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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 13: Products & Price List

today's challenge is all about the product and the priceless that we sell it's about educating our clients and it is a about presenting our priceless in a way that people want to come and spend money with us it's about creating simplicity and a pdf and it's about creating a product that people want to buy it's obama tightening our clients today it's all about pricing ourselves selling ourselves with price hi everyone welcome to one of my favorite challenges this is all about products and prices today and I've got some pretty big things to hit you with with regarding pricing because I put a call out on my social media regarding what you're charging and I got a huge amount of e mails hundreds in fact I cross reference every single priceless that you sent me and I drew an average cell from it based on the average cell you told me you're getting and that was five hundred and seventy three dollars an average so I thought to myself right it's not just a level of photographer that I'm working...

on because the averages went right up to seven thousand dollars it was just across average off everybody that we're working with so today I want to talk to you about standing price right through to lifting your average so if you're already sitting at a high average let's see if we can bump it up and if you're struggling with pricing let's see if we can sit there and stone and I've got some pretty strong ideas on what I think are an industry standard in my opinion now what we're going to do is I'm going to take you through a normal keynote on product and pricing I'm going to show you what I do what I charge what I charged right from the beginning through two now so not just look at me I'm so great I have an average of three thousand three hundred dollars because for many years my average was four hundred bucks so four hundred dollars was where I suffered for a long long time this is not about saying look at me I have a three thousand dollar average this is about me saying this is how I raised mine this is how you can raise yours this is the challenge today I need you to work on this I need you to kick out any money blocks I need you to look at your products and needy just simplify and I need you to set up a system now a system is really simple this is where I'm going to start with my price list I realized when I was very young and business and I don't mean young because I was thirty two thirty three when I started my business but I realized that I didn't really have a system so when somebody said how much do you cost I had no pitch I really would go well so well and I I have so I can like give you uh a cd for four hundred dollars and I didn't have a system where I said oh I charge this much this is what I cost this is my price list he go I can email it to you I can give it to you out of my handbag or you know I could just tell it to you right now my images started two hundred seventy five dollars framed on the wall and I have a folio box it starts at twelve hundred dollars everything that you buy includes our hiring cd so that you can put it on social media send it to friends print one out for grandma exit that became such a great pitch for me and I could flow with it so fast now I have recorded an entire challenge on language and pitching language pitching what to say phone conversation consultation to teach you how to beat a say what you do but I'm not going to talk too much about language what I'm just going to say is I need you to sit the supper this system now my priceless is not only so well known to me I know it's value as soon as you sit there and stone you feel the value of it you can deliver from a pure place of value not oh my god now I have to talk about money because that is the hardest thing to do is to talk about money and talk about your value and trust me when you shift that you can say what you're worth and you know you mean it in your heart in fact that's really easy to say I also realized back in the beginning days I was hiding my priceless from people so I was avoiding it and then when it came to selling they were hearing my prices for the first time so this is my price list here my images start at seven by teen at two hundred seventy five dollars my eleven sixteen is four hundred and fifty dollars my sixteen by twenty is six hundred and seventy five dollars in my twenty four thirty is nine hundred my thirty forty five is twelve hundred dollars on my prices as you can see it says mounted and matted only framing ed extra one hundred dollars now the reason I did this wass I wanted to be ableto offering ala carte menu and alec are meaning the cat comes out and you choose what you want on that in the price that you pay is based on how many you choose that is an ala carte menu ah lot of you are operating on a package menu and and the rest of you are operating on ala carte I find a newer photographer operates at a package menu and a more experienced photographer teams to operate on ala carte why do they do this I'll talk about that very soon I did not want to go alec art I was new in my business and I was terrified and I needed to know how much money I was going to be winning so when I said to somebody I'm four hundred dollars and dated yes then that's it that was all I needed to survive was four hundred dollars so I had a survival mentality not a thrive or mentality I was always just looking for four hundred dollars because that emulated the wage I used to get and that means that I was going to be okay because if I got four hundred I could pay my rent and eat this week never mind tex putting money into the rest of my business or buying a nice pair of shoes I just had a survival mentality when I opened up on ala carte menu I still would get four hundred dollars because they were coming with the voucher and buy three five by sevens until I took the five by sevens off my price list then they stop buying five by sevens and then they started to buy eight by teens that tells me one thing the only problem the army person that had a problem with my price list was me because if you never sell small prince and you never offer cheaper package is nobody ever buys them because they do not know you're the only person who knows and you can shift this price list when ever you want here is the most amazing thing if you watched the release of twenty eight days in vegas when I talked about pricing the biggest shock about that kino was that I have not changed my price list in twenty two years this is the same price list I took from the studio way back in oakland when I was an employee when I was twenty years old now why have I not raised my prices in the last twenty years this is the crazy part I can't believe that I haven't I feel very comfortable with this price list and yes there are photographers that two times in three times more expensive than may but I realized I was not trying to raise my prices I was trying to raise my average sale now when I was a young photographer I worked for somebody else my average sale wass eighteen hundred dollars in the studio okay he could do a seven thousand dollar sale with my work he could do a two hundred dollar sale but my average without doubt on paper with eighteen hundred dollars without doubt easy easy easy now as I left the studio and started my own business I keep the same priceless I was doing the same work I just changed to my garage my average dropped to four hundred dollars why because I had a wage mentality so straight away all I had to do was get there four hundred backs and there I wass totally broke back in my own business and earning a wage again four hundred dollars a week so I learned some really valuable lessons about selling my work and one of the challenges coming up this week is sales so I'm going to tell you the beer sales advice that I got that put me from a four hundred dollar average to an eighteen hundred dollars average in one day I am not lying it is not a get rich quick scheme somebody said a simple phrase to mei that simply blew me away and then I learned to get out of the way so I'm going to teach you how to do that and selling so what I'm trying to do today is teach you howto price yourself and how to create a product that sells so a confused mind says no this is my philosophy and what I mean by that is the more information you give people on prize the more confused they get now when people call your studio email new studio they just want to know one thing how much do you cost and I really hate it when people sales pitch me on that like when I ask you how much do cost don't give me the so let me ask you a few questions soon how did you hear about us I asked you how much you charge so let me ask you a few questions about your wedding day excuse me I asked you how much you charge now most of the population do this how much to cast so the truth is is you have to answer this question but you have to do it in a way that's interesting direct honest in that follows through with visual communication this is why I have been hassling you and has thing you about creating your pdf priceless because your pt of priceless is something they will keep its something they will seem to the friends and it is something they were like to look at because it's mostly images or even better a show reel or even better it's both a show reel and images but if you can get them on the phone then half your battle is down because you can talk to them and say kate I'm going to send you the pdf now with my priceless on it and beautiful images feeder look it and show you girlfriends so that you can see what we do and how we do it enjoy and if you would you like to make a booking right now when can we book you in would you like to book you're sitting with me now okay there is a direct question that is not a okay kate well if you like my priceless and my photographs maybe call me sometime is it there is a that's great kate I'm glad you've got my prices now my images started two hundred seventy five dollars kate on the wall by polio box is standard twelve hundred what interests you would you like an image on the wall or would you like a folio box who would you like to do your shoot with moving on say what you need to say about money and then keep moving on but don't fill that space don't fill that space with chetta and do not feel like priceless with numbers because all they want to know is how much now I say now my images started two hundred and seventy five my folio boxes started twelve hundred the best package I have is three thousand dollars plus tax in that package you get the full shoot a here and make up a location of your choice we help style your wardrobe and you get a twenty page folio box with a sixteen twenty four wall enlargement mounted off your choice and a cd off all of those images that is my dentist myself pitch now I've told them they don't have to spend three thousand dollars I've told them my images started two hundred seventy five in my folio started twelve hundred but I see my beast package is so I've told her from the lowest point to the high point and it's not even my highest point if they buy more images the sail goes up from there because the war portrait ala carte but what I'm trying to communicate is that they are safe within my price list and then I always say very directly in if I'm with him and piss and I looked them right in the eye and I say this when you come back and have a look at your image is what you like you buy it's entirely up to you there is no obligation to purchase anything I'm going to take photographs of you that you love so that you want to own them ok what you spend is entirely your choice so there it is that that moment wind I make it very safe for them to come into my studio and I'm laying out my prices but I am doing it in a good way a fast way an honest way but not making them too confused my visual priceless the pdf I know I've showed this to five times but I'm going to show you again make it image based keep it simple try and stay away from truls and patterns and designs and texted paper just put beautiful images up with basic information that communicates accurately not only what you do but how you do it in a way that makes your client so excited they want to do it and then on the last page or somewhere in the center put your price list but you can put commission start head portrait started you know and it's very very important I'm going to go through this with you so what I want to show you now is how I started and how I started pricing myself and how I raised my average so from here the last page off the pdf how do you dream of being photographed call the studio on for a style consultation let us personally designed your chute for you get them to call you questions and bookings bookings and enquiries call me directly and remember them or if it that you put into this pre consultation the better now you have already done styling the wardrobe the challenge and in that challenge I gave you a pdf and in that pity if I gave you three options for pricing I said you can either say my commission stat at nine hundred dollars and that is immediately saying my starting fee is nine hundred you don't have to put any other priceless just put a beautiful makeover and a photo shoot with with surprise commissions started nine hundred dollars or you can list three packages nine hundred eight hundred two thousand three hundred I've always looked at that is small medium and large madam you'll find most people will buy the middle package so price it accordingly so that that's the package that you want to sell or most people will buy your smallest package so I have made my highest package three thousand dollars my most attractive package to buy because it's where I want to push people too okay or you can put in ala carte menu but instead of listing two hundred seventy five first even by teen four hundred sixty dollars I've just put war portrait status two hundred seventy five folio started twelve hundred so there's three ways to write how much you cost but first you have to tell me how much you cost and this is where I think most people are struggling two areas how touted by price myself is the biggest one in the second one is now I've priced myself how do I raise my average so let's talk about that I think what is really amazing about howto I raise my average no no no heh rose my average haddaway price myself is how much do you want in okay and I will say that to people when I say how how much did they price myself and I say how much do you want to go in and they say well I didn't know what to price myself like how much do you want to end but I don't know how to price myself from like well how much do you want in they do want to in four hundred dollars a day or do you want to in three thousand dollars a day you must price yourself on how much you want to go in and then create the value in the package within that so then the next question is but what if my work's not good enough to price it at three thousand dollars a day can you hear what you're saying there then it's not good enough to be three thousand dollars so let's look at what is how do we get you up to that level and everybody that I lent on and money on pretty match started out exact I was earning money with real client so I wasn't practicing for free I was earning money on real clients and then as my confidence grew in the value of my wit group office like my average selling up I made it very very clear this is called what should I charge okay so I've put on here four hundred dollars nine hundred dollars twelve hundred and fifty sixteen hundred dollars eighteen hundred and fifty two thousand four hundred three thousand dollars four thousand eight hundred dollars now interestingly enough this was the track of my thinking as I started out because I started out at four hundred dollars there are a lot of photographers below me right now below my studying right two hundred fifty and giving team twenty images a lot of the priceless that I got seen ranged around the two hundred two hundred fifty dollar mark wrong big epic fail there you should at least come in and now industry it four hundred at least nobody should be paying less than four hundred do you know what's going to shock you is I've just filmed the corporate he'd shot video challenge which you're going to love because it opens a whole new marketing demographic and twenty years ago in our studio we were charging in three hundred and four hundred dollars for a corporate head shot so four hundred with a here and make up in three hundred for a corporate lotus for a guy and they were getting three images that was twenty years ago now if anybody says all but the market and the economy rubbish rubbish rubbish you know how much three hundred dollars was twenty years ago and you know how much it is now so what we've done is we have not changed our prices we've gotten cheaper and drop their value and this needs to change today and you need to start honoring yourself your family your income in every part of your professional photography business by charging professional prices and if you don't think you are ready to charge professional prices do not advertise yourself as a professional photographer right this is vitally important right now I need you to be able to charge in in if you are going to start a business and if you're not going to work for somebody gonna work in a studio go with pat time in the studio going volunteer in a studio until you get good enough going work your part time job which you hate but don't hate it because it's now paying for you to transition into a professional career but do not tell me you cannot charge four hundred dollars because you're not good enough because then you should not be you're not really to start doing that yet you need to instead design your priceless which starts at four hundred dollars and while you're getting ready to design there and not putting it out there keep practicing and to you at a level where you can and if the next question is window I think I'm at that level when will I know I'm at that level I think you'll know when you are ready to charge professionally I think you'll know okay everybody knows and if it's validation you're looking for you can go along toe other photographers but remember if other photographers a jealous towards your work or they're not going to be supportive of you they're going to find it really easy they're not down these are not good enough you know it's really tough out there so many people are photographers now there are a million different blocks and I think you just need to work through where you feel comfortable and the only person you have to please is yourself by getting paid in your client by offering a service you don't need to please the professional industry in whole who cares you know be more concerned about what you're doing and least concerned about what others are doing that is the most important thing you can land so I started at four hundred dollars and then I created a package that was nine hundred so I didn't like this I said you can have teen images for four hundred dollars or you can have the whole shoot for nine hundred and the weird thing about that is people would still pick the top teen for four hundred bucks and I was like I'm offering everything for nine hundred dollars and then I took away the four hundred dollar price list and I just did you can have everything for nine hundred dollars and of course everybody bought that and then I started teo get a little bit smarter and you can have twenty are thirty images for nine hundred dollars or ah folio for twelve fifty and the bass part what wasat the folio cost two hundred dollars so it wasn't making any more money I was just making more work for myself and guess what everybody bought the nine hundred dollars cd because they save themselves stranded and fifty dollars so then I got rid of the nine hundred dollars cd and said you can have a folio box for twelve hundred and fifty dollars and it's what everybody board so it took me many years toe understand that I was the one sitting the price and I was the one sitting the blocks and as soon as you work your way through that trust me that changes and everything changes for you so go back to this question what do you want teo in for what you do now be smart and be business like do I want to in twelve hundred dollars for a shoot then I must give a twelve hundred dollars service I must provide a twelve hundred dollar tune around and I must give the quality of a twelve hundred dollars product plaice more so that my client is not any happy they have pay for it I've been paid for it they're telling the friends about me and I realized that I could only do that if I had you know pity ifs and cards in stationery and basic things like that that I could put out there so that people could see how professional I watch and I learned how to do all of my own designing on photoshopped in those early days because I could not pay or afford to pay for designer or a printer or maybe I could I just didn't see it as a value or I couldn't create the income for it now these other products that I sell in this is how simple it was the mai I realized that if I keep it really really simple and I valued everyone of my products that I could sell what I do so the first thing I sell is this it is my folio box as you well know this is my cell dicks for nao dot com folio box and I've got that up on the slide but I have one here to show you and this folio box to mei is what I want to sell to every single client I made a decision a long time ago no cds I want my work to be beautifully matted and presented in a gorgeous folio box it is a living by fourteen inches and the hole is seven by teen why is the uh is the image seven bite in because that is the cheapest war porta war portrait size on my war portrait sizes on my allah cat's eyes and said look at it like this if this is the war portrait side and I sell the war portrait for two hundred seventy five and I sell a folio box these work out to be two hundred age then my client sees that they're getting the same size print for seventy five dollars cheaper print so to me this is value when I say to them this gives you the opportunity to buy more images for a cheaper price than it is buying them singley on the war but the best part about the folio box is because they're individually mounted and I think more modern than an album also more cost effective in with a bit of productivity and a bit of profitability for you I don't say that to them it was to you guys these can be removed and framed at any time so if they want to put them on the wall they can or they construct them in a book shelf now celtics print on the covers and they can print an entire image so I've got friends of children for top of children's photographers and they print the name of the child here and they sell a folio box to a family every year and I went into one of those homes in I saw that she had colored folio boxes in her bookshelf with you know kate written on it and she had six of them take one years old cape twoyears old kate three years old and it's a catalogue of incredible portrait that they can keep it a keepsake how I sell the polio box to women when they walk into the studio I hand it to them I'm going to talk more about that when I talk about sales when I talk about product pricing and educating okay it's about holding this product and looking at how beautiful this health solid it is and I can say to people this is a keepsake for you you khun keep this out and you khun you know I hate these on the wall or for everybody to see you can put them on an easel or you can you know keep them under your beat is a private keepsake of its abode where box but that to me is all I want to sell so I was list involved and list sort of sorry I was interested in selling war portrait and more interested in selling a folio box to everybody and so what I did was I decided that I would offer the folio boxes with a wall portrait because if I did that then people were more inclined to buy the by the folio bucks because they were getting a cd and a war portrait and then I put up two different types of war portrait said this is it here so this for may is a standard sixteen by twenty four method frame in my studio you see that in my studio I have every size that I sell and I have them all around my walls I have the biggest size okay so in my studio I have twenty thirty forty five which is the biggest size this is the sixteen twenty four but in my sales room I have all of the frames like this and they're empty okay because they don't put images in them I show the big images on the wall and these I just keep as a frame size for people to see and there are leaning up against the wall so my sixteen twenty my sixteen twenty four six hundred twenty dollars mounted met id and wrecked and beautiful cellophane so that they can take it to the framer I can either negotiate in arrange framing from that moment or they can take it and get it framed themselves that was a decision I made a long time ago to still get something on the war but not get the framing done then I started to work with a framer and that framer offers a really good discount to my clients if I seen them there so I got a beautiful package a recommendation pecker to a framer and that frame it does great work for me because I seemed him all of my clients now I've been created this and this to me was just it was an idea one day this is exactly the same size is my sixteen twenty and actually goes this way on the war and what it is it's a way of displaying multiple images on the wall okay and I really love this when I shoot the dancing siri's or the big could teo siri's I capped this whole out these five by seven so I get asked that a lot of allah driss I'll address the questions around this how did you make this met I went toe a framer any frame it in the world and I said I need a sixteen by twenty four met with nine holes in it there are five by seven okay five by seven inches and then I get christians like did you print the print is one print no I print nine single by both evans and I get the framer to mount them in okay now when I started getting a lot of these I had to pre order the mounts and the mats and so what I did wass I would mount them myself and then I would put the met over the top so I would I would hang mount them with tape archival tape and then I would rep it in cellophane and get them to go and choose the outer frame just the same way that I did the sixteen twenty four now anybody can cap this okay it is not that I had a lot of people say I don't understand how did they do it how do I say it you just goto a framer and you say draw a picture like a draw this picture up for them and just say you want to create a minute now this framed portrait here this sixteen twenty mounted portrait is with six hundred and twenty dollars for one print but I sell this land for two thousand in it his nine photographs in it now I decided a long time ago that if my average now is three thousand three hundred I did not want lise in two thousand dollars for a shoot even though I have products priceless in two thousand I make sure I'm driving always my portrait cells to at least two thousand dollars even though I'm now higher that was my bottom point that's right I didn't want to go lower so this here is the two thousand dollars shot and if you don't buy a folio because you don't want to hide your images you want to show them off you want something framed and on the war this gallery print is amazing because it can hang on the wall and people will stop and look at it for a long time because it's nine great photographs in it um this is how I sell that I show people the frame and then I say what would you like so I'm gonna teach you all about it you know touch points but then I would say to people right what do you like would you like something on the war would you like a folio box this is happens before we shoot them so before I shoot them they're giving me a very clear indicator off how they want to be photographed because they'll say to me I would love a big shot on the wall but I'm thinking a very sixty one from a bedroom and then I shoot for that or they'll say I love this siri's frame I want to do adapting shot there I will shoot for that knowing that when I show them in presenting it to them that's probably what they're going to buy so those are my products in those in my priceless those in my prices and I just want to go back to what you think you should charge so there you go that's how I started to get to how I want to charge I started to lift what I thought I would in a day then when I started to earn that in a day the twelve hundred fifty with the album I realized that my profitability was low and I was still only getting one shoot a week so then I thought ok I've got to stop looking at this like how much do I want to get in my hand a wake and start looking at this like a proper business this is where I started to take myself seriously and raising my average and in order to raise your average you must raise your service your product and if if you can you're prices and you really need to get up out of the two hundred three hundred four hundred prices so you need to knock off that bottom line and that was one of the hardest things to do for me was to knock out their bottom line now finally enough going back to this eighteen hundred fifty you can see the next jump up is two thousand four hundred this was my mindset okay I believed that this was where people were comfortable spending money I keep jumping up in these increments and none of that makes sense there isn't a pet in there but basically I felt comfortable going from eighteen fifty two thousand four hundred and then I felt comfortable going from two thousand four hundred to three thousand and then I felt comfortable going from three thousand to four thousand eight hundred now that's a big jump but by the time I got two three thousand dollars charging four thousand eight hundred with not a problem not a problem at all it was already made that had to get around it to stop when I asked you all for your average and you sent me all of your priceless week elated this data in the last two days we came up with an average of five hundred and seventy three my great friend angela caston angela caston emailed mentions they put my priceless stuff and you're going to love angelus priceless because angel is priceless start at around twelve one hundred dollars and go up into the four five thousand so she's a family portrait photographer and michigan and angel said I proudly will show my priceless it quite was this it has taken me twenty five years to get my price is up to here I am very proud to show photographers that it is possible to be respected by your clients and still still in a great living edit so she is at a higher price point than most people you can check out angelus website and angela caston dotcom thank you angela because I think a lot of people see photographers that inning on average cell of three four or five thousand dollars and I think they uh they probably need to understand and let me think about that it was one of the hardest things that I had to get my head around as my average got higher I shot lace so theoretically I work list now but in the same amount of money okay um only if you are building a big business the staff where you're keeping your numbers high in your average high can you possibly do it the other way around and I know that there's a lot of photographers out there working twelve hours to do a shoot for two hundred dollars and you need to change that so we all need to meet somewhere in the middle and it's really great to see high end and it's really really great to see hyeon service that believes it that value scent and that knows it's really so thank you angela going together website you concede on the keynote dear I want to talk about raising your averages and raising your averages have bean interesting when I go through the sails one of the things that I learned was how to shut up and get out of my own way the other one I lived was how to close a sale because I didn't know howto ask people for money so basically I did not know how to say right that sixteen hundred dollars rob how would you like to pay for that I didn't I had to say that so I got taught that and I got talked to other amazing sales tricks that completely work and none of them are sales and none of them are pushy and none of the hard sell there all soft cell so I want to go through them in the cells for the let's talk about raising your averages let's talk about what you can offer to get a higher price for status goto a higher price point started the four hundred dollar mac I've given you the four hundred nine hundred twelve fifty start with four hundred and if you're already somewhere between four hundred nine hundred go to nine hundred is your smallest package and if you're somewhere around nine hundred go to twelve fifty let's go up one because if you could just go up one level then in you do teen shoots a month then that's an extra three and a half thousand dollars a month coming into your business and the only person that needs to shift that is you okay let's say somebody says to may and this happens all the time but what happens with my older prices that what my older clients and I go okay what are you talking about your old clients bring up say hi sue I'd love to do a shoot with you and you say sure rob I would love you to come back and do a show what are you looking for this time and he says we just get a framed portrait like we did last time and you can you make a choice right then you can either stay with a good client did they seem to work because you can say rob my prices have changed but I'm going to keep yours at the old price list and what I want from you is for you to give away five vouchers are you able to do that I'm happy to keep you at the older price point because you're a great client and you could give my vouchers out to other people as gift like friends family because I'm happy that you know support you or you can say hi rob yes but this new product and now they're a little bit more expensive them what I wass when I saw you but now they're really amazing let me show you when you come in there's a really big difference between delivering their confidently and being like oh no and now rob I'm more now because I'm with more and I wasn't very valuing myself back then and not on our bed energy just say it do it get it done move on so you make a choice move them into the new price list or keep them at the old one all right so how also raised my average I changed what I offered I gave a cd with everything that was bought okay and I did not ever ever ever edit on as it went on it was simple my folio boxes started twelve hundred dollars twelve hundred two thousand three thousand can you see how big they jump up six images in a folio box from me a twelve hundred dollars teen images of two hundred twenty images of three thousand two thousand twenty riches of three thousand two hundred dollars h that's what I'm pricing them there that's what it costs to go in the box so it stands to reason every single box gets a c d the case I offer three boxes every now and then a client will say do you do a box of twenty five and I say well yes that would be two thousand five hundred so keep it simple you know you can there's so many price points in between in between twelve hundred and three thousand but I only named three of them I just say there's a folio box for twelve hundred two thousand three thousand bang bang bang and I don't say it in a way that makes me nervous although his energy around it it depends how many images you want you can buy that with sixteen or twenty right now the most important part is is that I not only and raising my average by adding on products I'm making it more valuable for myself in my client's remember wallace wattles give mohr and physical value than the dollar value you receive why do we do that not for the um not for the client because you could sit there going and I'm going to throw on us it again two knives and I'm going to put in a pink and I'm going to do a hard drive I'm going to admit it you could say hello over things and your clients just gonna be like you're the one that has to believe that these maurin physical value than the dollar value received that's about your shift in money and mindset now I do something called the mother and daughter deal and this significantly bumped up my average and this is how I did it I would ever ties for a mother and daughter shoot and then I would get the mother in order to come in and ninety percent of the time the mum was paying and they were leaving with one folio box in one war portrait at three thousand three hundred dollars I think mom's very happy with what she's just paid for but little daughter's sitting there going what do I get mom looks that hearing goes you get the cd and then I thought to myself how can I make that better so I said how about I double this package for an extra nine hundred backs nine hundred dollars and I will double the box and double the war portrait I can't so what I've ended was I offered to folio boxes to war portrait's in a cd and that's how I did it for thousand one hundred dollars so it cost me about two hundred fifty dollars mohr off money to double that package but I made another seven hundred and fifty dollars instantly from it okay really really important so an instant profit that was my apsell to the mothers and daughters so when you ask what of two girls come in we'll know the getting super folio boxes it only works when you are repeating the images from the mother and daughter shoot because you've already done the outwork you just hitting twice on the prince okay and it's a really great way to up sell and push your average is up so I want you to think about how you can push your average is up change your price add more products lift your service but you need to do it in a way that it's not wordy and it's not celie and it's not pitchy okay it just needs to be simple and effective and don't pull it out at the last minute it's not there and if you buy tonight I'm going to double this but it's not like that be honest with people right from the beginning I have an amazing mother and daughter package for year my images started twelve hundred fifty dollars but keep it simple keep it open keep it honest and if you were educating your client from the minute they walk in the door then I swear to you they will purchase from you because if they're afraid of the cost they will not go ahead with the shoot if you've been up front with them and you get a very clear scenes of who wants to be photographed in who doesn't at that moment all right I want to talk about this one here and that isthe the mother and daughter deal full package or a cat let's talk about full package for a moment if you're starting out I suggest you start out a full package I suggest you offer three packages only and I seduced that if you outstanding really starting out that it be four hundred nine hundred and twelve hundred and fifty okay that is my suggestion to you is a newbie photographer when I was leaning I could still put images on a cd and sell them comfortably the one hundred dollars my recommendation is you are probably going to get people that's been the minimum package or the medium package more than the larger package unless you make the larger package more attractive but if you're going to start out that's why I want you to stop if you are ready to move into ala carte pricing then you need to have your images priced a minimum of one hundred twenty five I do not want to see twenty five dollar prints going out seventy five dollars prints going out you are wasting your time and you're pulling out industry down an image should at least at at one hundred twenty five my first images started two hundred seventy five two hundred is a minimum for a beautiful portrait on the wall and it is time that you started to value your craft mohr and start lifting that up and putting that out there right from here I've put this in the keynote it's called trade for prince the whole point about trade for princess this as you're starting out there are models that need prints there a folio building that needs prince there is business to business vouches and this is how you need to work what you've got to make it work for you okay trade for prints if I photographed a model in the early days I would tell her trade for prince okay so that to me meant that she could come in and be photographed and I would pay her in photographs now I did not say I will give you the whole shoot I would say I will give you ten or I would give you five or I will give you two images that's called trade for prints now a lot of models are model may him will work for tmp trade for prince t t p sorry trade footprints forgetting my abbreviations wrong and that's fine you can trade out for prints but the better way to do it would be due the gift vouchers that I've been training you to make do the gift vouchers give them a four hundred dollar gift voucher and that means that you have that you'll first package four hundred or your first two images if you're a car that means they can get four hundred dollars with the photographs now when they tell their friends that they did the shoot with you they don't say I got it for free they say I got a four hundred dollar voucher okay they're telling their friends how much the voucher wass they're telling their friends how much the chute wass and it's really really really important that you do this okay business to business vouches when I started to network with other business is the best way to network to other businesses is you our photographer you our business I'm a photographer let me take your business image is your corporate he'd shark let me take your stock images I want to build a network of businesses and that's how I do it I would swap a database for prince and you have to make it very clear who's getting what you need to build a network not not just give away free prints in never see them again give away free vouchers okay it's about getting businesses onside and because you are a photographer and you've got lots of resources there are so many cool business is out there that need you they need advertising that want your vouchers that can give you the database what can you give them trade for prince and make it very clear in your agreement make sure you get it on email I would happily do your twenty corporate head shots if you would give me give away five hundred of my vouchers to your database get the agreement on email because that stands up in court and you know it protects you don't just be like I'll give you this and I'll give you that and then not get anything in return it's a fifty fifty exchange make sure you're giving make sure you're getting make sure it's even friends and family do I charge my friends and family will hear it is I've never charged my family for a portrait or one of my base brains why would I do that they're my friends and family but there's this level of friends outside your immediate friends and family that accord friends and family that people really struggled with what to charge and I always struggled with this so what I did was I created a friends and family price list and my friends and family priceless is based on exactly half of my portrait price so I would go if they were in a friend I would shoot the folio for thousand dollars instead of two thousand I would still by the beautiful folio box and give them everything they want but I called it my friends and family price list even though I would never charge my family I would call it friends and family and every now and then when I was gonna work for a business or I was gonna meet somebody who wanted I would say to them I could give you my friends and family process which is fifty percent off and everybody would go wow thank you so much and then I would get them on my side so I would still get paid but offer a fifty percent discount there's no such thing as a free lunch we know that's true so get paid even if it's fifty per scene honor what you do on a what you create honor what you sell value it and other people will value it too and if you give them a gift voucher or a discount voucher and say he's a discount about two with five hundred dollars off you're still telling them that they're going to give you some money they just getting a great deal but that whole free I'll do it for free let me do that for free it is no nobleman no good don't do it I don't want to see it I don't want you to do it I don't want you to devalue yourself and I don't want to see other people devaluing you okay on the keynote right now I have the gift voucher so this beautiful beautiful gift out to here we designed in the whole point of this gift culture was to teach you how to give away a shoot and there's so many ways for you to give away and market your chutes I know I've talked about this a lot but I really want to talk about it I really want to talk about it more you need to either charge is sitting on makeup fee or you have a gift voucher or a free voucher okay these air really really important all of them so let's talk about breaking them down and how we can break them down the first one is a makeup as you're starting out particularly few shooting good wine glamour you need to include here and make up into position so you need to charge a sitting faith you can either get your client to book me here and make up by this directly pay them directly and you can shoot it for free on then you're selling prince or you charge sitting that covers your here and make up and gives you some money toward the shoot I have never charged a sitting face even though it's on my price list I'm going to go back to my prices and show you see my process at the top sees to bryce photographer make up photo shoot one hundred and ninety dollars I sell vouches but I have I sell discounted batches but I have never charged a sitting fee I do not need teo I feel like when I charged to sitting faith that that people feel like they've already paid and then they would come in to buy the photographs and I feel like they've already paid and they've only paid one ninety so I found it was bitter too tired all in as one servers the chute followed by the sail however there's a lot of photographers out there right now that I'm going but I can't because I gotta pay my makeup out of head away pay my makeup at us so you either get them to pay the makeup out of star weekly or you get them to buy a discounted voucher which includes prince or you get them to buy into one of your packages right from the beginning and then you not only get paid you pay the makeup out of straight away those your choices then you have next slide is makeup fee give out your free thatcher there is no such thing as a free lunch so if you're going to give away your gift voucher it is not to have the word free on it it is a complimentary photo shoot and one hundred dollars towards portrait's for me because I want to give this to somebody and tell them that they are going to be buying images and that's how we educate them to do that the voucher it's never free just don't call it a free voucher however you get people in the air make sure you educate the priceless your priceless right from the beginning now I know a lot of photographers that have been in business for twenty years and more and every single one of them says the same thing the secret to winning money is educating your clients the secret to winning money in your studio is educating your client how do you educate your clients before you showed you view products before before the consultation you get an email pity of email with your priceless on it then you do a consultation you talk about money and pricing again then they come in for the photo shoot and before they photographed you show them all of the images and products that you have but you do it in a way that how would you like to be photographed not I'm telling you the prices of everything again okay it's just all included make your pricing make your value in the language of everything that you say make sure it's part of your system right from the get go and when somebody rings you and says are you available on tuesday say yes but I'm twelve hundred dollars no no no don't make money an issue so yes I'm available on tuesday I'd love to shoot you what service do you require from may this is my priceless what can I do for you and then you're saying what can I do for you and yes there's a price tag attached to them but it's not the first thing that you're going to hit them with recently I've been shopping here in seattle while I'm making twenty eight days I can't believe how many businesses here say do you want a bag and I say yes place and they go it's an extra five scenes and I say well oh that's okay I can't believe how many people say it like that like I'm going to say five cents that outrageous why would you say that to me like I can't afford it just say you can have an extra bag for five cents or would you like to buy a bag today and then I might say how much of the bags for five cents not a problem but don't say can I sell you an extra big five scenes you know because I'm kind of like I think I can afford five since today so I'm offended by that and I'm offended by how many people do it recently I went to a beautiful spire and I paid one hundred forty dollars for a message that's a big thing for me that's a lot of money to spend on a mess urge I also asked for another product and the girl said that's going to be an extra eighty dollars and I remember thinking does she think I can afford it or do I look like I can afford it or why would you say it like that no there does not build value to my client and it doesn't build value to may I don't need to take on the money I just need to feel comfortable with it clearly she felt uncomfortable with the money but unfortunately it made me feel uncomfortable was a client and I can certainly afford an extra eighty dollars so I was like why is she speaking to me like that it's bad energy around money and if you learn to feel comfortable around your value around money around who you are then you are open to receiving I put this on facebook this week most people tell me out there that they're not getting what they want but the truth is is that giving lots there just not receiving you have a left hand for leaving and you have a right hand for receiving there is fifty fifty you pay money or you pay a service or give a service and you received money for it thank you so much and if you are not receiving from a place of gratitude respect in value then you will stop receiving you will keep giving and the lift handle began at this and the right hand will be poor so until you learn what your value is and you say I have worth receiving this for the service I'm offering I believe this one hundred percent you will not make money it is that simple once you learn that their exchange is pure energy and it comes from you and it comes from value comes from your belief in you remove your fear and block around money you will nail it every single time you will offer service you will get paid for it now I get tripped up on this now I offer service and then I get too busy and then I do a crappy service and I don't get paid I checked that in myself immediately I apologize to my client I offered a reshoot if they don't feel that I have delivered the quality of service that I say I'm going tio nobody's perfect this is something you're going to constantly work hard but the more you work on this confidently the higher your every cell goes so I called this touch points I'm going to talk about touch points when I sell when I do this selling challenge but I'm going to tell him again to today the first touch points is when you're telling your client the first time how much you cost and that is in the consultation you either do a phone consultation you do a one on one consultation but you were going to confidently and openly tell them in an easy simple well communicated way what your services what your experiences in what your value is then at that consultation they will then book the photo shoot when they come in for the photo shoot you're going to educate them on your product and how much it costs but not by saying this is my product and this is twelve hundred dollars but by saying watch products do you like how would you like to be photographed because how I photograph you depends on what you like in terms of product do you like the big dancing images let's shoot something like they're communicate their then when they leave this show you give them your priceless they leave your studio and they say thank you I've had an incredible experience all they don't because nobody really has an incredible experience being photographed they say that was really strange and uncomfortable and it felt like apologies class and do you think you've got a good shot yeah I think I got a good shot I looked forward to showing you your image is next thursday you've got my priceless you've got my phone number any problems with that time just call me and remember if there is anybody coming to the viewing that is going to help you make decisions on spending money makes you you educate them into the prices and products that I have fourth touch point when you come back in for the sale they sit down in the first thing you do is let's have a look atyour images let's have a look at the packages I can offer you these are my beautiful products these your beautiful this is my prices these you're beautiful these are my products thes e your beautiful photographs this is my priceless what would you like to buy and then stop talking and let them spend money with you

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

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