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Meditation for Everyday Life

with David Nichtern

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  •   01 Introduction - Why Meditate?

  •   03 What is Mindfulness? with Q&A


Class duration: 15h 33m

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About The Class

In today’s hectic world, our busy lives often crowd out any chance to sit still. Who has time to focus on mindfulness when there are 40 emails to write? Join Buddhist teacher David Nichtern for an introduction to meditation. David will show you how meditating for just 15-30 minutes a day will clarify your mind and decrease your stress levels.

David will teach you the basics of meditation, unpacking the centuries-old spiritual tradition into a practical playbook for living a balanced life. You will learn simple posture, breathing, and directed contemplation techniques that will help you unclutter your mind and increase your energy.

Stillness is a powerful way to be kind to yourself. At the end of this workshop, you will be more present, aware, and connected to the world around you.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction - Why Meditate?

  2. 02

    Asking Audience - Why Meditate?

  3. 03

    What is Mindfulness? with Q&A

  4. 04

    How to Meditate - Taking Your Seat

  5. 05

    Placing Attention on Breath

  6. 06

    Labeling Thoughts as Thinking

  7. 07

    How to Meditate - Leaving Some Space

  8. 08

    Meditation Q&A

  9. 09

    Common Threads in Meditation

  10. 10

    Review the Day's Lessons

  11. 11

    Bringing Meditation Into Everyday Life

  12. 12

    Homework & Q&A

  13. 13

    Digging Into the Practice

  14. 14

    Digging Into the Practice Part 2

  15. 15

    Obstacles Along the Way

  16. 16

    Obstacles Along the Way Part 2

  17. 17

    Body, Emotions, Mind, Stress, Anxiety

  18. 18

    Body, Emotions, Mind, Stress, Anxiety Part 2

  19. 19

    The True Meaning of Success

  20. 20

    The True Meaning of Success Part 2

  21. 21

    Developing Compassions for Ourselves & Others

  22. 22

    Compassion for Ourselves & Others Part 2

  23. 23

    Compassion and Mindfulness

  24. 24

    Compassion and MIndfulness Part 2

  25. 25

    Happiness and Joy

  26. 26

    Happiness and Joy Part 2

  27. 27

    How to Go Forward

  28. 28

    How to Go Forward Part 2


Meet Your Expert

David Nichtern

David Nichtern is a well known composer, producer and guitarist – a four-time Emmy winner and a two-time Grammy nominee. He is the founder of Dharma Moon and 5 Points Records and has worked with Stevie Wonder, Christopher Guest, Jerry ... read more

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  • pdf Cultivating Compasion For Yourself and Others.pdf
  • pdf Simple Meditation Instructions for Ordinary People.pdf

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Sean Newton

    Sean Newton

    May 2018

    I've tried to develop a meditation practice in the past and signed up for this course because of the title ..'everyday life' This course works!! I'd like to thank David and the Creative Live crew for providing a life enhancing course. At first I was a little impatient as I thought the sessions were long, drawn out and repetitive however, half way through it 'clicks' (it made sense) and what may seem as a long-winded preamble is in fact laying a firm foundation for understanding and progression. Hastily wanting to skip to some perceived 'good bit that helps hedge fund mangers etc ' is like sprinting to the end of the rainbow instead of appreciating the various colours. (Your own perceptual colours even ;-)) Anyway, a worthwhile course - so stay the course and feel better for fit

  • Creativelive Student

    September 2013

    David is an amazing teacher, he has a gift for relating the principles of mindfulness in an accessible, relatable way. Plus, he's really funny. I'm super psyched to participate in this workshop. Thanks CreativeLIVE!

  • Creativelive Student

    October 2013

    David is a very gifted teacher and this is an awesome opportunity to learn from him in an accessible online environment. I am looking forward to this workshop and really appreciate CreativeLive for making this happen.

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