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  • Copywriting for Crafters

    Lisa Jacobs

  • 10 Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting

    Malka Dubrawsky

  • Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers

    Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel

  • Start a Handmade Business

    Kari Chapin

  • Introduction to Art Journaling

    Andrea Chebeleu

  • Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners

    Michelle Stelling

  • Build an Etsy® Storefront That Sells

    Lisa Jacobs

  • Scrapbooking with Project Life

    Becky Higgins

  • Create Wedding Flower Centerpieces and Bouquets

    Kiana Underwood

  • How to Get More Done

    Tara Swiger

  • Foundations in Metalsmithing: Statement Earrings

    Megan Auman

  • Explorations in Metalsmithing: Hollow Fabrication

    Megan Auman

  • Explorations in Metalsmithing: Creative Chainmaking

    Megan Auman

  • Alternate Letterforms & Flourishes in Calligraphy


    Bianca Mascorro

  • Knit Maker 101

    Vickie Howell

  • Foundations in Metalsmithing: Bracelets

    Megan Auman

  • Crochet Maker 101

    Vickie Howell

  • Compositing for Digital Scrapbookers

    Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel

  • The Magic of Watercolor

    Molly Murrah

  • Raise Your Perceived Value: Increase Your Prices

    Megan Auman

  • Art School Rehab: Finding Success Without Selling Out

    Megan Auman

  • Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

    Megan Auman

  • Price Your Craft

    Tara Gentile

  • SEO for Etsy®

    Marlo Miyashiro

  • Improv Quilting Basics

    Cheryl Arkison

  • Beyond Etsy®

    Megan Auman

  • Marketing Your Etsy® Shop for Sold-out Success

    Lisa Jacobs

  • How to Create Collage Paper

    Andrea Chebeleu

  • Design, Print, and Build Your Portfolio

    Bonnie Christine

  • Crochet Maker 102

    Vickie Howell

  • Email Marketing for Crafters

    Abby Glassenberg

  • Introduction to Shibori Indigo Dyeing

    Kaari Meng

    French General

  • Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work

    Stephenie Hamen

  • How to Teach a Craft Class

    Ashley Nickels

  • Outsourcing Workload to Grow Your Business

    Stacey Trock

  • Monetize Your Craft

    Vickie Howell