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25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

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Technology & Customer Service

Barry Moltz

25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

Barry Moltz

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22. Technology & Customer Service

Lesson Info

Technology & Customer Service

now technology really has changed the way that we do. Customer service, right? Think about it. A computer. Now the Internet can recognize you come back and can call you by name, right? When you log on to, let's say, for example, Amazon is anybody here? Use Amazon. So vehicle. When you use Amazon and you come back to their website, what do they say? Say welcome milk, right? That's pretty nice. And many times when I go down to my local store, who they've seen me 20 times of four and I walk in what they say to me. Highbury No, they don't. They say, Can I help you? Right now? I am right. So technology really has changed things and technology has changed customer service in really four different areas. Ones mobility, one social cloud. And then what's called big data? Let's talk about how things have changed. Who's actually dialed a phone with a rotary phone on it? I want to know. Here we go. Wow! Six out of six. When these things come on, I got to show my son, because using take time to dia...

l phones, you have to wait for the Roeder really to come back. Right? So, really, Back then, everybody really knew your name, right? You would come into a store, people would know who you are. And then tactics started to change. Where I got this, I ordered I ordered a T shirt and it said this was inspected by and then it stamped the person's name. Now, this was the next step and really making it personal for me, right? Because I have no idea where these people really exist or that of Sydney really packed it. But it made you more connected. We don't connect with companies, remember, We connect with other people. It's a people to people kind of thing. It is very personal, right? So when I got on a word, some buttons in the mail, I got this. Barry. Thank you for your order, Renee. Maybe they put this on. Everybody's right. Well, now, Barry. But you know, who knows if it Renee is really person, But this made me feel good when I really got it. Now we can have something called faux personalization, which means through cookies through Internet technology, yokel can log on and it could say hello, meal go. Hello, Karen and his risky hell Arena. Hello, Sheena, right? It can cause call you by by name, and you kind of like that because of what's going on. Alright. So, back then, if you wanted a model T, you get in any color. Right is long as long as was black. Right now, it's different. Ever since McDonald's said many years ago. Sorry, Matt McDonald's Burger King said that you could have it your way. We want everything customized. It is the power of 11 most popular consumer products out there today is Courage coffee, where I don't make a pot of coffee anymore. I make one cup and everybody in the family and the company can have a different kind of coffee when my favorite ones is. Have you been to a movie theater yet with a Coca Cola Freestyle Machines? You know what those are? What is the co cola freestyle machine? It's like a vending machine for Coke, so you can pick exactly what kind of coke you. It's not like the ones where you go up and you have to put your glass underneath. You tell it, and then you put your glass on it. So what it does is you actually have 20 different choices of Coke's product. So if you want a little bit of coke a little bit, Mr Pimms a little bit of seven up you can combine that all on your own special drink for the movie theater. You can actually have it your way, and so it's much more customized. Alright. So back then, delivery it was the Pony Express, Right? Things were delivered by horseback or whatever it was. But now, years ago, Amazon Standard a two day delivery, right? And Zappos standardized. Well, it was gonna be free, right? And now you have Cummings like Wal Mart, Amazon, eBay, making same day delivery possible. We're no longer willing to wait even two days. We want the same day. You know, I remember when my son was young. We ordered a toy for him from Amazon and he couldn't understand why we just couldn't download that that toy right over the Internet. I said that ban with wasn't quite big enough for that, but we're getting there with three D printers. There was an article in times of the day where there's a company in Japan that's actually producing printing printing three D houses, which is really quite amazing. And I think Sally, they could make something like 10 or 15 a day. So it's really quite amazing. We're really getting there. So back then, if I want to buy some clothes I had to go in the shop and I had to like, try it on right. But now today we have applications out there called Swivel, where I can actually upload my what I look like and then have the clothes try on so I can see what it's really gonna look. Whatever you want, there really is an app for that. Back then, this is the back then we have just had the telephone. Now almost all the communication we do these two are smartphone is through our handheld. So let's talk specifically how all these things really have changed mobility. Let's touch in that first. Now, with mobility, you expect great customer service and we'll get in touch with that company anywhere, any. When we talked about mobile websites, right, because everything right now is in the cloud. And if you run a company, you have to make sure that you can get information all approx or services. So, Shannon, let's talk about your company. If I want to acquire whether something's in stock or not, can I go on a mobile website and find out if you have it? No, not currently or websites not set up is an e commerce site, but, um, but you can definitely call us, but that's something probably in the future customers really want. I want to know whether you have it or whether you don't have it right. That's when the expectations, another expectation, is if I want to do a coaching session, perhaps with Rina, then I want to go online and I want to schedule one with Rina or if I want to go meet with milk. Oh, I want to be able to schedule the online. Believe it or not, the studies show that people really don't want to talk to other people for their customer service. They'd like to get the information really themselves. They want to check on order status, and they want near instant communication, right? They want to get in touch with you right now, based on what they're using. And of course, Ah, very minimum is they want to know where you are, what your hours are. And how do you get there? We also have to remember that they're talking about you. Right? So we discussed this a little bit. We have to make sure that Let me just go back a second. Here. Here we go. All right. They're talking about you. We discussed making sure that you're signed up for Google alerts. Right? Talk back are super media has one blaze loop hoop sweet to keep track of Really what They're talking about you. And why is this important? Because in the whole customer service area, people are looking for social proof. What is social proof? What social proof in the day of the Internet you promised. Okay. How do people find social proof? Tiana, You know what form? Um So, So yelled Yes. And then what was the travel or ah, travel advisor, Travel advisor, Trip Advisor. Right. So people are looking at social proof that you really are who you say you are. I will tell you that before someone's gonna try out your service. They're either gonna do a search on where the standard ones if you're a retailer like Yelp or if your hotel on trip advisor or if you're selling some of your Amazon. But more than that, if I've decided I want to do business with Yogi Stream dot TV, The first thing I'm probably gonna do is I'm gonna search Yogi Stream TV and see what people are actually saying about it. Right? If I'm gonna do business with Miyoko, I'm gonna put in Milk Award. I want to see what people have been saying about it. Does she really have the degrees that she should? Just She does. And I did that research and she does. People say great things about her, so So that's really important to prove it. Let's kind of talk a little bit how to use the various tools out there for customer service, right? So we talked about how to use social media and Facebook for marketing. But now we're gonna talk about how to use it for customer service because there are some really great tools. The first thing is use your Facebook page to post customer experience stories. Either you post them or you make sure that they post them what? The big mistake that a lot of companies use. They don't allow other people to post things on their Facebook page because they're afraid people gonna post something that well, you can always delete it. But give them the opportunity to do that. So invite people, post their comments, post pictures and post videos. Remember, if they post a video or they post a picture, it's gonna be a lot more social proof than if you do that. Make sure that you think customers right. And there are tools out there like Para Chur that will really connect your customer service with your Facebook page. There's a wonderful example from one of my customers Next, next TVA. And this is a gentleman named Rahman, And what they actually do is when a customer calls up with some kind of concern, they actually shoot a short 15 2nd video. After the help him on the phone, they shoot a video posted on their Facebook page to thank them for calling in and being a next Steve a customer. So it goes like this. Hey, Rina, I'm really glad you called into next. Eva, we really appreciate your customer. I really hope we're able to solve your issue. Call us back if you need help, and that's all they do. And they post a 10 or 15 2nd video and has been a huge hit for customers cause think about that. You actually took the time to go out and thank them. So now in your businesses have you heard from your customers on your Facebook pages? Little and what have they said, have used that? Um, most the time. They're just posting about an event that we had our own open mic or thank you so much for doing business with us. And it was a wonderful experience. Or, you know, things like that. And that adds a lot of credibility, right? And so you'll be great with Yogi Stream if you could kind of figure out, How do you get people that have used your videos to post comments about that, or perhaps point out a particular instructor? So Facebook is very popular because people are going to see that. Remember when someone posts on your page, everybody that's friends with them sees that post. That's one way of spreads, not only with from marketing standpoint but a customer service one as well people to post pictures of selfies of them Yogi streaming in their homes at a hotel room or someplace like that. That's a fantastic idea. And how is that going so far? We did it very early on, and it's time to boost it again. Okay, good idea. So on Twitter? Ah, lot of companies air using Twitter as a customer service tool. Not now. If I have a problem with a large company, have a customer service issue, I never call or email them. What I do now is I tweet them, and I will tell you that within 15 minutes they get back to me. But if you're gonna use this as a customer service tool, you've got to make sure that you really moderates. You can get back them within 15 or 30 minutes and really follow it, typically offline till resolution. And what I seem a great example of that is, of course, my airline, American Airlines, if I have any issue or I have a compliment, sometimes actually tweet them, and they will help me resolve what's really going on, and then they'll say to me, Hey, can we handle this off line or through a direct message on Twitter and they'll follow me so we can really do that. But large corporations are really good at that and you have to be that as well. Remember, social media gives the people outlets. There's more likely people will complain or have concerns on social media because they see it a little more anonymous rather than contacting you. And you want them to give you feedback. I don't say you want them to complain, but you really want them to say what they think. They don't want to keep inside. How many people here are used? Pinterest? All right, So, Sally, how do you use Pinterest? I'm fascinated by Pinterest because it never occurred to me that she started using it when I was teaching my design students there in Australia. So when I was developing new projects, I checked everything up so they could look at it without having to talk to me, you know? But then I saw that, like 5% of my website hits were coming through Pinterest and I was really interested. So I started doing Pinterest for hog as well as Pinterest for my design talking. And yet Pinterest is still like a healthy 5 to 8% of my website pushed through which you would have thought barely ever go on it. But when I do, I look at how much it's pretty interesting. So how do you use Pinterest? Right? Personally, I haven't really used it for the business, but just, you know, like she said, checking out what other people are posting and saying is interesting. Well, good way to use it for business, for customer services, the post customer or client success stories again wouldn't be nice if you had those selfies post on Pinterest. Is there a certain people? And of course, most them are women that used pictures of this point is also men site like pinchers called gentle mint that men mostly used but encourage people to really look at those boards. Because again, it's another way to get social proof and to really get social credibility. Now, great example is Maersk. Did anybody happened to actually see the movie Captain Phillips? Well, that was a mayor Sly, but Marissa actually uses pinchers pretty well. That's the show pictures of their boats and where their boats have been and things like that. So they actually do it very effectively now, in the professional business world. Ah, lot of folks actually use linked in, but they use linked in to find jobs to connect with marking. Resource is, but you can use it for customer service. Make sure unlinked in you have a customer service tag of someone in your company for that profile because people may put in and want to do something on. I went looking for this area and I want to I want to get their customer service person. A good example of that is really a company called RV awning Maths, where this person right here, He actually has customer service in his profile. So it's easy to contact them now. The next area is really something called Big Data. Now we've seen big data. It's kind of the rage right now, but big data is really also for small companies. So big data is a lot of data, right? It really is. There's so much data that's out there, and it really is different kinds of things. First, the velocity of data. How fast date is really coming at it, how fast we include cumulated at what rate is coming at the variety of data. The source instruction. The volume. We no longer talk about kilobytes, but we now talk about terabytes, even things beyond terabytes, which I think is called. What, Chris? A lot of bites, something, something like that, Right? But big data can really be great. Four small companies, because it can let you get to know your customer. You want to know what they buy when they buy, and, most importantly, what they will buy next. And that information is definitely out there. All right, so you can get to know your customer and Amazon does it through cookies, Right? And let's just talk about how ah, Cookie actually works, right? So you request information from a website. The website then replies and actually puts a cookie. A little piece of code on your browser goes on your hard drive. And then when you go online again, the website AKA recognizes your coming back and it identifies who you are, and that's why they can call you Miyoko or Karen Arena or Tiana. You see that just like that? No problem. And that's why you get something like this, which I call Barry's Amazon when I log in the Amazon. This is designed specifically for me. Not only does it say hello, Barry in the corner, but everything about this screen has to do with the cookies that are really on my hard drive because everything is customised. So here kindle the best selling kill. It knows they have a Kindle and I buy stuff on my Kindle. But if you look here, there's books called Moon is a harsh mistress. It knows I only read teenage apocalyptic fiction, right? It knows that I just bought a nest, right? It knows that my we all share We shall share one Amazon account in our family. So it knows I like to play video games, right? It knows that I had just bought a guitar, right? And maybe I want to buy various guitar supplies like a cape. Oh, or something like this. So this entire page is really designed especially for me. So it makes me feel like I'm special and a boost my customer service experience. Now there's something that's better than cooking. Now the new cookie is something called retargeting. Does anybody know what retargeting actually is? This is a little bit spooky. What really happens is that the cookie actually follows you around to other websites, So let me go back to this. So the way it works is that the cookie gets put on your computer and it knows that you visit, Let's say, the music center, right? And then when you go on another site, it puts up an ad off the music center, so actually follows you around the Internet. It just doesn't follow you when you go back. That's kind of pretty spooky, right? But then there's a lot of companies out there that will let you do that ad role. Retarget er, fetch back and also something called change. Oh, now you can also can use email for customer service we talked about. You can use email for marketing, but email is really important for customer service. The important thing is, I believe, and we talked about this with me in a little bit. I really believe in the auto reply. If you can't get back to your email on the same day, what people really want to know is, did they actually get the email? So if you don't have some kind of auto reply, you can say, you know I usually get back to emails. Been six or eight hours or whatever it is. Make sure that you got it. So something like this. Thank you for your email. We evaluate, and we'll reply within 24 hours. Now, if you have to say we're no reply within 72 hours, that's probably not a good thing. Well, you're probably a cable company or utility if you can do that. But whatever you promise, you should really be able to do that. There's anybody in their customer service actually used chat. The big rage today is all that online chat right where you come on someone's website and you can chat with someone. I wouldn't use that unless a of a very young demographic or you have someone really to outsource it to or for you to manage yourself the same thing with chat on your phone. Does anybody use texting to support their customers? So how does that work for you, Marina? Great, because I you know a lot of the people that I work with its B two B business business. So when people text me and, you know, let me know about adjustments that they their they're going on because I deal with, you know, ah, lot of other moving parts like crew. And I mean, you know, similarly to creativelive. I have crew. I have schedules I have to deal with. I have, you know, features that have kids that, like someone has, you know, right, whatever happens, that is the the easiest and quickest way to get in touch with me without having to have a long explanatory conversation. Now the key is, and this is a very important graphic. Depending on what tool you use for customer service, you have to get back to people in that set period of time. And we have to remember that different tools have different requirements. So if if someone tweets you on Twitter, some customers certain you've got to get back within 15 minutes with chat. It's really less than a minute with text. Five minutes, right, cause chat. Someone's waiting to hear you with Facebook. Four hours email the same day, linked in 24 hours. Phone call someday and letter of facts. You probably want to try to answer next takes. It does take some time. So whatever channels you choose to use for customer service, you've really got to make sure that your your adequately able really to do that. Most important is there's so many ways for your customers. Bill. Communicate with you. You need to have a unified communications system. So whether someone calls your phone or they were at your desktop or email, you know really what's going on?

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