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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting

today's challenge is a difficult one because it's all about the phone call so many people are not selling themselves on email or on the phone properly this was something I was trained to do in my first studio I am going to take you through a real phone calls and I'm going to script words to help you sell yourself on the phone and sell yourself in person this is really important today's challenge is all about getting the gift of the gap and then selling yourself how everyone today's challenge is about how we speak about what we do how we sell what we do how we pitch what we do and how we talk on the phone about what we do you might think this is a strange challenge but let me explain why one of the first things that I learned is an employee in a photographic studio was how to talk on the fireman my bus told me that I did not have any phone etiquette when I started working there I was only eighteen years old so they used to sit me down with a pretend phone and I had to do practice conver...

sations in front of them so that I wouldn't say that I wouldn't use too many slanguage and that I would use the correct grammar around what we sell so back then and we're talking twenty two years ago twenty three years ago it was very important that we called them portrait ce and not photos because we wanted the word portrait to be something a bit more special than a photograph and so it was very very important that we used with like your portrait shoot not a photo shoot or nowadays that has definitely changed I know I call my portrait session a photo shoot now I think it's more twenty it's a little bit more contemporary but back then it was very important that we use the right words in the right language the way we spoke about prince we had to speak about them in a certain way that gave them value so you can still do that speak with value and speak about your portrait in your products with their loot we'll talk about that but mostly I need you now to understand how you're delivering when you talk about money how you're delivering when you talk about and communicate what happens in the station with you and how you are locking down sales shoots bookings with just simple phrases that make a really big difference so let's get started with that the first thing I want to talk to you about is your pitch and if you think that this is something that everybody's got down pet then you are incredibly wrong so often I say to people give me your pitch and people start with this s o well so I'm a portrait I'm a glamour continue glamour portrait photographer from and they start to read out this paragraph that essentially sounds like you're reading it from your about paige on your web site and I was teaching people when I was doing workshops in australia as teaching businesses and not photographers just all businesses how to pitch themselves so I think the greatest pitch that you have is a photographer is I'm a photographer and that's it that's your pitch and so when people like our but I thought a pitch was sixty seconds long and the pitch is something that's going to pitch an open a conversation and is there any bitter word than I'm a photographer because the next question you get asked is what sort of photographs do you take that's when you're doing your pitch I should contemporary fashion style portrait's like eighties glamour but I have reinvented it that's my pitch it's simple it's a byline it's a tagline it's a short sentence and it's enough to describe what I do really accurately and communicate what I do really quickly now is your perfect opportunity to pull out a business card and say like this okay so it's not a waffle on it's just a this is what I do I am a contemporary fashion style glamour port photographer like from the eighty's but I just reinvented it embolden into the food millennia like this that was my opportunity to bring out my card now my cad was so beautiful right from the beginning that I would I had this okay keep this look at this super eyes and see that it's the writing is so small you wouldn't even be a ranger super life photographer supervise dot com on here in the difference between a business card in this is the difference between this here is for about one hundred thirty dollars I can get a thousand of these so for one hundred two hundred stephen here eighty dollars I could get two thousand of these this here cost me two thousand dollars okay so a lot more expensive two thousand dollars but I got ten thousand off them okay I got plates made not digital I went original printing so these were printed nearly three and a half years ago I got eighteen thousand of them and they have run out now I have used them in my advertising and all way's shaped and formed given them away given my talks and then I got a about to mate this big here and this voucher fits inside this card in this card fits inside an envelope perfect size standard printing size now when people ask me where did you get the accordion card from you know white house makes them if you're looking for photographic printers but the truth is is that any standard printer that makes that proper offset printer this is a standard size because it is cut to fit on a to think it is so ultimately they all go there and sit on a tour and they want whatever the standard size printing is they get catched they put a fold in it and there it is why did I choose a cantilever I actually wanted a book I wanted a small booklet because I learned a long time ago that you can pitch people with with or you can show them images when I show them images it does two things it gives in a very quick visualization of what I do and they're obviously impressed noticed no before and afters just my style and it also gives me the opportunity to talk about every one of these girls because I know these stories and if you're telling stories then chances are you communicating really well so pitch with enthusiasm ah lot of people are pitching from a place of fear instead of excitement and a lot of people are pitching from a place of practice war they read it and now they're reading it back out to you and this is how I got around this back when I was a young photographer and I was really unsure of what to say I used to walk along the beach or go from my walks every day and just practice I would have met your phones on people probably thought I was mad that okay and I would just walk along the beach saying our high my name so I'm a portrait photographer I actually I shoot contemporary fashion style portrait like eighties glamour but I just modernized it I've been doing it for twenty three years full stop I said it over and over again until it became so second nature to me and it really is what I do so I mean it's not hard to do your elevator pitch in pitch with enthusiasm make sure you have a beautiful visual card and if you don't have that heavier I find really with a whole gallery I have a gallery of my iphone with over three hundred shots on it the file is called gorgeous people now get their phone and they looked through that file and I have to ask for my phone back hey parties and it's just brilliant sometimes people that I photographed or photographers and photographed if they read an event or a party they'll come up and say so if you got your phone on you and I'll say yes now can I borrow your gorgeous gallery and how I will see them showing people the gorgeous gallery so heaven really to go under under no circumstances should you be anywhere without a phone or a business card or but in my large handbag I carry a gold purse that gold pierce inside that gold pierce is this all my business cards my process and my dodge is I am ready to give about jack a business card of a pitch or a spiel to anybody I meet on a train plane or automobile and I do all of the above now most importantly my business is gold to me that's what it means to me and it is very important I've always had this gold case when this one got chevy I bought a nicer one now I have a nice a gold case in my handbag and I think it's one of the best things you can do is a business owner I call it shameless self promotion so after you get your pitch nailed and you've got your business card or your iphone fill that gallery out make sure you're ready to go you can say to people oh I don't have a business card on me right now but give me your email address and I will send you my visual pity if it's absolutely also mean you get to see what I do and then you take there email idris in by the time you get home you seemed it like you promised you were going to and they have all of your information just like that and you're not missing an opportunity just because you didn't have a card now this was the business cards one hundred thirty nine for thousand waste of time okay this was a business card that I got printed on somewhere like mr dot co dot com so it's just an online printing you design it on photoshopped you upload it and you get it back and it's cheapest chips eighty dollars and you get you know five hundred cards or more thousand cards now this here is a business card exactly the same and this here is my price list now I decided a long time ago and I printed these first maybe eight years ago that I did not want to confuse people and that was before I'd even read the quote a confused mind says now I needed my language to be simple community communicative and really precise and I did that by putting my priceless on a little weed business card like this so have a look at this I also did the poem from the floor in my studio and these two business cards not only educate people on how much I cast they educate people on my philosophy as well the best part is thanks map they're going to keep this business card because it's a poem and it's a really neat palm to keep but also my name dub dub dub super ice dot com is on the bottom and every time they keep that they've got access to me so always creating something a product that they can keep that they want to keep hold up now how do I use these with it's okay really really important if I've got this card here and this is god all of my images in it then my price list in my poem a two talking points that I put with this card one of them wass I'll give you this is well this is the beautiful part that is on the floor of my studio it's as you walk into the entrance way to go into my shooting room this palm was written by derek war war cart and it's called time after time and it's about falling in love with yourself everybody who read that loves it or cries or wants me to post it to them so when they see it on the card they love it and they want to keep it I've also attached for you my priceless so when you come into the studio you know how much I charge it's right there for you you can take it home and if you have any questions don't hesitate to call me my phone number's on the large card okay so just like their practice using this language practice with a beast friend with your partner practice with you know a staff member but practice practice in the shower when you go for a walk practice using your language in a way that is simple that communicates quickly practices until you've got it down pet this is not an easy thing for most people you know in a lot of people they just talk too much so just keep it really simple and you know what you do the next thing after you pitch to somebody do that next thing that every good person should do ask them what they do because it's reciprocal and you would make somebody more important I feel more important by asking them about themselves in telling them about you make a very very important it's a trade in my little gold purses also might give felcher the language I used on my gift voucher one of the hardest things to write and you are welcome to use this language you can use it you can change it but I big you please keep it simple one of the most intriguing things about making this voucher with the amount of people that did but what do you say on that one of the woods and when I wrote that letter but what do you say one of the words because when you sit down to write something this simple the words just seem to leave you it's quite strange it's almost impossible you sit there and I noticed all the time when I get on websites and all of you writing your about paige and it sounds like a mills and boon novel you know and really you just have to write about so I keep my about page more simple now I want to come back to commission started twelve hundred won a price put a price on there if you feel comfortable doing that I want to say I've been a professional photographer for twenty three years I want to say I've once himmel would I want to say that I'm associated with the australian institute of professional photography you know winning important international and the using an institute of professional photography as well because I have memberships with all three of them I'm a master and two countries I'm an award winning photographer yes but awards don't get you clients but mostly I'm a woman who loves to photograph women and I always have in my little spiel place book a photo shoot with me that will change which the way you see yourself and it's that simple I want just a simple line come in enjoy this have a great photograph of yourself I don't want to go on and on and on and on about all the reasons I love taking photographs maybe your client only wants to hear how it's going to suit them to keep your language simple my gift voucher says a gift voucher this gift voucher entitles you to a double makeover and a photo shoot you don't have to have the weird double that's just how I double my chute and myself you could just say to a makeover and photo shoot or you can take off makeover and put a family photo shoot or pitt photo shoot or or or okay plus one hundred dollars to spend on photographs with supervised total value two hundred ninety dollars now what that sears is it's a gift voucher and the gift factor works best when it's been gifted from a third party because then we make out that it's been paid for and the gift thatcher entitles you entitles you to a double makeover and photo shoot so it's telling me what I'm entitled to give with this vulture plus one hundred dollars to spend on photographs to spend on photographs is the most important language in this phrase because what it's saying is that you can you will be spending money on photographs and this is just a hundred dollars towards it okay you're planting that seed of buying two book call so directly so it is saying directly to me which I think personally worked really well any questions or to request a full price list in an info peck on what to wear and bring please email me on info it's super ice dot com and check out my website galleries it dubbed up dub dark surprise dot com this felt expires you must have that if you were given gift vouchers because you need a call to action then you khun say get your girlfriend's together your sister or your mom it is the ultimate girls day out now nowhere on this card do I say husband partner children you know it I just don't I'm marketing to women back when I get them on the phone and I talked to them about coming in for the shoot and then I opened up how about your husband your boyfriend your children now if they choose to do this is a girl's day out and they bring me five girls I will take the five bills first then I will photograph all five girls then I will market toe war five girls to bring in the boyfriend's partners children do you understand women bring a network first if I go straight for the boyfriend or husband and she brings in the boyfriend other husband I don't have much opportunity in network outside of her but if she brings me five girlfriends that is five women with an audience of twenty women around them that's one hundred woman that I'm potentially mark cling to in one sentence that language alone has multiplied my business team fold right really works so think about how us speaking to your customers it's very very very important we book up to two months in advance so call to get the best day for you now the reason I wrote that is because I felt like at the time you know back then people were ringing up and saying can I just have a saturday morning and I felt because I wrote that that I could say oh no saturdays are gone for the month instead of I'm sorry we any sheet once damon because what happens is we broke up two months in advance in friday and saturday the first two days ago but we don't want to work every saturday way want to wit one seven months but I'm not gonna tell them that so I'm going to tell them I'm fully booked and I'm going to say no but I have a friday available and you can go out friday night looking fabulous see what I did there think about it every time I plant the seed I don't come from a place of negative like friday I come from a place of all friday night's good and you can go out friday night looking fabulous ninety nine percent of the girls would say oh you're right yeah well they go toe which day okay one percent would say it's a work day and I'd say you know what take a sneaky day off get your sister and your mom together go shopping have branch come to the studio having incredible makeover and then arrange a night out with your friends because you're going to look gorgeous and I probably out of a thousand frankel's had two people that said no I just can't take the day off work everybody loves that if you use those those words and you use that language everybody's captivated by yvonne says you're right I do need a day off work and I say good girl what day should we book now I have a disclaimer on my card and a disclaimer is because it's a gift voucher with a value of two hundred ninety dollars meaning if you do not put this is not redeemed both for cash technically somebody could challenge there and say what I just want the money so my disclaimer says book a night out on the town sorry this voucher is not redeemable for cash and we cannot be held entirely responsible for how seriously hot you look now the reason I did that was everybody hate to disclaimer it's the fine print you know take this take this but this will make you feel bad and you know sarah so the disclaimer I put a fun spin on it and then I put book and night out on the town because you will look you will look gorgeous book and night out afterwards this is something I say in my consultation obviously I say to people you know you're going to get you here make it done you here with your three girlfriends I hope you book a beautiful restaurant or you're going out to a nightclub and they always go wow what a great idea then they make a day in a night of it if they make a day and a night of it again they more excited they will commit it and they're gonna have great fun and they've already arranged three other girlfriends and they were going to go out afterwards it's a done deal the more you make that the experience of what you're doing the more fun they gonna have now this is not something you list in bullet points that people and not going to read this is something you include into a conversation it's something you deliver excited and enthusiastic and it's something that you enjoy saying because everybody understand it remember one of the things I got asked by a winning photographer just this year was could you last year could you please tell me how I could work on my pitch and I was like okay give me your pitch now this guy's a wedding photographer and he goes tell me about your dream wedding day and I I kind of sit there and I was like really that's what your pictures and he said yeah and I was like well that's kind of creepy and his eye what do you mean it's creepy well say what you just said you tell me about your dream and his uh was like or how long have you been how long ago did you meet and or where you get married family birth maybe having what color your bridesmaid have you picked a venue yet I love that then you just ask questions like you would a friend like you don't need to be like tell me about your dream wedding day a sales pitch sales pitch the same goes for glenn emma you know how do you want to be photographed oh well I'm a dancer you're a dancer what sort of dance indeed oh I'm a ballerina are to have ballet shoes in a tutor yes oh do you want belly shots yes bring them and I would love to do that you know it's that simple it's not a pitch it's a conversation and the more you have it the better you get so practice it because it just draws people to you when you've nailed down what you have to say it's really really important all right my next slide so this is my beautiful business card on remember your pictures must tell a story these tell a story they tell a story more than any of my words can say and that's why when you're starting out the pdf is so important how many times have I said that it's the twenty eight twenty eight day pdf challenge this is what I'm going to rename it I'm going to rename it the twenty eight pdf challenge don't give me ideas I will re record twenty eight day pdf challenge where you have to create a brand new different enticing visually beautiful pdf every single day for twenty eight days I think I'll bring craig johnson okay from there the phone training phone training phone training here's the deal ah long time ago we went to email and then when we went to email we stopped talking on the phone and the fine was annoying and this is a very terrible truth but I'm going to tell it anyway the studio phone would ring and me and my staff my staff and I since we're talking about language today we go they're grown who is it and they would pick up the phone and we would say this hey chuck's photography sue speaking or you photography soon speaking or photography studio say speaking you have a voucher wonderful and we used to do this face it was so bad one day we were sitting there and I looked up at one of my staff and the way she was talking on the phone and it was like yeah yeah no so that voucher gives you uh double makeover and shoot yeah no that's paid for yeah okay thank you and she hung up and when I heard it I I addressed it immediately and I said what just happened then and she's like oh this woman just rung up for a voucher and we were getting really annoyed because we were giving away so many vouches and we were getting so many phone calls for work and we were annoyed because people were bringing us up and going hi it's magritte here I got when I feel vouchers so what does that mean and we were like what do you mean what does it mean read it magritte you know I read it we have got so jaded in taking our bookings that that's how we were thinking when we were booking our clients on the fine and when I heard his say it on the phone I nearly fell over and I saw myself immediately and I said when did we become that person when did we become that person nobody would receive something like this is a gift in the post or from somebody else and take the effect to call you if they did not want to book a photo shoot every time the phone calls the phone rings that is your average sale right there so if your average sellers eighteen hundred fifty dollars it stands to reason that every time the phone rings eighteen hundred fifty dollars is sitting at the end of it not only dead eighteen hundred fifty dollars is connected to teena other people so it stands to reason that every phone call I take us potentially twenty thousand dollars of my business and we've gone to email not only have we got to email were groaning and rolling our eyes when people are calling us and it's time that we woke up and had a big energy shift around how were speaking on the phone the time we're putting into our consultation in their service and what we're offering people because that is her green is so what I did was I stopped in there were five girls in the office and I said to all of them nobody answers the phone today but me now I'm the boss I've bean phone trained for years nobody answers the phone today but me and when I do everybody is to put the pins down to their full attention to me standing in the office and listen to what I say does everybody understand yes so every teen minutes fifteen minutes half now that the phone rang I would answer the phone and I would say you photography soo speaking hi magritte how can I help you today you have a gift voucher fantastic where did you get your gift voucher from how long have you been going to fitness first right jim is that I already had a workout the I've done the hot yoga so then I would check and tell me about your voucher so double makeover and a photo shoot and I would give them the spiel right now as I was doing it all the girls were listening to may and I realized that it was easier if I wrote a script first I have to ask where that came from and they were simple script words wait is you're about to come from you know and then answer that question do you realise magritte that that vouches for a double makeover and photo shoot course it does it this is so but she's not understanding that so I'm going to coach and educate her a double makeover and photo shoot that means you can bring your mom your sister your best friend or all of the above next question what do you mean all of the above well we love to open it up is a girls day out we have makeup artists here you can bring wine and cheese you can make it a fabulous day and we'll photograph all of you together um you know what I'm gonna do this with my mom you know what I'm gonna do this with my two best friends you know what I'm gonna do this with my two sisters and my mom is here in extra charge for that no magritte there is not so what's the catch then that voucher has one hundred dollars to spend on photographs so what ever you pictures you already have one hundred dollars off and you're under no obligation to put just anything it is up to us to take beautiful photographs of you so that you want to buy them I'm going to send you a priceless right now on email and we can talk about that the images we sell started two hundred seventy five dollars and the folio box starts at twelve hundred so whatever you buy is entirely up to you what is your email address and I will sing it to you right now as we're talking the entire time I'm talking I'm smiling I'm not groaning I'm not pulling faces this is twenty thousand dollars that I'm talking to in my business right now and this woman has taken the time to call me and I have to give him my full attention I say magritte whereabouts do you live like how easy it is is it going to be for you to get to may and what's the best day of the week for you not wind you want to be photographed what is the best day off the week for you oh I have to do it on a week day well yes seven plays book out first and then our fridays because if one likes to go out but we still have lots of days available so which one works for you next month I'm a tuesday kind of girl I don't actually want to stay a step till three o'clock on tuesdays where you could take the morning session on tuesday what date works for you I'm available twelve in the nineteenth I'm not going to give here a wide open schedule until it give here to tuesday's in the next two weeks because I want to fill my diary and the other good one is even before you get to them is great margaret you're going to bring in your sister your best friend that sounds wonderful let's talk about clothes let's talk about educating these girls you've got my priceless when would you like to book in when would you like to book in what day is best for you let's make your booking now all the thieves are called to action phrases that make people say oh okay well should I talk to my sister and my mom first and you could say yes you can but you say it to say it's the best day for you so I can pencil you in for tuesday the nineteen talk to the girls and call me straight back just like that I've made a booking I've made it easy afternoon efficiently I've asked questions and he is the strangest thing about me I don't know how it wigs but for some reason whenever I talk to people I give them a mixture of giving them information asking questions but they always say to me I'm so excited I'm really really excited and I can't wait to do it and I don't hang up until I hear that when they say I'm so excited I know I've done my job in selling myself in selling my experience in telling my portrait studio in every aspect of what I do it's exciting it's enticing and they want to be part of it sold holmen house just like that now the next one is this the language that I used for touch points so before I go on to touch points can I just go back to my place for training my face find training was grueling sorry about the sirens but we're live so we just had to keep filming my first find training was about speaking properly being accurate communicating well making sure I use the right words making sure I'm always coaching people into spending money but without threatening them yes I always say this obligation to put just anything because not I think it flips it into a service orientated phrase when I say there's no obligation to put just anything it's about me taking photographs of you that you love that's the whole point if you don't love them you don't have to buy them I say that I think it's honest I believe it and I think that's prob only the most important part so the language we use put this on my slide now war portrait start at folio box start at commissions start at tin folio box fifteen polio war portrait twenty following war portrait right I put the sentence timing and wardrobe I'm going to put it back in here in language I think this works better than having your entire priceless I believe it opens a conversation around money without with while it's being honest it's being open without being too much and I just find that you can still have the full price list if they request that but right now you just need to communicate around how much they're going to spend you need teo take the fear factor out of it and you need to communicate that really well so this is the way I would right this you need to decide which one you are are you war portrait started in follow buck started are you commissioned start at your package photographer so even an ala carte price the very first one is for ala carte prices ala carte prices can still be more portrait static so you can still be a full allah capped price list and not have the list of the whole thing commission starts it is really good for packages and in the teen folio the fifteen failure on the twenty five folio is really for sittin stone packages in that's what you want and see what people buy their probably buy the cheapest or the media now keep it simple get them on the phone as soon as you can and use good language for touchpoints so there we are our touch points every time that you talk about money in every time you touch the client you know every time we talk to the client this is where it happens for may I get an email or a fine cole to say I want to put a shit I either email back cold back or I email and call back and get them on the finals soon as I can one time talking to them on the phone if they've had an email then this is the second touch point because they've received my price list and they called me and now I'm going to talk them through the hole I'm going to talk them through what to wear what to bring what they need and if they need to talk about price further they can do that then after I educate them about this I've just recorded a video of a skype call that I did with jin jin has booked on a shoot and I've seen to my price list she's great with the price and now I'm talking to her about what to wear and what to bring in that skype conversation I get around skype I talked to her about bringing anybody asked to the shoot so you can watch this now this little video and this is a pretty fear consultation there's a couple of things afterwards that people bring you in sitting way some people want to talk about money more some people want to talk about clothing more it was a pretty general consultation I didn't remember a couple of things that didn't get mentioned one of them wass about paying her deposit or coming back to view her photographs there was no questions around that which I'm not worried about that normally I would have covered just to make sure that they were all good with it but have a look at this little conversation and see how I flow and getting people on skype is the best thing ever get to see you and connect with you and you get to see them and it helps and build a relationship in a studio relationship that it's so much better than the phone or email hi jean how are you sue are you I'm very good thanks nice to meet you nice to meet you too it's so much better being face to face then on email I want to talk to you about your chute I know that you've got some questions for me so let's go through it together and also the first thing I just wanted to say is with the gift after that you received it's actually for a double makeover and a photo shoot so I noticed in your email you were just talking about yourself is this something that you want to share with a friend or a sister or your mom um yeah actually I think I would like to bring my mom and what about before okay well basically the voucher that you've been given covers your whole photo shoot so it's for a double makeover and a photo shoot it also gives you a hundred dollars to spend on photographs so the gym that gave it to you that that means they've paid for that shoot so your mom gets to come in and do who here and make up as well I don't just take photos off the two of you together you could have individual shots and some together if you want but I love opening it up to between mother or sister because it's something even wants to share with somebody and she gets to have a competition as well right be awesome yeah think of that that's that's really great okay so what I'm gonna do is I'll send you a pdf off what were you already got a priceless so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to just send you a pdf of what to wear we'll talk about it today but I really need you to coach your mom on what to bring because if you're going tohave shots together you need to look at clothes that you're gonna we're together so let's go through there first of all before we talk about you and mom being photographed together how would you like to be photographed you've had a look at my website the first thing I asked everybody is that what are the images that stand out to you on my website and what do you like the miners were you drawn to I really like some of the more essential photographs a lot of the boudoir shoots I've never really done a photograph like that before and I think that you really nailed it with capturing that sort of that sort of picture and I you just love to have the opportunity to try to you know have an image of myself that way all right what you do need to consider this the clothes that you bring in is really how I'm going to photograph you so if you bring in lingerie then I will photograph you in lingerie so I always say to people you need four or five outfits the cool thing is is you khun stat and jeans and you can go right through to a cocktail dress or an evening dress a lot of people don't wear jeans and a lot of people don't with cocktail dresses so you need to give me some idea of how you dress and if you could do that that's pretty much how I photograph you so if you're going to do the sixty shots you just need to consider the type of look that you want so some people like think that that calvin klein jeans white brown and big here really guess model looks really cool and other people want to do the whole suspenders and course it so whatever you think you need teo just give me some idea and bring in those outfits and you can either go shopping use what you've got borrow off girlfriends rent something but on the more effort you put into bringing gorgeous outfits the video shot they're gonna pay now I've got a little bit of a wardrobe here and I don't want to clone people so I don't kind of put the water about there being something but I do have some vintage pieces and they can mix a match you may have noticed on my website there's a little pink frilly too too and I have some skirts like that some smaller but a good weird types here yeah so do came some cool stuff but I do want you to bring in stuff to met yeah okay and think stockings I don't really see shoes I'm not really into details right there to the shoes I kind of focus more on the upper body but if there is something that you really have to have will be photographed like you have a favorite pair of shoes you can bring them in but I don't bother bringing shoes because it's not really that important all right now you said in your email that your dancer do anything like that yeah I'm I'm part of a vintage jazz it's true we do dancing course for kind of dancing from the thirties and forties so do you have any outfits their I d o be really fun to shoot a couple of my outfits so I should bring a couple of those that were really great to get some others too I love photographic dancers I absolutely loved photographing down since I've been doing it for years and I would love love you bringing something like that yeah I have a really nice nineteen twenties beated dress that I really like tio photograph because it's something that's hard to wear out so be nice to actually capture that in the photograph you know that's a really good point actually doing I will say this to people fitted clothes always better than loose clothing I just think that they let us the body more photographs but I'll always say to people sometimes you have an outfit in your closet that you would never wear in public it's to see through too short or doesn't quite fit you anymore I've photographed woman in copter pieces that don't pop the bag and I've also photograph people in dresses that they would never wear out or get to wear out and that they look incredible photograph so no it's either the day be deering and be bold and I always say five outfits but the truth is is you're going to bring in like fifty because you never tell me about mom my mom she's coming to visit so I would coordinate that with that and she's ah hospital administrator she's been my rock my entire life she's extremely supportive strong loving person I she's my I love her more than anyone in the world she's just awesome taught me how to be an independent woman and also to be loving and nurturing myself so I just think I want pictures of her now as we are because I you know I just imagine a world without my mom and it makes me sad I just want to have as many photographs of her as I possibly can alright I need you to talk to you about clothes okay and I need to talk to her and coach her on what to bring shi ke jin was she quite addressing mom like she got some good closer you have to take your shopping she want oh she she dresses up for work to wear suits but for the longest time she was wearing black red and white our black red and gray on ly I here mine is great but you know she's been trying teo branch under different colors they just look good on her really red and black especially just look good on her all right so one thing read looks incredible photographed so black but a mistake that a lot of girls bring I wear a lot of leg is that they bring in five black outfit so as long as you can get her and reared I probably wouldn't recommend read for both of you though so how about if she brings in a really great black outfit are really great readout but and then and then you can bring in a black outfit that you could be photographed with so either a gorgeous black trees or maybe a black top and you can coordinate your together shots with here but maybe instead of something do seem blake you can do something white and casual just either james or chicken way pants travelers just a simple spit just try and keep her away from the white shoot a lot of women bring in the white shoes and think it's just simple and they just look boxy and I just they don't photograph very well the un interesting photographed and I kind of like white top stunt could be wrong with tops with beautiful nick lines or any or even a fitted white top knit top is great but just know that white college shit I've just never pick it up out of there also because she's coming up for the weekend just make sure she brings joy because she might not think about teo just accessories so many bills walk into the studio and they forgot necks history's all right so and you as well stocking successories think about those little each is going get in now stand us freight and kind of girl you look quite fear so you probably know not really but yeah I could do that you think that would be better you know what I mean if you're not a straight spray tingled don't do it but I will say one thing obviously your blonde if you need to get your roots down get your roots done because so many girls get photographed and then they hate the dark roots so you need to get you here highlighted makes you do that before before that weekend so clean dry here you're going to come and clean dry here with just a moisturizing cream face on in my makeup artist is going to do magic on you and don't worry she's a professional makeup artist and she's not going to just do you make up she's going to ask you how you like to do it then I photograph you and you've got my prices I'm going to see through that just a reminder okay with all of the stuff on what to wear and what to bring I'm going to head notes about your vintage outfits could I really wanted you to bring in your dance once and also what you need to remind mom to bring in a swell okay and uh any other christians no I'm I'm just really excited who it's cold yeah that's really cool thanks jim I'm going to take really beautiful photographs of you and your mom because that my goal is to take photographs that make you go on my god that's incredible if you don't like them you don't have to buy them and I just want you teo experience there and yeah I can't wait I really looked forward to meeting here too thanks tio alec part of meeting you and flash all right I'm sending the e mail now and I'll talk I'll talk to you if you need anything call me we'll see you in two and a half weeks so if you are worried about anything dates anything what to bring just give me an e mail and I'll call you okay I will thanks jim thank you so that little video that consultation video so easy to practice so easy to practice with friends colleagues whoever and so easy to practicing in nick's clients asked the right questions include mohr be informative being honest b don't rigght talk about how excited you are to shoot them and then designed this shoot for them and make them feel special right let's talk about product and price product and price for me so simple it really comes down to this is the second touch point this is sorry the second touch point is when you're going to talk about what you were the third touch point is when they come into the studio for the first time this is when I walked them up to my products and I say what what do you like do you like the folio barks to you like a beautiful war portrait you interested in hanging anything on the wall if the answer is no then I know I'm going to drive them towards a folio box if they say yeah I don't really know I don't know you could say cole let's just take lots of different stuff that you don't have to get them in this one some people want to reveal anything to you they don't want to others are quite happy to tell you what they like what they don't like but it's really important that you take them through it this folio box is amazing there's a really good chance of the stage that they're remembering the priceless and they're going to say so is that twelve hundred dollar one east it is to get a beautiful you know back in the sea war portrait you got through the whole thing with them right there and then you can repeat your spiel repeat your priceless the other good one is the large framed portrait that I have with the nine images in it it's a really good time to sell this so this is a beautiful shoot that I can do if this interests you I can photograph you I do this a lot with the dancing posers or sequence of nine shots it can be shot and vertically or horizontally if they're like I like this one then shoot for that that's the fourth touch point sorry the third touch point where you're actually communicating your product you're communicating your price you're showing them your work and you're also at the same time asking them how they want to be photographed so it's such a great service conversation the next one is when they finished the shoot and they want a book and the viewing and that's really really important when they finished the shoot they wanna book and the viewing uh this is where you're going to give them the your final process you're going to give him your card and your poem is a keepsake you're going tio take them for coffee or say good bye and thank you so much it was a great experience with you today you're going to write their appointment time on the back this is where you were going to say to them I so look forward to showing you your beautiful portrait will go through it together and I find that people are talking about money still then I'd say to them I don't hard sell I've taken beautiful shots of you today and I cannot wait to show them to you if you're going to bring anybody to your viewing position that was not here today like your husband or your partner or or mama did just make sure you show in the prices so that they're educated on what is going to cast and that there's no surprises for them and I look forward to seeing you next thursday thank you so much all right that's a really really important one the language that we use and marketing and networking is also a good one the language we use in marketing and networking is again all about that vulture you're going to communicate really well what you do but we do not want to would it up too much we do not want to paint it up too much we want to be direct we want to be honest we want to be enticing in mostly mostly we just want to communicate really accurately okay so whenever I introduced myself to another business that's a different kind of pitch and I practiced that so my name is supervised in I'm a portrait photographer I should've affection contemporary style of portrait photography kind of like eighties glamour but now I own a studio in open newzealand and I would love to work with you so I would love to work with you to partner with you I would love to help you with your photography I would like to shoot any of your advertising I would like to happy with your social media in your design intern I would love you to give me to your clients but I would never expect you to give to me to your clients unless you tried me first for yourself so I have a gift voucher for you for five hundred dollars to come into my studio and experience a super I shoot and who's not going to say used to that because it's all I've said I haven't asked for anything effect I've given something is that with my time to give them five hundred dollars with the cd off their images even if they walk away and give me nothing if I cannot win this person over that owns this database that would be my fault but the opportunity to work with people and build a network is now there and using words like that is so simple and you know you could do it in a party you can say our hijack it's lovely to meet you I hear that you've got a really great personal training business look I photograph really amazing china's I'd love to photograph you I don't even have to say I want your database I could just say I'd love to photograph you let me send you would give out to us for five hundred dollars and if they go why say because you're amazing and I'd love you to give me to your clients and I would love to photograph you so I wouldn't expect that you would do that and they should come and experience it for myself for one shoot in one cd of images I can potentially get one hundred fifty more clients and I do not want to pitch that and get a no if I pitched it and get a no I haven't done my job properly what I want to do is build a network so even bitter is I'm starting a breakfast nick quick of small businesses in my industry small businesses sorry not on my ministry small businesses in my area and we're going to have breakfast once a month and bounce off each other I'm offering free photography we're going to swap databases we're going to cross market our businesses why don't you join us they would be so great for you and your business to join us invite invite seemed about to straightaway follow up immediately looming that language is so easy you say when I was a young photographer I would look at a business and I would think how did I get their business I don't know how to get the business so I would knew this leaving and go hello my name is so and I'm a portrait photographer and I am and I just would stature and I would just I would struggle and then I realized hang on a minute I don't need to sell what I do I just need to own what I do so I would go into that cell on and instead of pitching to the manager on the phone who does not want to hear anything I've got to say and probably not the owner by the way I would go in and I would just looking to get my head down and for the price of sixty dollars I would sit down and when the stylist who I've paid to do my here asked me the one question that all stylist asked me so what do you do I say I'm a portrait photographer I should a contemporary fashion style grammar photography kind like a teaspoon of that in the third million infect I kind of reinvented it uh he's my cut I've paid for her time I'm a paying client in that studio I am no longer a cold calling pitching a client that's asking for something I'm a paid client who is deserving of time and energy in his deserving of questions and at that moment when they look at me and they go wow your work is really beautiful I say thanks have a voucher it's all about practice okay I want you to practice it I want you to be confident I want you to be confident with your money I want you to be confident with your service and what you offer I want you to believe it and I want you to pitch with enthusiasm no fear no rubbish no you know no falseness just who you are having a good conversation about what you love today enjoy that and lots of practicing I want you to get your pitch now down and I want you to pick up your iphone and I want you to record yourself doing a basic and pitch to me and I want you to send it to my ambitious sue page on facebook and I want you to throw it up there I'll put mine up today and I want you to match mine and I want you to do that for me as soon as you feel comfortable I want to believe it I want to see it and I want it to be real and enjoy practicing the way you speak about what you do

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


1Teaching 2 Photographers in 28 Days
2First 2 Years: The Truth
3Rate Your Business
4Year One in Business
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1Day 1: The Natural Light Studio
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1Day 4: Flow Posing
1Day 5: Posing Couples
1Day 6: Capturing Beautiful Connection & Expression
1Day 7: The Rules - Chin, Shoulders, Hands
1First Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 8: Rules - Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry, Connection
1Day 9: Styling & Wardrobe
1Day 10: Shooting Curves
1Day 11: Posing & Shooting - Groups of 2, 3, and 4
1Day 12: Posing & Shooting Families
1Day 13: Products & Price List
1Day 14: Marketing & Shooting the Before & After
1Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting
1Second Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 16: Posing Young Teens
1Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
1Day 18: The Corporate Headshot
1Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
2Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
1Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule
1Day 21: Posing Mothers & Daughters
1Third Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 22: Marketing & Shooting - 50 & Fabulous Demographic
1Day 23: Shooting into the Backlight
2Bonus: Shooting into the Backlight
1Day 24: Marketing & Shooting - Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
2Photoshop Video: Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
1Day 25: The Beauty Shot
2Bonus: Vintage Backdrop
1Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic
1Day 27: Sales & Production
1Day 28: Posing Men
1Bonus: Pricing
3Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1
4Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2
5Marketing Part 1
6Marketing Part 2
7Money: What's Blocking You?
8Bonus: The Folio Shoot
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1Identify Your Challenges
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3Getting Started Q&A
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9Interview with Susan Stripling
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428 Days Testimonial: Mapuana Reed
5How to Pitch: Starting a Conversation
6Your Block: Seeing is What You're Being
7Your Block: Valuing and Receiving
8Building Confidence: Your Own Stories
9Building Confidence: Your Self Worth
10Pitching An Experience
11Pitching An Experience: Your Intentions
12Pitching An Experience: Social Media
13Final Thoughts