Removing Distractions with Content Aware and Liquify


10 Things Lightroom Users Need in Photoshop


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Removing Distractions with Content Aware and Liquify

Content aware talked a little bit about this before I want to show you one of the things that this is where light room has tools that will get you part of the way right? The cloning, the healing tool you know I can do part of the job, not even try to move that over but remember, the way late room works is it needs something to source from in the photo it's not going to make up its own source so in an example like this, you know, if I try to go and remove this there's nowhere close to it that light room khun source from because it doesn't have enough enough space I can't take it up here because there's you know, the sky is different all right? So that's when we would need photo shop so edit in uh easy thing to do is just take your last so tool and distraught quick lasso selection around hit the delete key, choose content aware click ok that's it yeah changes in light room and let's say you go to print sixteen by twenty how are those edges going to show up if they do? If there's problems...

, how would we approach it so far going print large and I'm making some of these cloning and healing changes? I'm just going to zoom into the photo and make sure I'm hiding my tracks but it'll print just fine just you know when you do it like the panel that we did you know there was some blocks is up in the sky that stuff will show up so you'll have to spend some time and photoshopped to get rid of but if you hide your tracks where this was that's almost get back to my selection you know we'll just make it begin but that's part of this technology is that folksy all right? I'll make it a little bit more part of this technology is the blending that's you know you really can't other than this which I could just re select get rid of but you won't you won't see anything on there so it'll print just fine all right, so that's another reason why we have to go to photo shop is light room or clone and he'll a lot of things away but when you get to that point where there's just nothing in the photo to source from then you have to make the move to photo shop all right? I'll show you one more example here so I had somebody had somebody holding a light off here and so you can see their shadow um but just to show you how easy it is delete content where gone I mean it's seamless you'd never know it was there we'll spot there and I can just click on it so pretty cool stuff how it works I know how it works but all I could tell you is if it doesn't work the first time re select and do it again because it's like it rethinks itself each time alright liquefy so liquefy is our photo shopped till I wish light room had this tool because this is one of the only times like over the photo shopped for for you can kind of categorize this and portrait retouching uh but liquefy um you go up here so let's say let's say we just want to work with that tooth a little bit ago pair of the filter menu down here to liquefy you've got your little forward work tool and I kind of just moving into place get rid of the little pointy edge I'm no orthodontist but will shape it as good as we can small moves is what wakes liquefy work all right, so don't don't get the brush and don't like go like this okay liquefy is all about tiny tiny little moves small brushes, tiny moves ok and there is there's a space there rather than try to get that perfect here sometimes knowing when it's not gonna work and so what I would do is take my clone stamp tool, get a really tiny brush optional all click to sample and then just kind of paint that away like that all right, so liquefy great tool, it can be used for purposes of good, it can be used for purposes of still good, but send my evil so and I'm not picking on this guy because I know I have a big nose, so I should just do it on my own photo, but not lens correction, but there's another tool in here called pucker and so member small, small moves, and you don't go crazy with it it's not about like that, right? That's, not real, but if we just do subtle there, we owe just subtle, just a little little schnoz, many kind ing moves and then another one. If you get that kid that just won't smile, you get the kid that just won't smile, I always do it on a duplicate layer to commander control. Jay liquefy this one's about a bigger brush because smiling is more than the lips smiling is part of the face, so use a bigger brush about half of the brush over the mouth and half of the brush on the other side, and then just well, we don't want the joker just a little bit, but at least now she's like hi. I'm not going to smile, but I have a little bit of a smile, and I'm not just a punk kid that won't smile, which is my kids. That's, my kids will not. When they get everybody says, you know, how come you have photos, how did I just turn that upside down? I would have photos of your kids. My kids will not smile for mental small for everybody else but me.

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Lightroom is powerful, but it can't do everything – that's where Photoshop comes in.

In 10 Things Lightroom Users Need in Photoshop, you’ll learn ten essential Photoshop functions that will put the finishing touches on your Lightroom images and take your edits to the next level.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


John Bosma

I like Matt's teaching style. He's upbeat and thorough. Sometimes he can move pretty quickly through the content so owning the video becomes essential so that you can back up and relisten/rewatch the steps he's taken to do something. Worthwhile course.