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Using Layer FX with Type Tool in Photoshop

We're going to roll onto our tip for use later effects with the type tool this is going to be very cool so layer effects with the type tool back into photo shop we're going to create a type player all right? First thing that comes to your mind what he wanted to say truck truck yeah truck he read countries soon songs in your spare time I'm from north carolina originally so I know I know a thing or two about trucks all right, true look, s o truck this is our brand we saw truex our branding may come maybe we want our lettering toe on ly be white fur for branding or whatever it is and this looks great. I like this font I like the spacing in between I like the great but I want to put it right in the center of my image so quick tio dissenter something I'm gonna hit command a select everything then I'm going to click on my move tool we've got alignment tools up there on the top of photo shop so I've been a center line it by clicking on this center that's horizontally click on this one vertica...

lly there we go perfectly centered on my image good to go so we've got our truck looks great this is where layer effects come in handy because although I can see you know I can see what's going on here I can't really see my letters they're not standing off my subject in any way they're not that interesting they don't look super like expensive or, you know, super classy or well defined things like that so what we're going to do is we're going to add some later effects they're going to help this truck standoff of our image a little bit better so let's double click on our truck there we go I'm going to move things around here so we can see just about everything all right? Can everyone make out all that I got in a photo shop all right laters air on the side here's our image and here is our layer style okay, now we're going to start with a very simple one drop shadow you're going to use these all the time keepem subtle they're going to make a big difference in the image so we're going to click on this drop shadow okay, right now it looks a little bit like an outline so I want to do is I want to change the distance I want to increase the distance because if it's too close looks just like its part of the actual letters so we're gonna increase the distance and there we go immediately I can I can read the r and the u n the c right, I can I can read truck now if I'd like to change the angle of the shadow, I can do that here, the angle I can go coming from the left, coming from the top, the bottom, whatever it is we'll do from the top left. I think that looks pretty good, so truck, we can change this spread and the size as well. Generally, I try to keep spread lower and adjust my size that tends to look better. So let's increase our size and this basically is going to give it the idea that it's kind of like getting a little bit fuzzy. And if it's fuzzy, maybe it's going to be farther away from the letters so well to spring up our distance to where we go, you can see it looks like the word truck is a little bit farther from my image. Now you can play around here. You could do a lot if I wanted to change my color into, like this dark red. I can do that as well. That doesn't really look is good. Maybe we'll choose a color that's in my image. So instead of just going with black, think if you had an image that had a lot of like deep, dark greens in it. You could use a deep dark green in your drop shot up and it would look very good so we're going to choose this color which has a little bit of a bluish tint in it here we go you can see that little bit of bluish I couldn't bring my capacity up there you can really start to see that color coming through and it kind of echoes what's going on here in my image all right I prefer to keep the capacity of my drop shadows a little bit lower going up all the way tends to look a little bit fake so I prefer to go a little bit lower we're gonna bring our size down a little bit never go and we'll bring our distance at a little bit just to get something relatively settled the ideas you want your layers effects whenever you're working with type you want them to make their type stand off your image but you don't want them to become the center focus you know if I'm doing crazy stuff it's going to wind up distracting you from the idea like I want people to read truck I don't want people were like well he puts him later effects on that that's that's not good all right so drop shadow is one of those things where you can get away with in just about any image when you're using type drop shot I was very, very commonly accepted ok, the next one we're going to click on is our bubble and a boss now bubbling boss was turned off drop show so you can see that at work a bubbling in boss is very similar it will put a highlight on one side ofyour object in a shadow onto the other same type of controls you can soften that up a little bit so you can give it a soft edge instead of being, you know, being a little bit harder it's just soon that out you khun just the depth and the size as well so sometimes you wanted to look like it's a very deep letter I recommend keeping this depth a little bit smaller and you have a lot of options here like an outer bubble you khun go with an m boss, you can go with something like a pillow on boss, which that actually looks kind of cool. I recommend most of the time sticking with things like out of pebbles same toe, same idea with the toolbar generally they've cluster more commonly used at the top. So if you're ever curious of like you know I should have used an outer bubble or a pillow boss it's down to taste in preference, but it's probably most people are going to stick with like an outer bubble or inter bubble before they're going with the stars sort things so I'm going to sleep with an intern bubble yeah, that looks pretty good and now the really cool thing here is we've got an option for global light, which means that remember earlier when I change the angle of my drop shadow if I change the angle or my drop shadow because this global light is checked it's actually going to change the direction of my bubble in boss too you can see my angle here is the same ninety six and ninety six so I can change it in one of these dialogues and it's going to change not just the drop shadow but it's also going to change my bubbling boss angle as well, which is very, very hopeful. Ok, now the other options here at the bottom I would recommend using our you're opacity for your screen let's just turn this off really quickly so you can see what's going on and you're a pass it e for your shadow so oftentimes like especially with light text maybe you don't want it so dark it's going to look just call a little bit too much attention you wanted to be relatively light and relatively subtle all right, there we go so we're ending up here with us just a poor sized just a little bit prettier distance down and our capacity down and we go tribe play around just a little bit here all right get something we like this is really down to taste it I recommend you know actually working with your type and think about what you want all right and last thing we're going to do is a grady in't over like this is going to allow youto put something like this on here now by default this is really not going to look that good as it is so I would recommend doing things like changing your blending mode from something like normal to a soft light it becomes a lot more subtle than and that's generally what you want subtlety is key if you don't want to change your blending mode you could just simply change your opacity and there we go we can get a little parker on the bottom and lighter on the top so let's go ahead and turn all three of those off and then back on so we'll turn off our bubbling in boss so you guys and see what that looks like ok argh radiant overlay and then our drop shadow so what I would recommend doing that's it okay there I would recommend getting this to somewhere you like take a break get some yogurt putting or whatever it is come back and then look at it again because what happens with my any time I'm doing something like this and photo shop I get to the place where I'm like this is awesome! It looks great they're going to hire me to put logos on things, and then I'm going to be that I'm gonna be the next drop. Shadow king, like, I'm I killed this, and then I'll come back in ten minutes. I'm like, oh, god, that looks horrible, glad I didn't show that to anyone in the meantime, so take a little bit, right, come back, look at it again. If it looks natural and neat and clean and professional, you're probably good to go if it looks a little bit, too, just a little bit too opposite of subtle what's that qadi yeah, yeah, it looks to gotti. You've probably gone a little bit overboard, so there we go, that's ah, it's, a good introduction to using layer effects and type.

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Patricia Green

This was a very informative course, and perfect for a beginner. I came from Paint Shop Pro and so I knew some terminology and some of what might be possible with what tools, but Photoshop is a big new world for me, so this beginner course was just what I needed. Great instructor who is knowledgable and has a good sense of humor. I would recommend this class to beginners.