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  • Designing Icons in Adobe® Illustrator®

    Jason Hoppe

  • Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva

    Matt Stevenson

  • Create an Online Portfolio

    Erica Gamet

  • Logo Design for Your Small Business

    Matthew Jervis

  • Bold & Fearless Design

    James Victore

  • Adobe® Illustrator® CC: Drawing & Editing

    Brian Wood

  • Logo Design 101

    Tim Frame

  • Contemporary Communication Design

    YuJune Park

  • Poster Design and the Screen Printing Process

    Mama's Sauce

    Clark Orr

  • Working with Images in InDesign

    Jason Hoppe

  • Mock-up Your Designs to Impress Clients

    Khara Plicanic

  • Intro to UX Design

    Jamal Nichols

  • Editing Wordpress® Themes with HTML and CSS

    Brian Wood

  • Creating Interactive PDFs

    Jason Hoppe

  • Branding Essentials for Designers

    Stanley Hainsworth

  • The Complete Guide to InDesign® Styles

    Erica Gamet

  • Chalk Lettering

    Annica Lydenberg

  • Create a Brochure in Adobe® InDesign®

    Jason Hoppe

  • Graphic Design Fundamentals: Layout

    Timothy Samara

  • Pairing Typefaces: Tips for Combining Fonts

    Michael Stinson

  • Design the Life You Love

    Ayse Birsel

  • Graphic Design Fundamentals: Type

    Timothy Samara

  • Create a Magazine with Blurb®'s InDesign® Plugin

    Dan Milnor

  • Designing Websites in Illustrator: Effective Workflow

    Brian Wood

  • Mastering the Pen Tool and Shape Layers

    Jason Hoppe

  • After Effects & Photoshop for Graphic Design

    Chris Converse

  • Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress

    Brian Wood

  • Designing Marketing Graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator

    Paul Trani

  • Designing Wedding Invitations and more

    Khara Plicanic

  • How to Design Business Cards

    Lara McCormick

  • Adobe Illustrator CC: Vector Art Using Adobe Stock

    Jason Hoppe

  • Design Better Presentations

    Lara McCormick

  • Adobe® Illustrator® CC: Advanced Effects

    Brian Wood

  • Beginner Type Design in Photoshop

    Khara Plicanic

  • How to Spark Creativity with Improv

    Stefan Mumaw

  • Beginner's Guide To Working With 3D in Photoshop®

    Jesús Ramirez