking Intro

  27. 27

    Natural Networking Techniques

  28. 28

    The Closing the Loop Technique

  29. 29

    Killer Resumes & Cover Letters

  30. 30

    Interview & Negotiate Like a Pro

  31. 31

    Mock Interviews

  32. 32

    Success Story : Getting the Dream Job

  33. 33

    Workshop Recap

  34. 34

    Living a Richer Life

  35. 35

    3 Essential Money Mindsets

  36. 36

    Demand Matrix

  37. 37

    Create a Profit Playbook

  38. 38

    Key Takeaways

  39. 39

    Case Study: Vanessa Van Edwards

  40. 40

    Sit Down with Chase Jarvis


Meet Your Expert

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" and writes for over 500,000 monthly readers on his website,, where he covers psychology, personal finance, careers, and entrepreneurship.Ramit’s unusual combination ... read more

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  • pdf List of Freelancing Ideas
  • pdf 5 Resumes That Win
  • pdf VIP Email Teardown

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • AshPhoto

    June 2016

    This course changed my life. After watching Ramit on Creative Live, I bought his book, then signed up for his newsletter, then bought several of his classes. You could say I am officially drinking the Ramit Kool-aid now, but I'll tell you why... His stuff works. You have to trust the system, but I've been able to create a rich life for myself by my definition of rich and I am so happy. It takes work, but I am so grateful I found Ramit in my 20s so I can truly enjoy my 30s over the next decade. Without this course, I would still be complaining that people don't want to hire me because my prices are too high and whining that I am not valued, when in reality, the problem was me. Thanks Ramit for always speaking the hard truths and giving people wake-up calls to get their act together and live the life they want... It's possible!

  • Adrian Farr

    Adrian Farr

    October 2012

    Ramit is a huge inspiration, he is not just a 'been there and made loads of money' kind of guy, he is a 'been there and made loads of money, and here's how I did it' kind of guy! Ramit really gets down to helping you understand not only how to make money but also how to save it too. I am looking forward to reading his book and plan to implement a lot of his systems into my own life.

  • YKR

    June 2016

    I have taken a few business classes for creatives online, but this is by far the most comprehensive, most practical course of all. Especially for someone like me who loves Ramit's work but has not made a decision to commit to his full courses, this is a great introduction for what he can offer. He pushes you to think outside the box and see all the possibilities that we can have in a very clear, logical way. If you are unsure which class to take to learn about business, this is all you need.

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