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Saving for the Web in Photoshop

So let's go into photoshopped lett's let's show you guys saving for web and devices so we've got two images we're going to be working on today the's air images that my company shot recently for for a promotional ad to teach people photo shop and how to use how to use actions we call in the floor in method so saving for weapon devices will the biggest hurdle whenever you're saving for weapon devices is your editor your image everything looks great everything's you know turned out just how you wanted in photo shop, but when you go to put it on the web, sometimes the resolution isn't perfect. Sometimes the sharpness isn't quite there sometimes the colors just really don't look right, so we're going to start off with colors basically when you're working in color in photo shop you have a couple different color modes I'm going to show you those right now you don't need to go to complex into this but it's good to understand some of your color modes so we have a couple of the different working...

spaces here that you guys may have seen these forced sort of thing before like adobe rgb nineteen, ninety eight pro photo or g b and es rgb has anyone seen these before show hands srg be ok cool most people are already up today with that which is pretty cool so my advice to anyone working in photo shop is you really want your you're working space, what you're actually gonna be doing your editing you want that to be in something like pro photo rgb or adobe rgb nineteen, ninety eight and the reason for that is that those color spaces are large color spaces, they contain the most amount of colors. So for instance, if you're going to do a painting right with krantz, what's what's, a cran painting called a drawing if you're working with s rgb that's like having the box of eight grand's okay pro photo rg bees like the whole big barks two hundred fifty six grands and it's got the sharpener in the bag and all your friends are jealous that's what that was like, you know you have, like nine different blues for your sky that's what that was like, so I recommend editing in that one, but when it goes time to put your images on the internet, the internet basically browsers things like chrome and safari they're designed to use s rgb. So when it comes time to put your images onto the internet, you don't want to use that big box of kranz because it's not going to display well on the internet you want to use s rgb because that's what internet browsers air designed to display so easy way to get around this work on in your image in in the color spaces like adobe rgb nineteen ninety eight and pro photo rgb and when you're getting ready to save you want to hit this button called save for web and devices which is what we're going to show you now okay so save for web in devices it's it is what it is right just like I want this on the web ok I'll go to file it will hit safer web now this is the newest version of photos photo shop c c two thousand fifteen older versions will say safer web and devices this one just says safer web so this is your safer web now I recommend when you're saving your documents from photo shop there really only two things that I really I recommend you need to say about your first is going to be your layered file this is going to be a tiff or a psd okay this contains all your layers it's your master file you can come back to it whenever you want okay so that that when you would just want to use with the regular safe command now anytime else you're saving an image up I recommend using the safer weapon devices because that's going to be perfect for the web it's going it's going to work for print it's going to work for you know just about anything else you need to get your image is on so safer weapon devices is ah it's a very common dialogue I'm in here all the time all right? So I'm gonna talk kind of talking us through it how to overcome some of the hurdles that you might have when when getting images up and then we're going to show you how tio actually preview some of these on the web so we have a little preview here which is nice I can I can see what my image would look full size and basically this is an exact copy of what I saw in my image earlier. Now we do have a few different options here for our presets if you guys are interested in doing creating jeffs or gifts or jeffs you can do that you can create those you canoe j pegs you khun dupee ngs which will allow for transparency and then you can do this one at the bottom that I've never seen before that's the view be fbi don't do that one that is appropriate for nowhere anyway so for now we're going to choose j pigs they display really well on the internet they compress well and I recommend most images that are uploaded to the internet b j picks now used to be whenever I was going in the photo shop and I wanted an image let's say I'm gonna put this on on my website I've got a portfolio site and my my column with is like nine hundred pixels wide ok, so you don't want to upload a image that is this one here's three thousand six hundred thirty six hundred pixels wide you don't want to upload a a new image that large and then have it only display of nine hundred pixels there a couple of reasons first, his file size the larger image the larger file size it's gonna be so if you're putting this on the web unless it's for archival purposes, you want that file size to be nice and small because it's going to load the page faster and it's also generally just better in, you know, cut down the trees because you're not using his bunch energy to upload files and stuff like that. So it's just a general better idea, but you can do that here in this dialog box, so are with we're going to it's going to change to nine hundred and I'm gonna hit enter and there you can actually see let's just take our preview and we're going to zoom it out just a little bit to fifty percent there you can see my images actually nine hundred pixels so instead of having to go through the extra step of re sizing and formatting everything before I go into this dialogue you khun size everything from the safer weapon devices the other word option here it is, I can see the amount of space that it's going to be taken up on. I'm on my computer on my web service, this is sixty four, sixty eight kilobytes. You could change your little preview here, I think indeed, faults on fifty six k modem, which for barbershop c, c two thousand fifteen they should probably change the default. I don't think many people are running on fifty six game anymore, but you could see so it'll take, you know less than a second toe upload at that, but that space on dh here, you can change the quality as well. My recommendation, when it comes to quality for saving for the web in devices, is choose the lowest possible quality you can while still maintaining a good image. So if I change my quality of up to one hundred let's, change that our preview back up to one hundred percent, too. This is full quality here. If I change my quality down to fifty percent of the original, it still looks pretty good. You really can't tell that much, and it takes half of the file size, so this is huge. It means you can have all your images on your website loads twice as fast and still pretty much looked the same, getting down to something like twenty five percent. You will start start to see some degradation that that doesn't look as clear as it did at fifty, and then I'll come down to ten for for the broadcast, I'm sure I want to just really exaggerate this for the broadcast just to make sure you can really can everyone see it like two percent doesn't look that great, but still not that bad. On day two percent, we're down to twenty three kilobytes, whereas one hundred percent we would be a three hundred fifty three so it's over ten times smaller, the lower your percentage goes. All right, well, let's, bring this down to fifty percent, and then and then the last thing we want to do when we're about to put this online is just get a little preview of what it's going to actually look like online and that's actually built into photo shop as well. So down here in the safer weapon devices there's a little preview button and I highly recommend clicking this because if you click that it's going to open up a browser window, it's going to show you exactly what your image looks like in your browser, this is I mean chrome right now. It's going to show to show you exactly what it looks like it's going to tell you all of your image dimensions and it's going to spit out a little bit of code for you as well so you never have to worry what's my image going to look like when it actually gets on the internet because this is on the internet well it's you know it's displaying on a browser which is using the exact same technology would use to display brows on a blouse blauser that is I want one of those whatever it is uh on the browser on the internet so there we go and we've saved for web we've chosen r j peg our quality and everything looks good so we're ready to hit save we'll just put this right in here into our into our class images and we'll call this ten tips web and hit go and now we're ready to upload our image put it on the internet and uh we're good to go quick question I don't want a question yes you erin since we're this is a beginner's course yes, we have a couple people asking about photoshopped elements and whether you know whether it will you know these kind of tips will help them and I think my own knowledge is like you might pick up a couple of things but mostly this week it's all photo shop all the time I would say so, yeah, yeah, I would say, so if you're in elements and you like it, you know, right now adobe has such a good plan. Ninety nine a month photoshopped and like room. I would really recommend making the upgrade because photo shop, a cz compared to elements, is a really a quite it's, a comprehensive program, and, in my opinion, it's definitely worth a nine nineteen, nineteen month. Yeah, thank you, yeah, for sure.

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Photoshop can be daunting for beginners and it is hard to know where to start. In this 90-minute Photoshop class, you’ll learn 10 actionable tips that will help you get the most out of Photoshop so you can start editing today.

Aaron Nace will start at the beginning. You’ll learn how to organize your files so you’ll always know where to find them. You’ll also learn about color settings, layers, masking and groups. Aaron will cover the commonly used tools in Photoshop and even teach you keyboard shortcuts so you’ll know how to work quickly and efficiently.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


Patricia Green

This was a very informative course, and perfect for a beginner. I came from Paint Shop Pro and so I knew some terminology and some of what might be possible with what tools, but Photoshop is a big new world for me, so this beginner course was just what I needed. Great instructor who is knowledgable and has a good sense of humor. I would recommend this class to beginners.