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Keyboard Shortcuts and the Filter Gallery in Photoshop

All right, tip seven keyboard shortcuts save aa lot of time and you can see I'm even using keyboard shortcuts in keynote option command p keyboard shortcut for full screen presentation mode I use keyboard shortcuts a time they make things a lot faster when you're working on a computer in general especially when you're in a program like photo shop. So I'm going to show you guys a few of the keyboard shortcuts where you can actually access all key warsh orchids than how you can create and change hero all right, here we go back into photo shop truck doll it's awesome kids I'm looking at it trump baby all right all right I do like truck baby better actually truck baby all right, now we're talking now we're tugging truck maybe all right. So keyboard shortcuts to get to your keyboard shortcuts you can go to edit and then down all the way down to the bottom two keyboard shortcuts or there's a keyboard target which is shift option command cake so I'm going to use that alright shift option gran...

t keay see how easy it is? I don't have to go up there and find it really easy now everything that's in photo shop has a keyboard shortcut so they're all listed here if I go to file I open this up you can see all of my keyboard shortcuts or right here easy access I want to create a new document that's going to be command and I want to open its going commando now if you guys have a pc version of photoshopped, it will probably not say the mac keyport shark it's so if you're ever curious on what your shortcut is for the version on your computer, it will be listed right here so this is very, very hopeful some things that I like to do let's say I'm wouldn't working on photo shop for a week or two and I find myself saying like, you know what? I used housing blur a lot I'm using it all the time why don't I set up a keyboard target to make my life a little bit easier? So first thing I'll do is I'll check to see if photo shop has a keyboard target because if it is I'll just write it down, I'll keep it on like a sticky note on my computer we'll look at it for a week and then you know by the end of using it ten times I'll just know it so let's check so a blur we were going to go to filter I'm going to scroll down here to where we see blur and we're going to go toe galaxy blur now by default photoshopped actually does not have a keyboard circuit for gaza and blur it looks like that okay I use causing blur all the time so we're going to go ahead and add one so what makes sense to me oftentimes things like just command g those air usually taken up by photo shop it's very common command jia's group but if you hold shift option and command a lot of those are not taken up so you can use a lot of those so for me I know command g is going to be group you know command m is going to be mask or sorry it's actually curves which doesn't make any sense of command and his curves so if you like in the making sense you could change command and to be mask or you could change command c two b curves so keep that in mind if something doesn't make any sense to you you can always change it so hearing are gassing blur I'm gonna hit shift option command and g I don't have to type these out I just hold them shift option command and hit g and there we go so the keyboard shortcut is now our got similar and if there is a conflict it'll it will give a little option here let's just say box player if I tried to hit command be it'll say it's already in use this is how it's used image adjustments color balance you can say I don't want to do that undo changes or you can accept it this will take you right to color balance and you can create another one for color balance if you'd like to do that in this case I don't need command be so option shift command g is now my keyboard shortcut for gassing blur let's give it a shot so let's say I want to do a we're going to create a new layer here all right, well, you know what? We'll put this in our retouch group, okay? And I am going to create a hard edge there we go right there. Okay? And maybe I want this to look like it's a little bit of just like a little dark area in my image so blur shift option grand g there we go galaxy and blur that saves a ton of time over going to filter blur gauzy and blur if you do that fifty times in an image uh it's it's goingto wind up taking a lot of time so I couldn't blur that now and there we go. We just have like a a nice dark spot here which will help draw more attention to my subject lighter areas draw more attention to your subject when their posts if you wanted to draw attention away from dark area just make it a little bit darker that's a good way to do it okay, cool we're moving on tips seven let's go to tip it have some fun with the filter gallery this is so cool I want to show you guys he probably played with fills the gallery already but I want to show you something that maybe you have never done before alright filter gallery is it's one of those things it's it's a lot like drop shadows and truck babies it's you got a pretty good chance of it looking horrible but if you do it right it's gonna look great that's that's how it goes so first thing we want to do is I'm going to create ah copy of everything I see it's it's called a stamp visible layer it basically shift option command e is the keyboard torque it it's a copy of everything you see next week any good from filter I'm going to go down to our filter gallery and this is a cool place to hang out and have some fun if this is your idea of fun that then you're a lot like me and we'll have a lot to talk about but in your filter gallery you'll have a lot of options things like colored pencils I create a lot of effects if I'm trying to create like a like a graphic design type of effect cut out is really cool to you can change your a number of levels here sometimes if you go really simple it can give it like you know gold like retro poster looking type of thing that's just a couple of clicks super simple to do dry brush. Make sure to play around with all your settings here. Changing the brush size on a lot of things will add or subtract the amount of detail you have film brain if you'd like to add some grain. A few others that I actually use would be down in here all right in this sketch because some of the some of these air cool like cross satcher, you know, dark strokes, some of these look cool, but you're like, and I don't think I would ever actually use that. Um there we go, the stamp can look really cool if you're doing just the version between light and dark and you can change your changes smooth this here tourney edges I used quite a bit as well. Now let's use let's go ahead and use our stamp. I think that looks cool now what I want to show you guys is combining different tools, different filters with each other, so right here we have a stamp and you can see it's it's visible and invisible, but I can actually create a new one this is what most people don't know, I can create a new effect and it'll compon it'll actually combine my different effects. So if I want to start this image out with like a cut out okay so I'm gonna switch that to a cut out and then I'm going to put this stamp over top of it and then say you know what? Maybe I wanted to be like a glass ripple or I want this to be a charcoal orographic pen all right graphic pen every that's looking a little bit cooler so I can combine multiple this would look like a kind of looks like old newspaper ad I can change my stamp number of levels right here as well kind of given it that like old time they feel and you can change the order of these as well, which is going to completely change how this looks a stamp applied or cut out applied over top of a graphic pen it's going to look different from the other way around so when you're in the filter gallery I highly recommend you know, clicking around that's this way to see what you're doing because you're really nice preview here and then create a couple of different of these layers and effects and then change the order of them it's going to give you a lot more options because cut out and graphic pen combined create something that you couldn't get on its own so anyway just a cool quick tip want to show you guys and uh, area truck maybe never looked better

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Photoshop can be daunting for beginners and it is hard to know where to start. In this 90-minute Photoshop class, you’ll learn 10 actionable tips that will help you get the most out of Photoshop so you can start editing today.

Aaron Nace will start at the beginning. You’ll learn how to organize your files so you’ll always know where to find them. You’ll also learn about color settings, layers, masking and groups. Aaron will cover the commonly used tools in Photoshop and even teach you keyboard shortcuts so you’ll know how to work quickly and efficiently.

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Patricia Green

This was a very informative course, and perfect for a beginner. I came from Paint Shop Pro and so I knew some terminology and some of what might be possible with what tools, but Photoshop is a big new world for me, so this beginner course was just what I needed. Great instructor who is knowledgable and has a good sense of humor. I would recommend this class to beginners.