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Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking

with Sally Dominguez

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   03 Are You Curious?


Class duration: 8h 3m

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About The Class

Break Out of Your Thought Patterns to Achieve Maximum Innovation and Imagination

The rise of design thinking has revolutionized the way we solve problems—helping us open our minds, embrace our imaginations and be more innovative. But what if we could take the design thinking process to an even higher level? What if we could be less reactive and more proactive in our thinking?

Award-winning inventor, journalist, educator and speaker Sally Dominguez created the adventurous thinking methodology to promote an agile mindset, which is necessary for consistently innovative practices. Even the best of us can get stuck in our default “expert” neural pathways. Adventurous thinking helps us get out of those ruts, reignite our curiosity and tap into the underutilized parts of our brains.

This two-day course introduces the Five Lenses—negative space, parkour, thinking sideways, thinking backwards and rethinking—which Sally has used to help some of the biggest corporations, organizations and government agencies throughout the world integrate innovation into their work. By the end, you’ll have the tools you need to transform your thought processes and explore true innovation.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harness your curiosity to think outside the probable and explore the possible.
  • Use multiple perspectives to achieve a deeper understanding.
  • Experience “bearable discomfort” to force your neural pathways to open up.
  • Disregard small daily failures at home and at work.
  • Get your radical ideas accepted by others.
  • Know what you don’t want and why that’s important.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    The Adventurous Thinking Mindset

  3. 03

    Are You Curious?

  4. 04

    Adventurous Thinking vs Design Thinking

  5. 05

    Embracing Failure

  6. 06

    Scaffolding for Innovation

  7. 07

    Cultivating a Multifarious Perspective

  8. 08

    The Innovation Quadrants

  9. 09

    What is the Negative Space Lens?

  10. 10

    Practice Negative Space

  11. 11

    Why Share Ideas?

  12. 12

    The Feedback Tool

  13. 13

    What is the Parkour Lens?

  14. 14

    Practicing and Pitching Parkour

  15. 15

    Dan Klitsner MAESTRO OF PLAY

  16. 16

    Dan Klitsner & RITE

  17. 17

    Sideways Lens Part 1

  18. 18

    Dorie Clark: Personal Branding

  19. 19

    Practicing Sideways: The DeTest Tool

  20. 20

    Let's Talk About Failure

  21. 21

    When to Use a Lens

  22. 22

    Thinking Backwards Lens

  23. 23

    How to Backcast

  24. 24

    When to Backcast

  25. 25

    Sideways Lens Part 2

  26. 26

    Meyer Briggs Inversion

  27. 27

    Age Tool

  28. 28

    Questioning for Clarity

  29. 29

    ReThinking Lens

  30. 30

    Finding Core Value

  31. 31

    Manipulating Core Values: Maximizing

  32. 32

    Manipulating Core Values: Minimizing

  33. 33

    Manipulating Core Values: Repurposing

  34. 34

    Creativity before Capital

  35. 35

    Frugal Innovation & The Zeitgeist

  36. 36

    The Willing Crowd

  37. 37



Meet Your Expert

Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez is an Innovation Catalyst. As a multi-award-winning Inventor, Adventurer, Journalist and Educator, Sally has unique experience practicing, observing, teaching and advocating for innovation. Sally has updated Design Thinking with her ADVENTUROUS THINKING methodology, designed to promote the agile mindset needed for consistently innovative practices. ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • docx Creativity Quiz Worksheet
  • docx Rebound Worksheet
  • docx Core Value Worksheet
  • docx Innovation Quadrant Worksheet
  • docx Which Lens Worksheet
  • docx Backcasting Worksheet
  • pdf Adobe Stock Get Started Download

66% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Marina Lowy

    Marina Lowy

    June 2018

    I did not listen to all of it. For sure not terrible, but it just was not engaging. She liked some book, she talked about the book, it had little to do with the topic, she asked questions, the answers were obvious, I was bored, I did not learn anything about Jumpstarting Innovation and for sure it was not an adventure. : ( That said, she seems likeable and smart and speaks well. I just think she has to be more on topic going forward. Don't promise me adventure and then offer me obvious pointers that everyone makes and seem lacking in both adventure and innovation.

  • Sukey Dominguez

    Sukey Dominguez

    July 2018

    Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking exceeded my expectations! Sally brought practical tools that, "lenses" to flip every situation inside out and find the possibilities in every situation. As one who works to lead teams, healthcare providers facing incredible demands to achieve results in population health / ultimately global health and the wellness of business operations, I'm thrilled to have found this course. Design is one thing, taking risk is another. I'm inspired by Sally because she drives energy to see what CAN be in the future. This is a unique class and I look forward to her next offering.

  • Stefan Frisch

    May 2019

    She had quite a lot of interesting approaches. Recommendation!

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