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Sell Your First 1000 Books

with Tim Grahl

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  •   02 The Impact of Books

  •   05 How to Build Relationships with Readers


Class duration: 10h 9m

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About The Class

help your book find its audience.

Self-publishing has turned authors and photographers into business owners. In this new era of publishing, you are your own startup and your book is your product. In this workshop, self-published author and book marketing expert Tim Grahl will teach you how to help your book find its audience.

Book sales depend not only on the quality of your work, but also on the strength of your marketing. You will learn how to develop a strategic outreach plan to engage your current audience and introduce yourself to the right new communities. Tim will also show you how to develop a reliable email list, use content to drive sales, and negotiate with publishers.

Whether you’re publishing a novel or a coffee table book of lush images, Tim will give you the marketing playbook your talent deserves.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Creative Marketing + Connection System Overview

  2. 02

    The Impact of Books

  3. 03

    Setting up the System

  4. 04

    Sharing and Connecting with Readers

  5. 05

    How to Build Relationships with Readers

  6. 06

    How to Grow Your List

  7. 07

    Framework to Growing an Email List

  8. 08

    Content: Creating and Sharing

  9. 09

    Content Worth Sharing w/ Tom Fishburne

  10. 10

    Q & A w/ Tom and Tim

  11. 11

    Outreach: The Attitude

  12. 12

    Outreach: The How-to

  13. 13

    Outreach: The How-to Part 2

  14. 14

    Natural Selling

  15. 15

    Interview with Hugh Howey

  16. 16

    Q&A w/ Hugh Howey

  17. 17

    Q&A w/ Hugh Howey Part 2

  18. 18

    How to Launch Your Book


Meet Your Expert

Tim Grahl

Tim Grahl is the founder of Out:think, a firm that works with authors to build their platform and sell more books, and is the author of Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book. He works with ... read more

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  • pdf Tim Grahl Presentation Slides
  • pdf How I Wrote the Book Links
  • pdf Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet
  • pdf Outreach Tracking Template
  • pdf Workshop Companion Workbook
  • mp4 Tim's Resource Guide HD

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Sonja Dewing

    Sonja Dewing

    January 2018

    Loved it! A lot of great tips on what needs to be on your author page, even some helpful plugins for WordPress! Love the extras. Well worth it.

  • Mark Leruste

    Mark Leruste

    January 2015

    This was my very first Creativelive class and it was amazing! In short it's the course I wish I took before self-publishing my first book. It covers all the basics and highlights all the mistakes you're most likely to make as a first time author or a serial writer. Everything you need to know about selling and marketing your book is in here. I've been recommending it to everyone interested in writing a book! Thank you Tim Grahl for a brilliant course.

  • Rachelle Ramirez

    Rachelle Ramirez

    August 2018

    I've had the blessing of training directly with Tim Grahl and this class pulls all the basics together. Master these techniques and you've leveled up as professional writer. Why write a book and not get it to its readers? These are the tools that not only sell your book but get readers interested in reading YOUR book when they a million other choices. Worth the money.

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