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The Art of Persuasion

with Jay Heinrichs

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   17 Argue Without Arguing


Class duration: 4h 59m

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About The Class

How to win any argument without actually arguing

Each day, in every aspect of our lives, we’re confronted with situations where we need to persuade. How do we persuade our kids to clean up their room? How do we persuade a coworker to complete a project? How do we persuade a Facebook friend that their position is misguided?

Some of us choose not to persuade and instead resort to inpatient quips or angry rants. Many of us choose silence, then leave the room frustrated and brooding about what we should have said to win the argument.

Best-selling author and consultant Jay Heinrichs will teach you the basic tools of persuasion so you can avoid bitter confrontations and instead come to satisfying agreements. You’ll discover how being more articulate, using logic and controlling your emotions can create better, stronger, happier relationships.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set goals for yourself when it comes to arguments.
  • Parent your children better through persuasion techniques.
  • Bring people together and build more cohesive teams.
  • Get people to like you with caring, craft and cause.
  • Avoid being manipulated.
  • Know what to say in awkward situations.
  • Be more articulate in the heat of the moment.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Your Persuasion Tool Kit

  3. 03

    Logos, Pathos, & Ethos

  4. 04

    People Softeners

  5. 05

    Set Your Persuasion Goals

  6. 06

    Turn Arguments Into Choices

  7. 07

    Frame Your Life

  8. 08

    Argue Without The Facts

  9. 09

    Win at Meetings

  10. 10

    Power Presentation

  11. 11

    C3 Leadership

  12. 12

    Persuade Your Way Into a Job

  13. 13

    Benefit from Your Own Screwup

  14. 14

    Gain Power with Email

  15. 15

    Instant Bullsh*t Detector

  16. 16

    Get People to Act

  17. 17

    Argue Without Arguing

  18. 18

    Fit in With Any Tribe

  19. 19

    Persuasion No Brainers


Meet Your Expert

Jay Heinrichs

One of the world’s leading persuasion consultant, Jay has trained top speechwriters, lawyers, and entrepreneurs to influence people and take the anger out of arguments. And he teaches high school and college students the persuasion skills of leadership—while showing how to avoid getting manipulated. ... read more

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  • pdf Spot Fallacies Chapter

85% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • S

    March 2018

    I read Jay's book, Thank You For Arguing, a couple years ago, and it was life-changing! The course is terrific too and absolutely worth taking to learn how to communicate more effectively with other people, particularly anyone who may not understand or agree with your perspective or whose support you may need for something but don't know how to ask for or get it. Like in his book, the advice, ideas, and strategies Jay shares in this course will help you become a more confident communicator and also have more successful and happier interactions and relationships as a result. Highly recommend!

  • Malgorzata Syta

    March 2018

    Excellent course for those who want to learn how to argue efficiently and respectfully. I've read Jay Heinrich's two books and was thrilled to see he had a course on here. It helped me consolidate the extensive knowledge I gained from his "Thank you for Arguing" (great book!). Unlike some, I loved his quirky presentation style! But then, as a huge fan, I'm biased!

  • Kc Mace

    Kc Mace

    March 2018

    I really enjoyed this class. It was chock full of information that I will be chewing on for awhile. I love hearing the examples after learning the process. It helped with the understanding of what we had just gone over. I would recommend this class for everyone, whether it be for your job or your life in general. We all need these skills in our arsenal. Jay Heinrichs does a terrific job in his instruction of these rhetoric concepts.

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