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Circle Variations: Half Moon Rising

I'm going to go ahead and make I make another circle that's part of my little unit here but I'm going to make it a little bit different I'm going to make it like the pillow that I mentioned to you all the half moon rising just to have a little variety um and ah they may or may not fit together but that's okay so again I'm gonna actually I want to gather up all my you know kind of parts that were cut for other for other reasons and use those and maybe combined those either with more black and white or with some color so green and orange or complementary colors there on the opposite side of the color spectrum so I think they'd be happy to hang out together on the color wheel at the spectrum right ma'am, your threat um my practice is I believe similar to yours is I just choose white thread yeah, all the way through my quoting until I get to my well piecing until I get to the quote right? Yeah. Okay. I can't see that there's any advantage to using a color thread it's not going to be seen s...

o I you know I mean, if someone has a reason that they would want to use a colored thread you know more power to them but uh it's all gonna be inside your quote I mean, I've seen pieces though I mean kind of art quotes that are more raw itch in there you know, where you're threading and all that kind of stuff is going to be visible on the outside um then I can see using your color thread isn't as an accent and swords there when you've got a completed circle, you have to share it with us you have to I will okay, how's everyone doing with our circles journey where you trying to convert to something else? You're doing a semi circle so they're obviously other very famous, you know, curved piece, traditional quilts, pickled dish uh, double wedding ring. So you can you can you use this same idea for double wedding ring? You know, for pickle dish? I've never done pickled fish, but I did a double wedding ring improv. Um and, uh, once you know how the especially if you do it in quadrants once, you know how the piece I mean, it would be hard to dio any of you familiar with the double wedding ring it's there's this kind of ark piece in the center, you know, the traditional way it's peace, but if you break up that art piece and you've got quadrants on either end of your I called them very technically the little football pieces, you know and then you can improv it if you tried to do with that arc piece, I think it could be a little harder, though not impossible. Holly, how you doing? Because you're doing some interesting stitching here as well. I'm just kind of echoing the circle figured well. And alison, how you doing over there? Good. I am half four drunkards, path units. So now I'm making them fit each other, and I'm trying to work on that idea of getting the outsides tow line up and the inside to line up. Fantastic, sarah straight some incredibly intricate sewing. So we really want to interrupt. What you doing? Some very intricate. So in that way, e there's one. When you use this cross, this more horizontal orientation really vertical. Oh, look, I can use that later. It's like the song that never ends. You know, your kids, everything that's on it. You know, once you cut one, you know, framing piece or a narc, you've got the makings of more circles, more parts of circles, and then just go ahead and pin that out. Just like I said, every you know wasn't three quarters of an inch, but another pin in, and really even the quadrants are going to be sewn together the same way. It's just how they face each other that's going to be changed so that they can instead of facing together to make a circle they will face away from each other to make two half circles all right so this will be the other half of um my my semi circle it'll be interesting to see how they fit together because they are substantially different from each other in terms of scale and the construction of the ark for the shape of the ark they could fit together like this which would probably be to my advantage because if I tried to fit him together like this I mean I got some stuff to make up for its the only deal which might be kind of fun so I'm going to set those aside and we'll figure that in a bit so I've got two more um two more framing pieces in the end though what I'm going to do is rather than put them together like we did for the first circle you can imagine they're going to put together back to back like that okay and I could even and I probably will even shorten these edges down on both sides on both this edge in this edge so I've got a quarter inch so they almost seem the arcs almost seemed to a but each other like that but that is that is for the future to worry about um right now all worry about this I don't remember if I actually cut this already to this ark um I'm gonna just re cut it just cause if I don't honestly remember and it's too too small anyway um so I'm gonna say probably not so the fabric I'm working on with right now this kind of shark truth is from uh one of the solids from one of my lines for motta and what they tried to do which I really really love with ah the so when I make these fabrics from ota they send them into them not is like illustrator images or sketches but his actual pieces of fabric actual boutiques that I've died and then they days digitally reproduce them and they really want to reproduce that kind of hand dyed look and that kind of modeling that you get in hand dying and I remember the first time I did a collection and you get kind of samples not not not kind of finish samples on on really beautiful fabric but just kind of samples for youto approve um at one point and you know it comes in this box it's a great day you know, because the huge boxes delivered to your house and I opened up the box and remember turning to my youngest daughter and saying I'm never going to die fabric again it looks so great which didn't come true I went on dying fabric but I'm really happy with the way they've reproduced that look how's it going? Sarah are you ready? Oh, hey, no pressure the fact that you know you keep turning to you and asking if you're ready so would that make you feel pressured? I've done just in the sack I think one of my little quarter circles was a bit big, so I'm trying to ease into yeah, all right, so I'm almost ready to go ahead and so this point and another one and I'll be able to make my little half moon rising block come together. I have another question sure, they were kind of clear when you're piecing the extra like the extra piece here. Do you ever try to get a curve in that two like so? So you have some framing right contacts that that thing? Do you try to do a curve here? Is that too crazy it's? Not too crazy. I just think it's it's awfully hard to kind of negotiate if there's such a substantial difference between the two squadrons that I'd rather trim them so that I don't have to do such a big piece because yeah, that would be that would be kind of tricky. Not only would you have toe kind of figure out the cur angle of the current at the point where they meet on long one line, but also at the point where they're going to meet along another line so it just seems like a lot teo teo engineer you know oh my goodness thiss tiny as fabulous I should have been bigger I don't know turnout great loads yeah, so it needs a really cute friend okay, so thiss one and then one more and we can put together the variation and there's so many variations beyond this it's almost caught didn't yeah, it almost did all right, so we still have our our black framing piece way know that it's going to go you know, it could conceivably go here, for instance you know, we haven't decide that for sure, but so we need another another arc and um sure went up only we'll start to put together the half moon rising block I can't think of the name of that block I mean, I I I made up the name but without thinking about pink floyd on I never even liked pink floyd, but she hated abbott, who is my favorite groups, you know? Yeah, but who hates exactly it's just it speaks volumes. Do you hear this? She hated abbas there. Yes, that wasn't sweden, one of the few countries in the world that didn't embrace aber in the same way that everybody else hear anything after the tweet hated to know but it's kind of something you only listen to in your school yeah, you know a kid at school and it's yeah, I was so the irony was waterloo the one country in europe you didn't go to number one with sweden I think that that was uniformly loved is evidenced by the fact that you know what is it decades later they could put together a musical mamma mia and have it become huge you know, always pin but you find with the curving you find pinning is a wise a step it's more than wise I don't see how you do this without pinning, okay, but only on the straight line you take ten typically no yeah yeah I don't honestly you know, see how you could do this without pinning I mean, I pin super close, you know? I mean it's not like I'm you know, just pinning on the edges or whatever yeah, I mean, it doesn't mean somebody else couldn't do it, they couldn't and more power to them, but no, I can't do this without pinning. So in a minute but I have design decisions to make in terms of what I'm gonna do with my kind of disparities with my sections of my circle all right? And then there were four I'm going to go ahead and click those curves and press it and then start figuring out what we're gonna dio to make them fit together because e I mean I don't have to look at them to know right now that they're not going to fit together just all by themselves there's going to have to be some adding or subtracting to make that happen all right so we've got these like this and we want them to fit together kind of back to back meaning arc to arc so um so we don't have to worry about a midpoint obviously quite so much and actually these are the same size but what I'm going to need to do is add something here and add something with wise here it's actually I I end up having it it worked out a lot easier for me could have gone a lot worse for me um but so let's go ahead and add some fabric there and you know what? So since I don't have alison since I don't have two edges to worry about I could see if I could play around with it here this is this is so improvisational but that you know I'm just going I'm going to try and see what happens make no promises um blue so I'm going to cut another strip and then I'm going to cut the angle of the edge of the strip to match the angle I just just cut the angle just cut in this red fabric ana I want him to be the same with two and we'll see how that goes most of it is just because it just seems like way all right let's see but it's not going to be so actually wanted to know I do want to go out so if you had an absolutely make sure that all I dropped yes so let's say this is one um quadrant like that and let me know if it's not big enough for everyone to see and this is another cool hundreds like this and then you actually have just a square of solid so if this is a color and this is a color and here's another quadrant and this is a color okay, so now but this is just a solid square a fabric ok, they also kind of look like mickey mouse ears at some point and then god doesn't like dad when when this is just solid it comes together to make this kind of butterfly or um or flower shape depending on how you want to look at it. I know yeah, it would be like this no, that would be solid. Yeah. No, it was two would be like this else. Well, then there would be this one it should go like this. They should both be like thiss they would so these two blocks here that I've completely messed up one would go like this and when we go like this and that's this would be the part that's colored in be a lot easier to see if I had missed it up, but it does make a lovely flower, so, you know, you need four of these blocks, it would take a little bit of time, but it would make a great flower and you could make these as bigas you want so one for, you know, one one of these one of these flowers could make, you know, ah, whole quilt. So, um, and that would be pretty dramatic to with all this whole insects, especially if you kind of limited the palate a little bit. Yeah, I think that would be beautiful. And then, like I said, there are other variations I don't know. I don't even know the mother variations for drunkards path. I mean, it originally didn't come together to make a circle, you know? It was sore like it was all like this and that's why they called it drunkards path, because why else would you be walking all like this if you weren't inebriated? So that pretty much what I've got to say about drunken halting? Uh, I don't recommend it. Don't do that or text while driving, so, uh

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Custom quilts are the kind of heirloom craft everyone longs to create, but stitching together a unique pattern can be seriously overwhelming. In 10 Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting, Malka Dubrawsky will introduce you to new forms of quilting — with fresh color combinations, techniques, and patterns.

Malka will get you started by showing you how to cut and create a simple log cabin nine-patch block. You’ll learn how to incorporate triangles, pinwheels, and curves into your designs to make them more versatile. You’ll build the skills needed to take any quilt block (and even other patterns, like wallpaper or a painting) and deconstruct it so you can create something similar.

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Another great class. I love the approach that encourages spontaneity and decision-making throughout the process! I was not at all put off by Malka's speaking style -- I found her informative, articulate, thoughtful and funny. I would, however, have appreciated much less time watching her sew, although I realize she likely did that in this class to allow her in-person students to have time as well. A bit tedious, however, when it's not live or you're not sewing along. I loved the idea from another reviewer to have samples of Malka's quilts hanging in the studio throughout all the sessions so we could refer to a finished piece that demonstrated the skill she was teaching. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves quilting or wants to learn.