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Personal Branding for Creative Professionals

with Dorie Clark

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  •   01 4 Tips for Connecting with Powerful People

  •   02 Personal Branding is Not What You Think

  •   05 Discover Your Personal Narrative


Class duration: 10h 38m

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About The Class

build an online and offline brand, presence, and portfolio.

Positioning is a fundamental business practice that individuals looking to advance their own careers can apply to themselves and their small business. Learn how to position yourself in this introductory course to the must-have personal branding skills for all creative professionals.

This course will teach you the skills you need to build an online and offline brand, presence, and portfolio. You’ll learn exactly how to make a rock solid first impression and how to craft and convey the message you want others to hear about your style and your work. Dorie Clark will teach you how to make the most of interviews, introductions, webinars, and more. You’ll create strategies for connecting with the right people at the right time and learn how to use those connections to nurture and grow your brand.

The success of your creative endeavors depends on how well the world understands your professional vision and what you do best. With these core branding skills you’ll level up your prospects and your business.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    4 Tips for Connecting with Powerful People

  2. 02

    Personal Branding is Not What You Think

  3. 03

    Telling the Branded Story

  4. 04

    Understanding Your Brand

  5. 05

    Discover Your Personal Narrative

  6. 06

    Brand Through Leadership

  7. 07

    The Wingman Strategy

  8. 08

    Be a Hub for Your Network

  9. 09

    Your Online Presence

  10. 10

    Using Social Media

  11. 11

    Your Social Media Presence

  12. 12

    Mastering Media Interviews

  13. 13

    Mastering Media Interviews (cont'd)

  14. 14

    Student Mock Interviews

  15. 15

    Networking the Right Way

  16. 16

    Networking with Guest Susan RoAne

  17. 17

    Mentors and Powerful People

  18. 18

    Interviewing Powerful People

  19. 19

    Your Campaign Plan

  20. 20

    Envision Your Future


Meet Your Expert

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is the author of “Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future” (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013). A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, she is also a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Recognized as a ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • user Snaphappy

    user Snaphappy

    September 2017

    I took advantage of the free on-air broadcast. It was a marathon day jam-packed full of things that are rarely, if ever, included in branding discussions including business etiquette ( how to navigate awkward and uncomfortable situations) developing discernment regarding on your clients and associates, developing crucial relationships for clients, collaborators, mentors and sponsors, finding the appropriate social media channels for your business(es), and real-life examples from audience participation. Credit Dorie for my "aha" moment where it all came together resulting in focus and a clear idea of what my business is, my brand and a strategic plan I began implementing within hours after viewing the broadcast. This course is an absolute must for any creative with a business idea, a new business or an established business who wants to keep up with current business trends taught by a witty, intelligent, engaging, insightful, and inspiring instructor and equally informative guest speakers and who doesn't want to reinvent the wheel or spend a fortune going down rabbit holes. A very big shout out to Dorie and Creative Live - my creative go-to "peeps"!

  • Vanessa Colina

    Vanessa Colina

    July 2014

    This has been my favorite CreativeLive of all time. And I have seen a lot! Every single statement from Dorie I could back and agree with. It was a very clever workshop, full of examples and really precise information ready to be understood and applied by anyone. I'm always talking about how what you do or say online becomes part of your persona and I'm glad I found someone that can explain it better and makes me learn how to execute my personal branding! So glad for this class!

  • Edith


    March 2017

    Great class! Packed with valuable tips and information. I love Dorie's style, very helpfull, positive and stimulating. I am glad I bought this and will watch it again to let everything think in. This class is well worth the money.

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