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Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby

with Jill Miller

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Class duration: 10h 13m

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About The Class

Pregnancy is a time for joy and excitement, but it’s also a time that’s accompanied by a confusing new set of physical challenges. Join creativeLIVE instructor Jill Miller for an introduction to the pre- and post-natal choices that ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Drawing on years of experience with moms-to-be, her own pregnancies and working with bodies of every shape, size, and condition, Jill will teach you self-care strategies, relaxation tools, and strengthening therapeutic techniques that set the stage for a strong, healthy pregnancy. You'll learn exercises to help your body thrive through pregnancy and recovery. Jill's methodology trouble-shoots common post-pregnancy pain and alignment issues before they begin. Jill and her panel of experts will also dispel nutrition myths, kegel science, cross-cultural birth strategies and so much more.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, expecting, or recovering post-delivery, this course will give you the knowledge you need for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

During this workshop, Jill will be joined by Katy Bowman, Kelly & Juliet Starrett, Esther Gokhale, Dr. Eden Fromberg, & Sarah Fragoso,

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Daily Dosing: Feet & Hands

  3. 03

    Think Bigger Than the Kegel with Katy Bowman

  4. 04

    Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

  5. 05

    The Baby Carriage On the Inside

  6. 06

    Breathing: Abdominals & Core Support

  7. 07

    Daily Dosing: Shoulders

  8. 08

    Pregnant Athlete w/ Dr Kelley & Juliet Starrett

  9. 09

    Get Moving: The Pregnant Athlete

  10. 10

    Pelvic Power

  11. 11

    Hip Help, Leg Stretches, & Squats

  12. 12

    Cross Cultural Pregnancy w/ Esther Gokhale

  13. 13

    Fixing Pelvis Distortion

  14. 14

    Power Napping & Sleep Strategies

  15. 15

    Skype Call w/ Dr Eden Fromberg

  16. 16

    Sarah Fragoso: Food for Fuel

  17. 17

    Sarah Fragoso: Q & A


Meet Your Expert

Jill Miller

Jill Miller is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of the corrective exercise format Yoga Tune Up®. With more than 27 years of study and practice in fitness, yoga therapy and anatomy, she is a pioneer in ... read more

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80% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Meredith Amann

    Meredith Amann

    March 2018

    so useful, so helpful. Loved the guests. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about becoming pregnant or working with prenatal clients. Great posture & alignment knowledge bombs

  • Creativelive Student

    June 2016

    I do definitely recommend this course, though I wish there were room for a bit more nuance in the "of course"/"no thanks" model creativelive offers for reviews. This course is really helpful for thinking through movement and posture issues during pregnancy, and I think I'll take a lot of the lessons I learned here into my daily life even after my baby is born. It's worth sitting through all the lessons, and I am confident that most people will come away with new and useful information. d That said, this course contains a LOT of chitchat, which can be frustrating at times. All of the presenters know each other, and there's a lot of back and forth about their relationships, etc. It gets pretty tiresome. And there's quite a bit of in-course advertising for Jill Miller's products, which I haven't found so much in other classes. Also, I found the advertising for this class just a tiny bit deceptive. There aren't as many "classes" as listed in the description, because some of them are introductions, wrap-ups, and credits. I recommend just skipping those classes and focusing on the ones that specifically name what content they will address. Despite those limitations, I found this class worthwhile...just know what you're getting into!

  • Elisa Pella

    Elisa Pella

    February 2017

    I did not find this useful at all.

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