Blending Images Together, Adding Text and Effects


10 Things Lightroom Users Need in Photoshop


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Blending Images Together, Adding Text and Effects

Image blending layers so this is another one that we can use we can use photo shopped for that we couldn't inside of light room so if I had this photo and I had this photo and all these different photos I wanted to blend them together I'm just gonna go ahead and select them photo editor and we'll open them as layers inside of photos show that we will put them all into one document ok s so let's go over here will jump over the photo shop where has put all of our documents and stuff like that let's go ahead and we'll hide the basketball we don't need that right now and let's just re order I'm gonna put the basketball player on the bottom and then we have a little basketball right here so as I position these things I decided you know I want to fade this photo into the one that's under it so let's go at a layer mascots again we can't do inside of light room light room doesn't really have it's got a graduated filter but it doesn't have ingredient masking tools so I can take my grady in tool...

and just click and drag the other way remember try black if it doesn't work try way so what did I do with my grady in migrating goes black the way I did this that didn't work so it now it just do it the opposite way fade that what kind do a couple of times who? Every day? I think that was pretty good, so we got a basketball in there, let's bring our logo and kind of dropped that right down here at the bottom, and then we'll bring a basketball up to the top, turn it back on its huge, at it free transform, add a layer mask to it remember layer mask is white, so we'll paint on it with black, just painter on the sides like so now we've got a fiery ball, which interesting left did not set the net on fire. I'm not quite sure how that happened, it's just anomaly, and then finally, I'll go to my crop tool on crop, all that stuff in here we go, so blending, blending layer masks, all this fun stuff of putting multiple photos together, you just couldn't do inside of labor, okay, one last one, the tenth and final thing adding text um, so why would you want a text for a photo that could be a number of things that could be you want to make an image for your blogger, facebook or your website? You could want to do a slide show and you want to do an opening slide, you know, if you got a light room slide show it's just gonna let you use photos you can't add text to your opening slide you could add a blank slide and add text to it but you can put text over the photo so let's say we want a text to a photo for a slide show photo editing in photo shop and I'll grab my type tool so this was taken on a trip to colorado it was during the fall colors so I want to call it my slideshow will call it shades of uh it's a spell autumn right shades bottom if you go to your type tool you'll see you got a ton of different fonts here I'm going to go with a super thin ultralight I'm also going to change the color toe white like so and let's add another type player underneath that colorado fall color do a bullet point two thousand fourteen that's way too big so we'll just go to free transform size it down mostly gonna change the fight just tow make it look a little bit different will go to regular we can't just drop it in right under with your text you get a ton of control if you go to your window menu there's a character palate and I can control the fun I can control the size between the space between the letters which is exactly what I wanted here I want to make that fill the space there and that may be reduced capacity a little bit you file save brings it back over into light room and now I even have a collection down here from my colorado slideshow there we go so I could take this photo and drop it into the collection that's got my slideshow so there it is and I just take it and drag it to the beginning of a slide show so now I've gotta slide but I can use with text on it let me show you one last quick one here and when I headed with light room adjustments flattened my image this one had layers inside of it here we go so you can add a text layer which I did here all right and then if you drop a photo on top of it, what you can do is go to the layer menu and if you go down too create clipping mask what it does is it do it on the photo layer create clipping mask it clips it to the layer that's underneath so that now you're just seeing that photo appear inside of the head so if you're in light room and you want a photo do parent text just bringing up on photo shop and just drop a type player right behind it and then you can clip it and let's nice about it as you can move it around and kind of get it wherever you want so pretty neat little thing there

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Lightroom is powerful, but it can't do everything – that's where Photoshop comes in.

In 10 Things Lightroom Users Need in Photoshop, you’ll learn ten essential Photoshop functions that will put the finishing touches on your Lightroom images and take your edits to the next level.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


John Bosma

I like Matt's teaching style. He's upbeat and thorough. Sometimes he can move pretty quickly through the content so owning the video becomes essential so that you can back up and relisten/rewatch the steps he's taken to do something. Worthwhile course.