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25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

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Folding Time: Getting More Done

Barry Moltz

25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

Barry Moltz

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15. Folding Time: Getting More Done

Lesson Info

Folding Time: Getting More Done

Now we have a very special guest. We have joining us to talk about productivity. We have NEEN, James. Nina, are you there? It's fabulous to be with you. I'm so glad we have another Aussie on the other program here. I'm so glad you could join us. Tell us a little about yourself and how you help people with productivity. Well, I am obsessed with productivity. I think if you can get more done, you can create most significant moments in life that matter. And isn't that what it's really about? So I believe in helping people get more done so they can get on with it and creating those moments in Mata. It's the little things we do every day that make the biggest impact. And I think the key to that is productivity. All right, so what is? I love the idea of folding time. It sounds like one of those, you know, high tech scifi movies, right? If I could, only full time would be great. But what do you mean by that? You see, I think time management, it's out the window. Barry, you and I both know tha...

t all those time management training programs that get taught. They were taught before we had little still supercomputers in our hands. We and we'll put that away. Okay, we're not talking about that now, right? Exactly what happens is think about it. Our access to information has changed. Our workload has changed when overworked, overstressed over the tired and the time management training programs where they say make a list and then prioritize the list A, B and C will. You and I both know, say, never gets done with screams the loudest. That's who we pay attention to. So I don't believe in time management. I believe now more than ever before that we are required to fold time, which means we need to be able to achieve twice as much in half the amount of time now in the book Folding Time, which I know that you have had the opportunity, this wonderful thank you. In the book I talk about that really folding time is about how do you truly be accountable for your time? How do you engage your attention and how do you live regio energy? Because it's not about just time anymore. It's about filtering all the decisions we haven't making sure the workflow you have is Congo. With that, it's about being a person of integrity. Do what you say you're gonna do it. So I mean, let's talk about that because if you're a small business owner who hold you accountable because many times we all want to be small business owners because we're not gonna be accountable anybody. But in fact, who should we really be accountable to? And how do we keep that going? It's interesting. I was just in a mentoring cool with one of my clients this morning, and she was saying how she kind of wouldn't be good in culprit because she wants to break the rules. She wants to own her own business, and that's what she does. He actually owns a very successful construction business, and well, we're talking about is to bring accountability and to your left there's a couple ways you can do it. You can do what I call public accountability. You can declare things through your blog's and social media about things that you're going to achieve that you're going to deliver on. So this public accountability. But there's also private accountability. Now she's hired me as her mental. So there are people out there who you could have as your coaches. I just came in as you were talking about the importance of mentors. But having a mental when you pay for them all, you don't. But the thing that I do is as a I have my own practice. Like many people, that you get to talk to a swell. I have what I call in accountability group. So every Friday I sent an email to my accountability partner and she and I exchange, What do we do to grow our business this week? What could created conversations? Do we have what new products did we develop? How do we take care of our health? Because, as small business sign is, we need to have the energy as well. So you can bring accountability and publicly through social media and blogging and privately, by having someone who you trust that you can talk to, Maybe it's your mental. Maybe you hire a coach. Well, maybe you have an accountability partner in place. I'm gonna ask me another question, but I want you guys each write down. What's one thing that you would publicly like to be held accountable for right, and we're gonna do that when There, right now. But my question to you mean is what happens if you fail and you're not accountable? What's the penalty? Is it a public flogging? Is it push back from the Internet? What really happens? I think what you need to do is you need to have consequences in place. For example, with my accountability partner with Stacey, that's her name. If I'm not tracking according to what I did, she's gonna start questioning me, and I have to have the courage to answer those questions. How does the reason that I love public accountability is I don't want the shame of not doing what I said. I would do it. So it's an internal motivated for May, but we've got to understand how it motivated. So it could be that you're motivated by pleasure so you might have a reward. That's you know, the consequences. You don't get there would write Well, maybe you're like me and you're motivated by pain. What I want you to think about is for me the pain of not doing what I said I would do not being a postive integrity is enough to shame me into doing it now for me. Yesterday I got a couple of names wrong. A couple of times. Well, maybe more than a couple times. So I issued the $100 challenged every time that I make a ah wrong name that I would donate $100 to the whoever's favorite charity was they suggest in the chat room. And today Sally also made did accountability public thing, that she was gonna get her email box down to zero. So we've done some of that area this morning, but I love you. If you're in the room, we love that. Of course she's in the rain. Thanks. My is really so good about that. So let's go to our Let's go to our studio audience here. What's one thing you like? The public will be accountant. Remember, there's a lot of people watching here, and I'm personally running down each one of these. I no, that mean is as well and we're gonna follow up. So what do you want to be held personally counting to and by win? Is that the way to do it mean absolutely. Ok, so you want to start with you, Sheena, Um, I wanted almost echo what Chris said earlier about making myself a priority in my health exercise, nutrition, keeping myself healthy so that then I can run the business better and being musician and a single mom at the same time. So I would say, Hold me accountable to getting my nutrition and exercise plan set in place by July 30th. July 30th six weeks. Yes. All right. So what actually has let's be very clear what's gonna happen? You actually have a written down plan? You could actually have anything started, but least want to get a plan together, started and plan and started, OK? And in part July 5. Is that a good way to articulate mean or to be more specific is And you know what else I would suggest you, honey, is considered the APS that you could been have a friend follow you. So when I was being accountable for the food I was eating in the exercise I was doing I was using my fitness pal and my girlfriend would check it every night. So if you want at solicit someone else has helped to get you to be accountable to that goal. You may want to consider using an app that you can share with other people, and that will drive you as well. Ok, that's a really good idea. Thank Rina. What would you like to be held accountable for? To improve your productivity? I would like to be held accountable. Teoh riding a newsletter, a weekly newsletter for my fans because I have been on and on on it and off it and on it and off it and just want to get consistent. So just if you sign up at re Nicole dot com, you will get an email for me once a week. All right, so we're talking about doing content marketing yesterday, right? And so when with that first email go out because I think you have to be very, very specific and what you're doing. Okay, So All right, it I'll have it done by Friday and in your email box by Saturday morning. All right, That sounds good. Nice. And for all of you who want to make sure that Rita does it, where do you sign up at, uh, if you go to my about page at Rina Nicole dot com. All right, Any other additional tips? Their name? Yeah. I find that newsletters that land on a Tuesday or Thursday morning on more likely to be opened. So when you're thinking about the sequencing of your day Saturdays, people might be with their families. And if you've got a business oriented topic, you may want to see avoid Mondays because their inboxes full from the weekend. But she stays in Thursday's. Your opening right is gonna be higher. Rent means book. I'm changed mind to Tuesday, and it's worked out really well. So Okay, so then I'll go. I'll go. I'll go with Thursday. Thursday. Okay, We have that. So So you're gonna get done by Friday and we're to see an email by Thursday. Yeah, all right. And you can go to if we don't get it by Thursday. We know where to go. All right? Yes. What's one thing you'd like to accountable to in cruise your productivity? One of the things that I would like to do is is I need to blawg for Yogi stream dot tv, which you can do yoga at yogi stream dot tv. There's her exercise program. Ugo, you're gonna give her a compliment. Access right? Absolutely. You go. OK, I need to have that blawg that gets written, and that is something that I have put. It's not even on a burner. It's so far down. And so it's not even in the kitchen. Exactly. So I need to put something in place to hold myself accountable for making sure I get 1 to 2 a week. We'll start with one. Okay, let's drive from minimal achievement, right? Let's get to over aggressive. So what's the one? When you gonna have it done? No one is gonna posted. Today is Wednesday. Tuesday? Is that a good day for log toe land to I'm sorry is that a good day for a block post to land to is on a Thursday because people can access them at any point, so it depends on how you're going to use it. Sometimes you'll see if you go to mean James dot com, you'll see my blogging, my Elektronik newsletter at the same. And so it's a good way to direct traffic back to you'll, um, to a website for the person who was doing the electronic newsletter as well. But I think with gloves. You have more flexibility because I think the randomness of a blood is also cool. However, if you want to get even more productive with your blog's, consider creating an editorial calendar for yourself. So with yoga, that might be particular positions you want to focus on all they might be types. You want to focus on your recovery periods. So consider creating an editorial calendar for, say, the next 90 days published that somewhere where you can see it. And that way you don't think new content all the time. You've done the hard work in advance to spend 15 minutes creating all the different topics. Allocate them to an editorial calendar. And you, well, on your way. Awesome. That's really great. I'm you go, um, contacting 25 people at this. Is that yesterday? Okay, I really needed is s. So how are you gonna? How are we gonna facilitate that? Where you find the 25 people, um, are linked in? Okay. All right. So why don't you set a deadline? So are you gonna do 25 on Thursday? starting tomorrow, uh, for week days? Um, other different number on weekends. No, time. 25 people. You gonna do one Thursday? Good. So, Kristen, Sadly and help you need to be held accountable for something. Well, now I know that you mentioned a little bit about the apse, and that's kind of almost contradicting what we talked about before. It's like, Well, let's not pay attention, the phones. But I have you some of those abs. Like, for instance, Lift is one of those abs that helps you keep track of of habits and things like that. And it did help me. I think I could get more into that. But then I got to be careful on Lee used that don't get sucked into the rest of the app. I think that's important. I think that we should use tell us most smartphones intentionally, right? Let's use them when we want to use them. Let's go to Facebook when we want to are linked in or whatever it is but don't have it. It's always interrupt us in our day, so I think we have to use it intentionally. All right? Yeah. I mean, I'll admit I do use social media, you know, and you said it before when you're a solo entrepreneurs you're working on your own, and sometimes you just like Costilla. My eye has been a whole freaking wake on my So I. I think sometimes you do use it is just a little reminder that there are people out there that you see me working with, but there's nothing wrong with that. But just know that's why you're going. There's nothing wrong with saying, Hey, I'm gonna go on Facebook cause I don't have some fun for 30 minutes, but just realize that's what you're doing. Name. Did you want to add something here? I do. I think Sally makes a really great point. It could be lonely when we run away in practice. And social media is the way to know that there's a bigger audience. So he is hell. I sometimes play with social media. There is an at field Matt called antisocial, so you can set it up so that you block social media sites for periods of time. It's one of my favorite app, so antisocial commit. But what I do is I do a drive by, so I take a 15 minute morning drive by where I go through Facebook. Twitter lengthen Pinterest and Instagram, and with my morning coffee as a routine, I reach out into the world, see what's going on. So, Sally, you can do the social media connect, but maybe you do it as a drive by. And this the tip I would give is if you really trying to get work done, make a rule with yourself that you don't check social media on your Mac. You only check it on your lap to arm your either your I've had or your I sign. And that way you have to deliberately stop what you're working on and go consciously toe another device. So when I was riding one of my books, actually, when I was running folding time, the only way I let my till self check social lady out was on my IPad. That's what I had to break a patent. Otherwise, we spend so much some flipping back and forth. And so, rather than do it on your Mac's Ellie, do it on another device because it's a conscious decision, then you need. What I also do is have this word on my monitor says Focus, and sometimes I just feel this drawing to check Facebook or social media. I'm kicking myself. Focus. Focus. There was some kind of mantra. Something I want to go back to. You have three different things you did to really improve productivity unfolding time. The first was accountability wedging, which I think it's fantastic. What are the other two so really engagement. And you guys have already started this conversation. That's where you're spending your attention. One of the greatest skips you're ever gonna give anyone is the gift of your undivided attention. And now, more than ever before, we're so distracted and we've made technology more important. And people you see this couple on a hot date and they're both sitting there texting all their on their phones, and that breaks my heart. So I think what you want to be very deliberate about is where you engaging your attention. And I think what we need to do as business or Nas as community leaders is we need to listen with our eyes. We need to look people in the eye. We need to stop the distractions, and we need to make sure that people feel like they Massa, and the way to do that is to engage their attention. What do I really do about interruptions? I know it's fair if I work in an office environment. I mean, it's OK to turn off all the various notifications or, you know, do not disturb or anti social. What about people actually entering to my office in my physical space? How doe I monitor that? I do. And I do a lot of work with the media industry, and one of my clients has come cost and I have shared with many of them because they haven't a complaint environments that the moment someone comes into your cube or your office, you stand up the active standing up. It means you instantly look someone in the eye. Here's the other thing. They don't know if you coming or going, Barry. So they're like You should come. And so what's good about that is a standing conversation is a quick conversation. You get to the point you give the person the honor of giving them your attention, but you break the attachment to your left. Help your computer, your telephone. So the first thing I would suggest to people who are being interrupted to stand up now the first day you do this, you'll hate me because you'll be up and down like a yo go right at what it does is it accelerates conversation. It avoids small talk. People get to the point quicker, and he is what's great. You can gently guide them out of your cue ball. Europe is as you woke them away from your space, so you get the control of finishing the interruptions. Well, now what's the advice do you have is I meet sometimes with many people, and they're constantly interrupting our conversation by looking on their smartphones. Is there a polite way to tell them to knock it off? So he is. What we need to do is I'm being unproductive by talking to them, right? They're not paying attention to. What we're doing is taking longer. I have a different thought about that and that is this that well, I don't want technology to be more important than the person in front of me because I think what you do is the moment you break eye contact. You make this more important than that purse, and they feel less valued if you need to do it. If you're the person on your phone. Just explain to someone I'm sorry. I just need to check this text. I'm sorry. I need to do this, right. So if that's you, But if you're having it done to you, my suggestion is that you just stop talking. The silence is what's gonna be able to allow them to go. Oh, you stop talking, Fred, because it's but But you have to do without judgment is the difference. Many people have this, um, they get offended. They take it personally if someone is checking their phone and not talking to them. And I would suggest to you that people are so busy and so distracted that just trying to cope they're just trying to do what they have to do. I mean, some of you have said you're a single mom. You're a musician, you're a business owner. We wear multiple hats. So I think as the receiver stopped taking a personally stop judging the person and just stop talking when they're ready to re engage with you, they will. If they don't, that's okay. Here's my philosophy. Some will someone So what? It doesn't matter. And if it goes for five minutes, where they're still texting you. Stop talking five minutes ago. Then you have a different issue, right? Really? Or in talking we talked about before. Nein, about some tips in really improving the productivity around email. What kind of suggestions? You have that because certainly many of us get hundreds of emails every single day, and it takes a lot of time. We mentioned yesterday there over 89 billion emails sent every single day. And some days you feel they're all in your inbox. Yeah, So a couple of things with email. I would suggest that the most powerful thing about any malice the subject line, if you think about it. People used to read an email on a screen this big. Now they read it on a screen this big. So the reality is we need to get super clever without subject lines. Consider it like a tweet, right? So another thing that I do with some of my clients is Can you write the email in the subject line, for example, right action oriented subject lines? And then if that's all you need to say at the end, put e o m end of message run. So that's a strategy. The subject line. What I would also recommend is that your only checking your email four times a day for 15 minutes at a time. We steal minutes from ourselves by checking out email constantly Old day. The challenge with that is, if you send me an email, Barry and I'm online and then I respond. You're like, oh, names online. I'll send her another question. So then name response, and you go back and forth and you've just invested seven minutes. Whereas if I'd have waited until my 15 minute increments, I see what you need. I answer it and moved to the next email. So what I'd suggest with email is see if you can time block your M o. The other thing I would suggest with email is Do not open it unless you intend to action it. So too often we open, close, open, close, open close and we use a mount like out to do list, and it's not designed for that. So I think what you want to do is get very efficient in the way you decide to control your email. It doesn't control you. You control it. Choose when you respond. Choose short responses. And let's stop thanking people. These stupid thank you emails. Thank you for that. My pleasure. That's OK. Oh, my God. It's insanity. Deploy. It'll thank you. Know, that is just that should be illegal. I think anyone who presses the reply all button, that should be a key on your keyboard where you blow up. Exactly. So so need you know, I one point I take away from what you're saying is that email is not really meant to be conversational. If you have a conversation getting a phone with someone, what do you think about all the responders and say I only checked my email four times a day? I'll get to you as soon as I can. What do you think about that strategy? So people know you've got the efficiency of it. But be careful of the language of it. So I have odor. I have added office all the time cause I'm legitimately out of my office. And so I will say I am with a fabulous group of people today. I'm not gonna be available until six o'clock. However, if you need me, Maria from my office to be delighted to help you, so I always have an alternative for them. Right? One of my clients bounced back in email that said, I only check my email at 10 o'clock and four o'clock. Well, I knew she'd read the four hour workweek, and that's what she heard was best practice. So that's what she did. The challenge was the language that she was using. Almost sounded a little bit superior. It sounded like I'm so good. I'm only doing it a 10 and four. So I will respond to you when I'm ready. Right? Be careful. So I love order responders because the bounce back manages the expectation of the receiver. But bring your personality to it. Don't make it a cold hab being. Make it something like you might say. I'm practicing yoga with some of my lovely clients right now. My class will finish it. Three. I'd be delighted to respond to you. Then it's another branding opportunity. Use it. Well, so I really would like to borrow some of your personality to my email. Can I do? That s so we're gonna We're gonna ask the folks that air here if you have any specific productivity problem you like, need to help you with, but I want to start with myself, right? I always feel like the need to be productive. Even when I'm flying on airplanes or even when there is a delay, I feel like, Oh, I got to get more stuff done. How do I push off the pressure of saying I've always gotten productive versus just really taking some time to recharge? How do you balance those two things? I think that Shandra recovery is part of productivity. We are brilliant at scheduling activity. We're bringing it scheduling meetings, but we have to schedule recovery. So you've gotta understand, looking at your calendar on a weekly basis, where do you need to schedule that time? For example, I just want to drop you for a second for those of you that don't speak Aussie way. Also say schedule is well, a schedule. Is that correct? Yeah. I just want to make sure I got the third time You said it mean, but I wasn't quite sure the first time. So you have to schedule. Go ahead. I've got it really Australian accent. I'm sorry. I love it. You need to schedule time with yourself. So one of the first people, I believe you said you wanted to make yourself a priority. That's really important and being accountable to that. So what you want to consider is that you should schedule in times that are things that you're going to recover. For example, I love plane time, Barry, because when we're in planes, we I'm not interrupted so we can get a lot done. So to me, that's a productive space. However, I choose my plane ride across to my client toe work on them. I choose the plan ride home to work on me. So what I do is if I need to sleep on the way home, I do it. If I want to read on the way home, I do it. But it's about May so you can shed JAL recovery and still feel productive. If we worked constantly, we how efficiencies go down. It's dramatically. So we need to actually shuttle time with people that are important to us. For example, I should don't nuts with my husband. We've been married nearly 25 years. Congratulations. Thank you. And I was 10 bythe. But what's important about that is if you don't shed to let. It doesn't get done now that's my recovery time. I love his company. I you know, he's been around a while, right? And I still really enjoy him. But we've got a shuttle time to do that because we both travel with both busy. We both have opportunities that this so many things we could do so I think we need to do is you need to schedule things that reenergize you. It might be spas, walks, yoga, people, restaurants reading. But you've got to make an appointment with yourself. And you have to say, this is my time to do what really recharges my batteries. And I believe you need to do that on at least a weekly basis. That's really before we talked about. Does anybody have a specific productivity issue? Yes. Shana, how do you, in a nice way, encourage someone that you work with to not continually be distracted? Not necessarily with social media? Um, here's an example. Will be on a time crunch to get a particular order in, and random friend will walk in the store and just want to chat about what he did yesterday. And how are you doing what's going on for the week and just There's no customers, but it's a friend of Hiss and this is the owner of the store. Don't keep that as a final, but so I don't want to be rude necessarily. But as a gentle reminder to say we have, we have this time crunch. We need to get these things done. So what's a creative way of doing that? So I'm always about positive enforcement fest. So I would say to Random, Fred, let's call him friend. I would say to Fred, Fred, I love it when I get to see you right now. I'm on a deadline. Can you book with me while I packed this order? What I do is, I acknowledge, because you always want the person to feel valued. That's the most important thing that you do for so I love it when you come to see me. Fred, it's so good to see you that quick acknowledgment. I see you as a human being. I'm never to busy. I never want people to think I'm too busy for them. That would break my heart. I really want everyone to feel like this. So important to me in that moment because that met is to me and I want them to feel like they matter. So you with knowledge, friend Fist. But then you just be really clear and do it in a way that is very assertive and say I'm on a deadline to get this order. Would you like to walk with me while I pack this order? Ola? Hey, can I circle back with you in 15 minutes? I just need to get this completed. So what we need to do is we need to teach people how we want to be treated. So with Fred, what I would suggest is acknowledged him validate that he is important to you that you love seeing his very handsome face on. And you still need to get this done. So if you do it in a way that has the smile on your face that you don't make him feel bad that you don't feel bad about telling him you need to do your job. I think that both of you then it's a grown up way to say it. It's a polite way to say it, and both of you still feel valued. So for some people, I have said, You know, I say I'm driving from a to B. May I call you when I get in the car so we can have this conversation and I can talk to on my hands free? Oh, I might say I'm walking between building I am building be Can we walk together so that I can talk to you on my way to the next meeting? So we've gotta make time in time for people and the way to do that is tell them how you want those rules to play out. Does that help on seal questions? Yes. Anybody else have a productive it? Yes, Karen, the busy versus productive. I can be very, very busy, but it's not horribly productive. So on days when I'm really, really busy, then I just get frustrated and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. So then I become a slug and just crash and just sit and accomplish nothing. The end of the day rolls around. I'm even more discouraged because I haven't gotten things done that I need to get done. How do I break that pattern? Was it time? Was that you Yes. From yogi stream dot tv yoga stream dot tv. Write that down before. Thank you, Karen. What I would recommend is have you about taking a road trip you ever like, driven somewhere. And when you were getting ready, feel road trip. What sort of things did you need to think about your road trip? Just making sure I took what I needed in my suitcase yet. So let's talk about the state cases. Let's say you're packing your suitcases. You've got big suitcases in little suitcases and you're standing in the driveway and you're ready to put them in the boot of your cop theorem. We call it Trump. Thank you. We should hold up with things in our trunk. Right? Thanks. So you're gonna schedule things to put them in your trunk rights. So here's what I would say, Karen, you're standing beside joke. Ah, you've got lads luggage and you've got little luggage. What goes in first, the large luggage threat and our day is just like a road trip. You've got to put the large luggage items in first. The way to increase your productivity versus your business because busy is not productive, is focused on the large luggage items. First, decide what's most important to you if you want to get a blawg out today, and that's the most important thing. Do that first. If you'll own yoga routine is the most important thing to your day. Do that. First, you've got to do the large luggage items first to avoid feeling like a slum to use your words, not mine team. To avoid that, you want to do large luggage post because the last luggage re energizes you. If we're working on the things that matter the most to us were energized by them. It's the little bits and pieces when we think logistical, the little bits of luggage in and then we have no room left for the large luggage. So often we just want to cross things off the to do list. So we can. I mean, I wonder how many people in that room would be willing to admit they actually write things on it to do list just so they can cross them up and absolutely every day, exactly. And we do because we want some sense of Saturday way did matter, right? My suggestion to you, Karen is focus on your large luggage. Know what that is? You may even want to take it as far as writing it on a post it note. So you might decide to keep a post it note handy that reminds you like Barry has focused on his computer. You might name your lads luggage and go. Did I do that yet? If I didn't do that yet, I can't do the little lot. The little luggage does that help desk. Thank you. You know that we have a question with chat room I need. It's Chris. I'm one of the hosts here with Sally Way. Have a question that came in from the chat room. This one comes from Mary Fern, and they say I made the mistake of setting the wrong precedence with one of my colleagues who now expects to tech text back and forth with me throughout the day. I know I need to change that expectation, but how do I do it without offending them? Oh, my gosh. I experienced this last night. Mary, I so understand. Where you coming from? So what I said to the person that was texting with me because it was getting late and I was trying to get some stuff done. I said, I always love Talking to text is a fun way to do it. I'm on deadline for a proposal I need to complete. So it's about resetting the behavior, just like we talked about. Oh yeah, it's about valuing the person, saying, I love being able to talk to you in this way. This is a fun way to communicate. Right now, I need to be able to focus on this, have a great night and that was my last text. Have a great night. And then, even though he kept sending me text, I pretended I didn't see them, so I didn't respond to the text from last night until this morning. So we've got to slowly change the behaviors Mary, and that's a process. They may not get it the first time. Sometimes you have to gently do that, but you also have to be not tempted to play into the old behaviors you're trying to break. I find that when somebody's air texting me or chatting me up, use the word good night and it works out really well. So it's kind of a match board will need. We're really running out time for this segment. You've been a great me. Usually we have three hours to segment. But we've been so productive. We got done it now and 1/2. So where can people learn more about the wonderful work you do to be able to full time and to get twice as much done in half the amount of time? I would love it if you had 10 IQ with May. The easiest place to do that is to sat at my website named James dot com. You can follow me on Twitter. I'm at me and James where you can come across the Facebook and like us, that name James Communications. I'd love to be connected. Thank you for the Thank you. So, so much. I'm so glad were able to schedule you in. All right, All right. Thank you. Give a round of applause. There. Now, the last thing I want to Compton this segment what mean talked about was recovery time. And I think most importantly, ah, lot of us don't have any recovery time. So think about a commitment that you're gonna make where you're gonna add some kind of recovery time your day. And what is that really going to be so for myself? When I am not traveling and I'm in my hometown of Chicago, Then I go to karate. That's my recovery time. And I leave my cell phone my cell phone out, right when I'm actually traveling on the road. My recovery time typically is watching an episode of one of my favorite shows. I'm been watching binge watching at the time, so now it happens to be the wire. So that's kind of my recovery time. So who has something they do for recovery time? I want TV programs, comedies. I love sitcoms, and I will just take a chunk of time and binge watch. And this is a treat like we're all watching for minutes. Not like I'm watching the whole evening because we have to be productive, right? Don't be silly. Is the recovery time right? Who else has something they do? You'll go during the weekend. I love taking my puppy to dog park the dog park. Okay. And you take a walk. What about you, Arena? Well, I don't know if this really qualifies this recovery time, because when I watch TV, I'm actually studying it Good. So we can you know where you just let yourself go on recharge? Probably. Like go outside, take a walk. Just let's go take a hike, Dana. I spent time with my kids, and probably most recovery would be from putting my phone away and not trying to focus on anything after work, cause that's my problem is taking it home.

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Best business course out of the bunch. Highly recommended. I like how focused on the course material he was and how well he stayed on point without straying or rambling. He provides the needed to the point info that he has put together from other sources.


I love Barry's energy. He gave so much insights. This is also a great course for anyone starting the business also. I viewed the course a few times and implementing his ideas one at a time.


Great combination of ideas and wisdom, and delivered very well. I would definitely listen to more of his courses.