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Life & Legacy: Creating Your Roadmap

with Chanel Reynolds

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  •   01 When Life Goes Sideways

  •   06 Living Will Basics


Class duration: 9h 8m

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About The Class

learn about estate and long-term financial planning

Big decisions like preparing a will or making estate plans can feel scary or overwhelming, but those tasks are much less daunting if you’re prepared. Join Chanel Reynolds for an overview of the financial, legal, and emotional planning skills necessary to ensuring a lasting legacy.

During this two-day course, you’ll learn how to proactively initiate conversations with your loved ones about end-of-life plans — without causing them (or yourself) undue worry or stress. You’ll learn how to create your legacy with the digital and physical record of the narrative you’ll leave behind.

In this workshop, Chanel will give you concrete action items and tools for estate and long-term financial planning. You’ll learn about both living and normal wills, as well as the methods of creating them, including working with a lawyer, using online templates, and even drafting your own.

Chanel will also cover how intentional financial planning is a best practice for ensuring that you and your loved ones can live your best lives. You’ll explore preparing an emergency fund, identifying where you’re most vulnerable financially, and getting insured for long-term disability or illness. You’ll also determine which types of insurance are the best form of risk management for the curveballs that life might throw your way.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the practical skills and peace of mind you need to approach life’s biggest decisions and help your loved ones do the same.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    When Life Goes Sideways

  2. 02

    Overcoming Your Fear and Having a Checklist

  3. 03

    Getting Started

  4. 04

    Wills: The Basics

  5. 05

    Wills Questionnaire and Q&A

  6. 06

    Living Will Basics

    Chanel reviews the basic components of living will.

  7. 07

    Living Will Questionnaire and Story Sharing

  8. 08

    Keeping Track of Your Details

  9. 09

    2:45 pm - Digital Assets & Details Worksheet

  10. 10

    Digital Assets & Details Worksheet Continued

  11. 11

    Insurance Overview & Scenarios

  12. 12

    Life Insurance Discussion/Worksheet

  13. 13

    Money Insight/Skype Interview

  14. 14

    Financial Priorities

  15. 15

    Starting the Conversation

  16. 16

    Communication: Role Playing

  17. 17

    Role Playing Continued

  18. 18

    Making Action Items With Deadlines

  19. 19

    Roadmap: Staying Motivated


Meet Your Expert

Chanel Reynolds

Chanel Reynolds is the founder of Get Your Shit Together. With a real and honest voice, she shares her struggles of becoming a widow and single mom when her husband was killed in an accident in 2009. In her website ... read more

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  • pdf Checklist.pdf
  • pdf Creating Your Roadmap Resources.pdf

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