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The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

with Tiffany Han

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  •   01 Introduction to Workshop


Class duration: 5h 17m

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About The Class

Rejection is hard and scary, but putting yourself out there is an essential component of running a business. Learn the secret to confidently pitching yourself and your services in The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch with Tiffany Han.

Tiffany left her button-down day job to ignite the ambitions of creative professionals in 2010. Working as a business and branding coach, she helps hesitant entrepreneurs transform their daydreams into action plans. 

In this class, she will: 

  • Reveal the anatomy of the ask
  • Show you how to send emails that not only get read, but get replies
  • Share the tips, tools, and scripts of following-up
  • Offer insights on coming up with ideas to pitch
You’ll walk away knowing how to communicate and pitch effectively. And more importantly, you’ll learn how to deliver incredible value while embracing what is important to your business.

Believe it or not, people want to hear from YOU! Learn how to craft effective pitches and sell yourself and your services in The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch with Tiffany Han.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction to Workshop

  2. 02

    Power of the Easy Yes

  3. 03

    The Pitching Mindset

  4. 04

    What's Your Value?

  5. 05

    What's Your End Game?

  6. 06

    Universal Rules of Pitching

  7. 07

    Anatomy of a Pitch

  8. 08

    Hot Seat: Construct a Pitch

  9. 09

    Networking Made Easy

  10. 10

    Common Pitching Pitfalls

  11. 11

    Pitching to Nicole Stevenson from Craftcation

  12. 12

    Compare the Good, Bad, & the Ugly Pitches

  13. 13

    Student Pitch Feedback

  14. 14

    Embrace the No

  15. 15

    Create Your Pitching Action Steps

  16. 16

    Where to Pitch?

  17. 17

    Who to Pitch?

  18. 18

    What to Pitch?

  19. 19

    Make Your Long-Term Pitch Plan


Meet Your Expert

Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han is a business and branding coach and podcast host who helps highly-creative people raise their hands and say yes - to those businesses they’ve always wanted to start, to those ideas that feel crazy, and to themselves. As the founder of 100 Rejection Letters program, ... read more

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  • pdf What To Pitch Mindmap
  • pdf Pitch Goal Worksheet
  • pdf Pitch Assessment Chart
  • pdf Know Your Value Worksheet

80% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Kelly-Outstrategy


    August 2015

    Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.

  • user-70e7ca

    November 2015

    Good and great

  • Nick


    October 2017

    More about the spirit of the 'easy yes' than on crafting a pitch, a more honest title would be on getting the yes, not on crafting a pitch.

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