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Moving to Happiness

with Petra Kolber

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Class duration: 10h 5m

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About The Class

The key to living a healthier, happier life, is all about finding the right wellness strategies. Join mind and body fitness expert Petra Kolber and discover a whole new way of seeing yourself through movement and the principles of positive psychology. Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to be happier by becoming more grounded and grateful, implementing exercise plans that work for you, and incorporating mindfulness into your day-to-day life. Drawing on her extensive fitness knowledge, Petra will demonstrate inspiring movement sequences that feel good both physically and mentally so that you are both healthy and happy. You’ll explore ways to adjust your body image so you can feel good about your body and love the way you look. Plus, Petra will guide you through the science that links lower-intensity workouts and elevated mood and how to create rituals that build healthy habits.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills, confidence, and mindset to transform your body, mind, and mood -- without letting stress or negativity stand in your way.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Get Down, Get Grounded, Get Happy

  2. 02

    The Power of the Question

  3. 03

    Highway to Happiness

  4. 04

    Moving to Happiness - Movement 1

  5. 05

    How to Create a Happier Life

  6. 06

    The Brain on Exercise

  7. 07

    Raising Beliefs

  8. 08

    Goal Setting for Success

  9. 09

    Metrics for Motivation

  10. 10

    Finding Your Why

  11. 11

    What is Holding You Back?

  12. 12

    Nurturing Who You Are

  13. 13

    Fuel your Willpower

  14. 14

    Moving to Happiness: Movement 2

  15. 15

    How to Build Healthy Habits

  16. 16

    What Workout Will Make You Happy

  17. 17

    Finding Your Flow

  18. 18

    Moving & Music for Mood

  19. 19

    Moving to Happiness: Movement 3

  20. 20

    The Skinny on Happiness

  21. 21

    Building and Nurturing Self Esteem

  22. 22

    The Perfection Detox

  23. 23

    Move to Happiness - Movement 4

  24. 24

    Exercising Your Gratitude Muscle

  25. 25

    Cultivating Gratitude

  26. 26

    Gratitude: How Effects Us and Others

  27. 27

    Breathing Into Your Power

  28. 28

    Moving Through the Fear

  29. 29

    Accepting Fear to Build Your Best Life

  30. 30

    The Power of Choice

  31. 31

    Finding Your Passion & Meaning

  32. 32

    Imagining Your Best Future Self

  33. 33

    Moving to Happiness - Movement 5


Meet Your Expert

Petra Kolber

Petra is a movement motivator with 25 years experience presenting at the key fitness events around the globe and has led workshops in over 20 countries. She appears regularly as a fitness expert on the morning news shows including The ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Creativelive Student

    August 2014

    I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

  • Michal Levi

    July 2018

    Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )

  • Jules

    March 2014

    Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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