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Become Fluent in Any Language

with Gabriel Wyner

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   02 The Science of Memory


Class duration: 13h 48m

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About The Class

the easy way to learn language.

Speaking a foreign language gives you more sophisticated problem-solving skills, more tools for multitasking and expressing yourself, and opens up more career opportunities – not to mention the ability to more fully immerse yourself in other cultures. But learning a new language can be an unmanageably long endeavor. Join Gabriel Wyner to learn how you can become (and stay) fluent in a new language in months, not years.

Throughout this course, you’ll explore memorization tools, linguistic concepts, and free software that will ensure fluency in the shortest amount of time possible. You’ll learn about the four essential stages of language acquisition: understanding correct pronunciation, building vocabulary and grammar skills, reading and listening effectively, and conversing with native speakers. You’ll also learn about antiquated methods to avoid (such as translating between new and native languages) and cutting-edge new techniques that ensure maximum absorption and retention.

By the end of this course, you’ll have an easy system for learning a new language, retaining, and expressing yourself as quickly as possible.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    The Science of Memory

    Get a better understanding of how the brain holds memories and change the way you approach learning.

  3. 03

    Spaced Repetition

  4. 04

    Tools of Language Learning

  5. 05

    The Basics of Anki

  6. 06

    Analog Methods

  7. 07

    How to Hear & Form New Sounds

  8. 08

    Train Your Mouth

  9. 09

    Student Questions

  10. 10

    How to Learn a New Spelling System

  11. 11

    Typing in your Target Language

  12. 12

    Learning Simple Vocabulary

  13. 13

    Designing Your Flashcards

  14. 14

    Demo: Learning Simple Words

  15. 15

    Japanese & Chinese Flashcards

  16. 16

    Breaking Down Grammar

  17. 17

    Abstract Vocabulary

  18. 18

    Flashcard Review

  19. 19

    Demo: Grammar & Abstract Vocabulary

  20. 20

    Lang-8 & Assimil Books

  21. 21

    Making Language Work For Your Life

  22. 22

    Mobile Language Learning

  23. 23

    Study Habits Review

  24. 24

    Time to Play: Custom Vocabulary

  25. 25

    Flashcards for Abstract Words

  26. 26

    Listening & Reading Comprehension

  27. 27

    Time to Play: TV & Film

  28. 28

    Time to Play: Speaking Fluently

  29. 29

    Method Review

  30. 30

    The Science of Friendship

  31. 31

    Why Do We Do This?


Meet Your Expert

Gabriel Wyner

Gabriel Wyner is an author, opera singer, and polyglot based in Los Angeles, CA. After not getting anywhere in 5 years of high school language classes, he reached fluency in German in 14 weeks with the help of the immersive ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Fluent Forever Quickstart Guide
  • pdf English-Intl Phonetic Alphabet Deck
  • pdf 3 Q&A Videos
  • pdf Italki Bonus Voucher
  • pdf 35 Example Words in 13 Languages
  • pdf Analog Flashcard Schedule
  • zip Hungarian Spelling Demo
  • zip Model Decks
  • pdf Anki Manual
  • pdf Course Syllabus

84% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Nephele Tempest

    August 2017

    I really enjoyed this course. Gabe has a terrific, easy teaching style that's entertaining and absorbing to the point where I'm conscious of having gone through the course a little too fast. I am looking forward to going back through it a little more slowly to catch any tidbits I missed, but even without that I feel I have so many new tools to apply to language learning and I can't wait to get started. I really appreciate that he also went over how to tackle a language you've already learned in the past but have not retained to the level you'd like, as well as how to start a brand new language from scratch. I hope to do both with much greater success than my previous attempts.

  • Creativelive Student

    February 2015

    I really wasn't expecting to learn a whole lot of new things with this course but I feel like I have come away with so much more then just how to learn a language. The science on how our mind and memory work was really interesting and also very applicable to other parts of my life. Along with this course, I purchased Gabriel's pronunciation trainer which I also highly recommend. I never thought about the pronunciation of a language as a separate part and I feel like learning this first is already greatly improving my understanding of my goal language. I have tried to learn another language many times only to either give up from frustration or get bored with the program I'm using. This course and Gabriel's method of learning a language have me so excited that this time will be the time I succeed. I can't wait to start using the word list once that is available and to start creating my own. Thank you so much for such a great course.

  • user-278c98

    November 2015

    Worth every penny. Despite the title, you'll learn far more than how to become fluent in a language -- you'll learn how to learn anything you want! Gabe is a great presentational speaker, articulate and captivating. The foundation of the course is about how to set a concrete and measurable goal, learn effectively, and set yourself up for success. This course addresses forming new habits within the constraints of your current life, making progress when you don't feel motivated, and how to recover from setbacks like getting off-track or when you just don't grasp a concept--these topics are often missing from other learning courses so students flounder as soon as they stray from the formula. Building on all these fundamentals, Gabe then offers specific techniques and tools for language learning. Excellent course!

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