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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Pitching Clients and Getting Sales

with Peter Corbett

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   03 The Importance of Preparation


Class duration: 4h 38m

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About The Class

Start landing bigger clients and scale up your sales.

The distance that your small business has to cover to become a thriving enterprise can seem like an unbridgeable gulf at times. You need to land bigger clients to build name recognition and scale up your business model, but they appear to be out of reach.

Entrepreneur Peter Corbett has lived this struggle, and built his business iStrategyLabs into a multimillion dollar brand. Join us for this class, and Peter will teach you how to price, pitch and create a statement of work. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to prospect a client, prepare a tailored pitch, and land meetings.
  • How to estimate the work that needs to be done, and close the deal.
  • How to operate projects, and exit gracefully once they’re completed.

Peter has built his business from the ground up without VC funding. His client work includes projects for brands like GE, Disney, Volkswagen, and Coca-Cola. He mentors fledgling entrepreneurs who have strong ideas and straddle the tipping point between just maintaining and runaway success. You’ll walk away from this class with a step-by-step playbook on how to secure bigger clients, and a toolkit of techniques and ideas to arm you as you move onward and upward! 

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Who is Peter Corbett?

  3. 03

    The Importance of Preparation

  4. 04

    Finding Your Value Proposition

  5. 05

    Business Model Canvas Example

  6. 06

    What is Your Service Mix?

  7. 07

    The Materials You Need to Pitch

  8. 08

    Prospecting: Boiling the Ocean

  9. 09

    Prospecting: Build a Barrel

  10. 10

    Prospecting: Surgical Approach

  11. 11

    Prospecting Tools That Work

  12. 12

    Marketing Tactics For All Freelancers

  13. 13

    Scoping Your Work

  14. 14

    Project Proposal Example

  15. 15

    Sample Concepting Proposal

  16. 16

    Integrated Program Example

  17. 17

    How To Close The Deal

  18. 18

    Operating Your Business

  19. 19

    How To End Your Client Project

  20. 20

    The Art of Upselling

  21. 21

    How to Get Referrals

  22. 22

    Bonus Material Recap


Meet Your Expert

Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett is the founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs – a digital agency that develops solutions to clients’ challenges and brings them to life in the online and offline world. He’s widely known for his marketing acumen coupled with a deep technical background, and a focus on community building. His client work includes brands like NBCUniversal, USA Network, Sam Adams, Disney, ESPN, ABC, NPR, PBS, GE, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Intel, GEICO, American Eagle Outfitters, Pinkberry, Honest Tea, Coca-Cola, Crate & Barrel/CB2, Chase, Rosetta Stone, The US Army, Deloitte, McKinsey, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Hilton, Double Tree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Marriott, Sweetgreen and more. ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • xlsx Sample Prospect-Deal Tracker
  • docx Concepting Proposal Template
  • doc Independent Contractor Services Agreement Template
  • docx Mutual NDA Template

95% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Bonnie Aunchman

    Bonnie Aunchman

    January 2017

    Peter & Creativelive - I loved, loved this class! I would HIGHLY recommend. The class is extremely informative in content and has great document samples you can use. I will implement Peter's advice and practices immediately! (Loved Peter's teaching style!) Thank you! :)

  • Creativelive Student

    May 2016

    I had the great privilege of being in the studio audience for this class and had a phenomenal experience. Peter shared not only great insights and experience but templates that I've already started implementing in my own business. His experience and approach towards working with clients really resonated with me and my business partners. I specifically encourage you to find the section and write down word for word what he says when a client says "well, I don't know what our budget is, we want you to tell us". I've already used his approach of responding with "oh, it's a million dollars :-)!" and using that to open the conversation. It get's results and the answers you need to put together an aligned proposal. On being an audience member the staff at CreativeLive was kind, clear with instructions and made sure we always knew what was expected of us. I encourage you to apply for a class and experience it first hand. As a bonus, their office and catering was phenomenal.

  • Che Pilling

    May 2017

    Peter Corbett is a very clever man, I appreciate his honesty and creative thinking. This course is amazing for people who are in a process of setting up different areas of their business. I can also see how it would benefit business owners/managers who want to review their processes. Corbett is a very engaging speaker and his communication is excellent. Fabulous course, A+.

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