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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic

this is my favorite demographic because it's my demographic it's about thirty to fifty with no children this is the independent princess she is a very strong shopping shopping marketing demographic worldwide today I'm going to show you how I shooed her how I mark it to her and how I market to her three bass girlfriends as well this is about the girl stay out the cheese and wine this marketing demographic isn't easy target in such a great demographic to shoot everyone we've got another marketing and shooting challenge for you and this is the thirty two fifty demographic now the four demographics that we're shooting family first anybody with a child that is eighteen to thirty girl power thirty to fifty with no children independent woman and in fifty plus this is my also my demographic so thirty to fifty no children independent woman the independent woman can be married but unlike family first a woman who is married with no children is still at the shop back at the shop of topping list at...

the top of his shopping list and so the thirty two fifty year old demographic is one off the biggest spenders of all four shopping demographics she rivals only the fifty in fabulous this demographic is also the biggest spender she also is more inclined to have the real handbag over the fake hair big and she's also likely to be indeed she spends one hundred twenty percent of his income internationally so this demographic is the biggest drinker of or four demographics and the biggest exerciser of all four demographics her lifestyle is all about balance she's going to play had liv had shop hod and then she's going to work hard on herself to so this is an interesting demographic in the scenes that she's a big spender and she will drop money on portrait she will drop money pretty much anything she if she feels that's going to see if here now this woman comes with what is called the inner circle okay more dominant than the fifty plus in the sense that her in a circle of women are also independent women and if she is likely to have children if she is this age group with children she is out of this demographic so my demographic is interesting because I have friends with children and I adore them and they're my best friends but ironically I tend to now spend more time with other women in my demographic without children so my family first friends are still part of my life but my independent woman friends spend more time with me shopping now this group of women this demographic of women make big ticket purchases we can go on by forty thousand dollar cars on our own we can buy our own home and we often talk to our girlfriends about what we're buying this demographic is really interesting because when you invite one of these women to a studio you get five of them and definitely get three okay so everyone of these woman come with another two independent woman at least and whatever one spends the others will match it without doubt this is how I market to this demographic so four shopping demographics women speak on average of ten thousand words a day men speak on average of two thousand words a day this is why women are the business working the base networking marketers in the world okay we love to tell stories we love to talk we have team thousand words that we have to get out that's why when we share them with our girlfriends we make easy targets right liberated lady this woman is independent she is all about the sister based friend okay my best friends are like sisters to me I call them my even family if I was having a photo shoot I would go to that group of seven sisters way before I would think of anybody else that I would like to be photographed with I market to this group by doing the wine and cheese and then go out for a gorgeous dinner you get you here and make up done this demographic is more finicky about her hair and makeup than any of the other demographics but she's also the one that really loves to have beautiful portrait taken this is probably your base boudoir client without doubt and you know she's sixty thirty two fifty is that sixty age you start leaving behind that younger body but something happens in your sensuality it's such a need a script is shoot not only is a group of women but individually as well I really love the whole movement woman go through at this age which is because you're worth it you're looking after your body do this for you you're an independent liberated woman that's definitely more of the marketing woods that I use around this demographic of women uh this demographic of woman also traditionally easily come with a sister and a mom and this girlfriend's biz girlfriends and I just find it today shoot I asked four girlfriends I know on this is the group of four best friends so when I asked the girls to pose I asked kenner and susan to pose they brought in the other two best friends kathy and ariella now these four women have bean this friends that travel around the world together they know each other they're all of their forty mark and this is so indicative of this genre of women and how much fun they are and how gorgeous they are so today's shoot was about getting the girls into the studio and photographing them all individually so what you see is a glimpse of their today because those chutes take longer when I've got four women in the studio this differently logistic that goes onto let's talk about their okay today's four girls all come in and have here make up done now the majority of the time I will have to make about us for a shoot of four women because I find if I was to do here and make up an hour each for four women it would just take too long the fourth one would be in here and make up and the food's girl would be two hours out of the photo shoot it's just too long you have to either make them pay the extra or you have to take the extra money educate them really well and then get them in so that they can be made up to a time then the first lot come off so we start doing make up at nine the first to a radia tina clark and the second tour getting the hair and makeup done eighteen o'clock I'm simultaneously shooting two girls okay and then as they finish I'm simultaneously shooting the second two this age group is a responsible age group it's a great age group I tell them to bring in wine and cheese I market it is a wine and cheese day and then go up to dinner looking gorgeous or a late lunch or go shopping in the area and then I get them to come in and do their individual shots okay it's very important that I'm creating a folio for these girls in exactly the same with the eighteen to thirty year old demographic if you're going to advertise for them as a group remember don't shoot them as a group shoot them is individual girls but they india to create the experience off being in your studio together so they get to laugh and him bomb they get to bring snags they get to drink wine they get to teach each other have the shoot down get dressed borrow each other's clothes such a fun way to shoot but there are rules you must make sure that you're getting them out of the makeup here quickly must make sure you don't let them drink too much okay and you can be very frank about that you must make sure you've made the time for four groups so if I'm going to shoot a four group I would take the whole day to do that I wouldn't I wouldn't do all morning and after shoot no shoot I would just give him a double session so you need to make sure or four girls are really educated about what you cast so that all the other by portrait because collectively if they all spent fifteen hundred dollars then you've done a six thousand dollars a day and that's it excellent tune around day and a great way to market because every single one of those girls has a business has a job where they went with other women his mom and sister another group of friends family first friends and they are a network of another twenty women so make that happen at the end of the shoot get them or to put on a black dress or get them or to put on jeans and a black top and tell them to bring this so that you can have a group shop at the end I used this group shot is leverage I use it as leverage to sell more portrait so what I do is I say to the girls the voucher that magritte got was for a hundred dollar gift voucher I'm going to give all of you one hundred dollars to spend on photographs they go oh well thank you so much they can't bacon for the viewing and yes I do like to break it down into groups of two if I can not for four is very hard to sell too it's very confusing one person might want to take longer looking at their images and the other three get a little bit annoyed so break it down to one or two if you can then what happens is I allow them all to have that one hundred dollar gift voucher if they gotta give vulture if they've paid for the shoot and I don't and then I give them that group shot if they buy so I'll say to them he's your gorgeous group shot and really what I do is I focus on the beast group shot so I try and do it I shot where I hid swap the base shot and I just make sure you find look standing and I go in here's your group shot I maybe show two or three but one is spine and then at the end the governor I love that in the same if you buy that folio I'll give you a group shot of the girls for free and that's my incentive to make the group purchase I've always done it they love it and then I give little wallet sides prince teo each of the girls off the group as well so they can put them on the fridge and their peers and then they've got the girlfriends on the run so logistically that's how that shoot holds out and you get a glimpse of that today and the behind the scenes off seeing the four girls posed together and then their individual shots the girls day out wine and pamper cheese you know marketing is just the best way to market to this group and really really enjoyable also you can ask them would you like to be photographed with your boyfriend or your husband your best friend your sister your mom or anybody that you love all of the above but as soon as you start opening up these avenues and marketing it makes it a lot easier so these girls had definitely on more of a movement they love drinking wine they love going out to dinner they love shopping they love buying expensive things they love luxury products there an older group in their fun group in the definitely differently enjoyable to shoot so this group in a way is still connected to the fifty plast you see my mama's sixty five I'm forty so mama's sixty five so she's out of the fifty plast ima graphic but well not really she's still there so I could still market to my generation is a mother and daughter infected out of all the generations everybody pretty much gets marketed to as a mother and daughter it is one of the fastest ways to double your sale that I've ever found that's why the mother and daughter shoot is probably the most popular shoot in my studio so it's definitely one with opening up to I know that this sounds like a theme once we're going through all the demographics I really think the most important part about shooting these demographics is logistically the difference between the four and really that you are heading these four demographic so when it comes to building a folio I need you to focus on having a folio with teen images from all four of these demographics on eighteen young woman teen fifty plaice ten forty year olds and ten families and then it needs to be your style they should be at least forty images and they're that really dominate in those four genres and I need you to cross genres and cross demographics of all types of people here color ethnicity age and weight demographic so that it is your most beautiful work but still the beast folio that you can present to show people the diversity and skill that you have in your one jonah okay so who is your target market this group this group is my demographic independent woman any woman that's over theory without children over thirty and under fifty she's a good strong shopping demographic she comes with a group of girlfriends and she's lots of fun today shoot was about these four beautiful girls here we went through the individual outfits we chose three outfits each that really really resonated with all three of them all girl all these girls board and three beautiful outfits and match them that looked really great we went through all of their outfits together I shot them all on the about brown background one after another and then I changed backgrounds to the black and then I shot them on the black and then I changed to the gray and then I shot them on the grey I progressively took for a portrait of each girl in different styles and moved them impose them and yes you could look at that and think that it's being repetitive but the truth is is everybody has a different body shape everyone has different here everyone has a different way of moving and everybody has a different outfit so it wasn't you know it doesn't take much to mix it up and make them work the opposes and just make them look and feel gorgeous we finished off with a gorgeous shot of all of them together that's the one I'm going to give away as a group shot individual group shot a freebie and just like that I photographed and marketed to this demographic so working through your folio making sure you're hitting all four demographics I am going to post a pdf that really outlines all four demographics then each of the challenges have between three and five avenues now we're going to open up marketing for all of those to try and talk to so we've got subcategories and I'll make sure that this is very understandable the thirty year old woman has three the fifty year old has three the twenty I think to figure out his three the city to forty hits fifty history and fifty plus history family first his five okay five avenues so remember you can then break them into which one so let's have a look at all four demographics see which ones applied to you if the answer is not this one not this one I'm going to focus on these two then those your two demographics and then each of them has subcategories then we can start creating shoots stories marketing blawg facebook and look for businesses that support and market to exactly the same demographic look for groups businesses friends networks and you'll be amazed how quickly when you look out there which demographic you belong to and how many more you confined ofyou and how you can start incorporating these demographics into your business for great marketing getting bums on st that's it today enjoy the shoot and I'll go and create that pdf for you so that you can clearly define these demographics and start working towards marketing to them so here we are at a party and everybody does exactly the same thing they say let's pose the girls and all the girls line up and they do the oppose okay and these are the big fundamental mistakes that we make and they're the same mistakes that people make in portrait studios all the time when they had taking photographs so I'm going to take a few photographs everybody's front onto the camera everybody's a long way away and I'm going to show you exactly what happened so it's lovely girls everybody beautiful big smile yea okay so here we are here and then what happens is it's like get closer together everybody get closer together all of a sudden the two girls on the outside start looking horrible okay so the two girls on the inside they're like hey I'm in the inside position I looked really hard okay so they're in the air the gills on the outside looking really horrible don't know what to do with your arms okay so generally they trying to two things they try and put them up in teo hourglass position which is here and then everyone sears roll rolling a bit more and then they all roll in and then the girls on the outside end up with this okay so the girls on the outside end up looking like that and at the end of the day nobody's happy ain't nobody's directing chins or we're going with our faces so everybody ultimately is all over the place so when I land to photograph groups when I learned to photograph people I lent some really amazing fundamentals let's have a look at them one of them is the girls on the outside straight away we can fix that by bringing these to bringing their arms and so that you know arms around them so susan and cathy you're bringing your arms out of the girls and you're turning forty five degrees towards each other then these girls go into there now straight away everybody just went straight into a beautiful shape the best part about this is they can now actually get the hit together because they're not shoulder to shoulder so all of them can do that now aquinas tall so she could just relax down through one me and just bring herself down just a little bit or she can take your weight on the back foot and push your booty back okay but either way she can bring his wrath down a little bit more and it just makes it easier for everybody to be nice and close like kate now from here everybody looks good when they've got the weight on the back foot so kathy and susan tip a rate your feet like this you girls on the outside stay still and you two in the center just push your booty back that way okay as soon as the booty cow goes back the shoulder drops forward the body's open up and everybody starts looking really good through here now if you're going to connect because all the girls always wanna hold hands we don't want to be in the tutu train so this is the two to train okay and area and were like around the tucci training to train okay so what we're trying to do here is try and get the hand down so we want to get that nice angle veer and everybody can just hug in nice and just come and low and we ever they touched down that's really important because we always look att hands we always look at hands and images now everybody brings the chin to the shoulder right into your shoulder tin to shoulder it into your shoulder chin to your shoulder not your shoulder to ten so chin to your shoulder walking I can't once they all do that have a look at this in life you so once they bring their chin to the shoulder then they stay in that position but just come towards each other the case is stopped now everybody's in now but ariela ariela come forward and then come into katie at the top of your head now as you can see all four girls have come on nicely here now everybody is to have their lips together and just a tiny little smile through the eyes wowser now now you can get up here and direct cathy you need to tip towards susan and you need to open your body towards ariella really need to come forward because you need to be on the same folk plane now your chin goes to your shoulder and then tips towards kathy susan you need to come forward ever so slightly or you two need to go back and towards susan so a really go back after all that yet now come towards susan that's it now susan come forward and king to come forward so once I get all the girls on the same plane susan tip your head towards ariella more but don't tip down and kenna I want you to open up here and bring a chanted the shoulder once I get them all lined up here now everybody looks comfortable about ariel it you're a little bit to ford in your hip so I want you to put your foot back your back foot back that's a go and now you look more relaxed to me also I have a nice shape here instead of predicting with the lower half I have a nice booty shake there keep it there all right I really need to come back into now they can't see where they are and this is where you control this okay kitty likes to sneak forward to the camera all the time she's the star I tiptoe with susan that girl now bring your ten down stop are really come in all right now they see it now notice this as soon as I turn my back I know one of them is going to re see it straight away because that's what people do so listen to my direction okay and I know that you're going to see my back but listen to my directions as I take these shots okay ariella come forward she's the one that went back okay I'm focusing on cathy j I know have got their faces their tiny little smile through the eyes girls that's it that's beautiful a little weed but more susan lift your chin up okay and come back to kenya moore with your chin so ken and sorry susan kept you two on the outside bring the girls and come in nice and close that are really come forward a little bit more and I love it how the girls on the outside instantly started working the shoulders are really come forward okay come forward kitchen and then towards katie this way searching down reset everybody lips together everyone and let's start to get a tiny little smile with the lips and now a little wee little bit more smile I'm going to smoke beautiful big smile love that come on tina catch up with everyone else ok fabulous now watch this we can do a series of shots and now we can change them around how about you to swap position and you two is what position just jumping straight away or you have to do is change it up going outside can okay now see the two tallest skills and now in the center we can do two things we can't wait on the back foot youtube okay and then touch elbows in the front and so there now you put your weight on your back foot but I want both of you to lean forward with your upper body stop so see as soon as we did that we slightly shortened them down now susan and kathy are a little bit shorter so they're going to come in behind and she's going to be sitting in here a little bit lower but if these were sisters I don't mind that so much so cathy you're going to go wait on your back foot you're gonna open your body up that certain your chin's going to go towards there now I don't mind so much that the girls in the senhora taller and if it was a family shot ariella bring your chin to the front this way that go now don't go in there to match and I sent all cathy hasn't all chin this way first good girl now I'm going to go back in front of the camera and I love this their hands a different we've changed the whole dynamic of the group let's have a look at those lips together time it'll smile this looks like an episode of sex and the city that's always an extra six and did he hear okay time it'll smile girl my god this is so elegant our hands are a little bit l shaped let's bring them down a little bit lower so care detective all right and if those sisters or if they really close friends link fingers like it's okay the girls don't mind it such a great girl shot lincoln and then they connect through their working your shoulders girls now snuggle in closer don't hide and they cannot come out out of I haven't our area was big here okay from here now I just want that beautiful big smiles ladies come in nice and close had each other in nice and easy smiley close both okay pull apart a little bit more gorgeous now let's say I want to get these to a little bit lower I just go put your feet apart girls tall girls in the center they go down lower okay I can't see the difference from hips up okay everybody bring their chin straight back to the camera now and now we look like in este lauder ed because we've got four faces working your front shoulder kenna and chin this way towards susan nice and tall susan that's it come forward chin out and then come into kenna kept reaching out and our reality out and then come towards kenya so when you turn them square to the camera looks more mud lee it looks more fashion all of a sudden they all working it and that side angle and it looks really gorgeous cathy I just need to bring your face in stop and everybody relax their mouth give me their base supermodel faith holy molly relax mouth lips together tiny little smirk okay so what I'm going to do now if I'm going tio take one gorgeous little video and I'm going to show you something that I really love to do I'm going to stop this camera I'm going to come forward okay so what I'm doing what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to focus on the girls here and drop hands down lower girl so that they're not so high that's the one okay kid he take your chin off area like pull back a little bit that's it sit up nice and tall are really bring your chin down to the front that took ariel and cannot come together a little weed but more that I can come back really you come towards here that's exactly right and kept coming now all right ladies what I'm gonna do is I'm just going tio take a little bit off I'm just gonna reset my focus okay it's great here it is and what I want to do is I'm going to just film a little sequence here and I want you tio okay I'm I'm going to film when I say go I just want you to slowly all just break into a huge big smile and then you can squeeze together and do a little bit of a laugh and I want you to look at each other and just have really crack up laughing and just do it naturally as you can you can make it much noise as you want but I want you all just to be looking at the camera first and once I start recording you're just going to go smile and then you're going to go laugh and then you're going to crack up laughing and you can move and you can look at each other and just like somebody said a joke and I just wanted really organic really natural and just really big laughing and I'm gonna talk you through it really nice big smiles gorgeous big crack up laughing think about what season just see it in the bag okay okay okay stop thank you very much now what I just did then was I just took a slow motion siri's day off because it was still recording I'm going on record now I took a slow motion siri's off the girls and now I'm just going to shoot some live shots here are really bring your chin back to the front kinnah and ariella go towards each other not yet that's exactly right carefully bring your chin out evan come in closer and chin down a touch and ladies I just want a tiny luis mile beer just ever so slightly that's it and I want another one absolutely gorgeous now I just want a beautiful knife big easy smile girls from all of you gorgeous that was beautiful and now coming a little bit closer squeeze in nice and tight gorgeous big smile there go I love that I can't now just a little fan siri's I just want you to go together and just cuddle together nice big laughing one yeah and I want one more they want one warning about one more that's it perfect in one more this way yeah awesome thanks gilles relax for me I want people who were together in a group to be together as a group I want them to find their own hands I want them tio fall into their bodies I want to guide them to have the chin's working their shoulders working in their hands in the right place but after that I wanted to be all natural today's challenge is about marketing tio this group of women this group shot it does not have to be traditionally an incredible shot and in tim's off a perfect shot I asked these women to come into my studio is four individuals I asked them to come in together to enjoy the experience is friends I find people this group of people they don't spend a lot of money on the group shot so for me getting these girls into my studio giving them cheese and crackers and wine and a wonderful day a beautiful makeover so they could go out tonight have a great girlsnight is one of the based marketing genres I can bring into my studio I want them to come in so that the I can photograph every single one of these girls every single one of these girls has a sister mother another friend workmates every one of them comes with a network eighteen twenty other women that I can market to I am selling this experience is a girls day out but what I'm doing it's photographing every one of these girls and trying to give them the best portrait off themselves that I can do then I take an incredible group shot and I will gift that group shot to every one of these girls when they purchase so this shot is how I enticed them this experience is how I bought them in but it's the folio each one of them buy off themselves and yet the x experience of being with the girlfriends today will make them go and tell every single woman they know isn't that right because women love to tell stories and women love to feel beautiful this today is what this challenge is all about so get your girlfriend's together photographed them like this and have a whole a lot of fam remained the limit alcohol because girls to go wild cathy did tabletop for me bring your hands out and then tuck your elbows back yeah a little bit more albums so bringing them out to the side because I can't see them and the intact those alibis right back long chin towards me good girl pushing down and falling down that just reelection mouth for me stay there and I just want a tiny gorgeous little smile three eyes right there okay just stay there were more okay you stay looking at the camera and now I'm going to look up at you but I was just cause I'm watching your expression pushing your chin forward a little bit more that's it stay there okay amy I might get you to put a fan into here so just give me some really like finn up under there is closest you can get warm here that would be great to her throat and where you go ok not too much smile cathy just election mouth a little pushy chin forward and I could girl that's beautiful love that that's perfect now from here elbows together that's it and then hold your elbows away to ian's that's one long tim this way no no no no no don't tune your body to anybody back where it wass that's a girl now long chin towards me here and chin down hold your elbows all the way to the end that's the one now just work the shoulder towards me this one let's launch in launch in that shirt they they're perfect okay I'm just going to go out of life mode so I can take more still come into your frame shawn you stay on there amy you're doing good push that chin towards me good girl and down down down stop wow good girl love that I can't bring your chin up to me ever so slightly pushed board drop those shoulders down cathy that and amy I let's try and blow like straight at that side there so I get a really good oh I love the stadium try and blow the side amy dear that's it oh I like that well chin up to me half an inch cathy all right hand I need you to take your bomb back like that stop now push your chin towards me you're doing this okay so relax your mouth that one little bit more of a small just a tiny tickle of a smile anymore okay from their tune you're back to this wall here ten forty five degrees turn it off me then they can hear me they can hear me when the microphones on okay hands down and I just want you to take down the walls to walk away from a little weed that stop and then just touched the back there and I want you to lean with this arm okay there that's it uh just push your body away stop that's it let me just grab that drinks there now from here to spring your chin around to may that's the one and amy I'll get you to bring the fan and now people kind of candy on the market find when the fans on cyo tell you into stat this hand comes up onto thigh and back that someone now need to drop the shoulder down just your shoulder how'd you don't move your hand so keep that there I'm gonna just yet so take it more weight on your back foot back foot you're on the back foot that's it perfect and then bring your chin around me now stop this is a really close beautiful shot okay pull your head off the wall and that and now come around to me stop that round to me that way stop the boot good girl okay would go bring it around to me a little weak but more more stop there it is nicely done okay ames I have some light in here samir in here sorry you can come right up under little bit more smile casey's just took ten up half and good girl right through the eyes give me those eyes and beautiful big smile go you're amazing thank you world right next so they're still going what I'm doing here is I'm sitting up a scenario for the four girls and I've got all four girls to get into something sixty in evening wear and I'm rotating them through so I can just keep shooting them I'm going to try and get every sequence around three minutes so that they can keep flowing and getting changed okay can and what I want you to do is just come up into cover girl so hands up just on your waistline and maybe even a little bit higher that girl perfect and I want you just to kick out onto one hip so which that's it's whatever one feels the best now when you do that way when you go this way go back just flatten your dress down because when you go that way about no it buttoned up here so then take it down here on the side that's ago now drop that shoulder down lower it's it's so nice and tall with your neck and shoulders and then bring your chin forward and down stop that absolutely perfect so right here chin down a little bit more and give me those gorgeous eyes there we go so I'm going to do a cover girl siri's on the black of the flat straight back so I'm going to turn this off and pull us out and I'm gonna come up in freestyle that so that I can get up and move around I'm going teo look at doing a gorgeous cavaco with those eyes long chin towards may lock down that's it and then took this way with you here your eyes are going currently the same color there's your dress I can't wait to show you that amazing okay from here perception towards me relax at mouth killer and just to those beautiful big open golden eyes that's the ones stay there now little list smiley and more smiling through the eyes okay it's all about what's going on upstairs that's it perfect don't move okay from here I just want you to bring this hand down around your body so attach is your thigh that comes up a little and then you're albert just pens back here that's even more so come to the outside okay and then long chin long chin ford and down that's it don't move gorgeous put your chin towards me a little bit more kinnah and down and lots of smile through the eyes their love that from here both let's put both hands down and then like that and then table top that one the cake so I can't see it it's actually easier if you've been them up like this both hands okay and then straight up to mate and then pull those elbows back elbows back that now long chin towards me and down that's really pin those elbows back more more more more more ten forward and down and then just a tiny little tickle of a smile in your eyes now now bring your chin forward and down just a touch more it stay there locked down and just give me a tiny little expression I want that expression before I move on that's perfect now from here I want you to come towards me and I want you to put your back against this wall and I want you to do exactly what you just did then touch down and I want you to turn away from me with this shoulder became or your whole body that's it I want to do that I'm gonna open this kill up here and I just want you to look back at me now so with that shoulder away from me your whole body away from me and bring your chin down here now it's it and bring those eyes around to may don't move darling turn down a little wave at law and it's so gorgeous can't bring it in around a little bit more that's it a little bit more I know it hurts but it looks so good gay stay there turned down a little weed but that's it in down and just when you turned down and tuck right down that's it I want you almost like their heads but not quite so far that's it stay there now this is all about those don't move them can not lift up a little inch lift up in and lift and lift up your chin a little stops upstart election mouth just give me those eyes girl stayed here okay now give me a tip this maquina with your head stop don't move anything absolutely gorgeous reelection mouth lips together kate let it fall down that's it I want to show you the difference between those two images now very gently ford stop there turn around to me that's it came down half an inch good girl working out I'd love that okay from here I want eyes down huge big smile laughing smile big big big big big that's perfect and from here I want you to lean back on the wall to keep your body pushed away that's it and I want you just to be in there and just touched here that don't move because that shape in there is gorgeous long term towards me that's a good girl long turn eyes to may and completely relaxed that face to make it that's it with those eyes for man just going to come in a bit closer and I want a gorgeous smile they're good girl it's beautiful turn around this way more more stop to make okay bring it on down down stuff I'm not too worried about that because it's the live show shawn please keep going alright long chin down giving sirens here science in downtown vietto okay just this is all about expression that shot from mackenna relax your mouth could be those beautiful eyes push your chin towards me just to touch you got it it was amazing oh last stop keller okay let's go keep going we'll change you over I'm just focusing here I'm going to do a live few focus so that you guys can see how I'm gonna pose here because what I love about this shot in the streets in this color is what's going to go on here so okay susan it's really important when I move you that you don't move towards me or away from me that you set us down this plane okay and what I want to do first is let's just out really simple I just want your hands to come into your thighs and go outside and impertinent out both back a little that's it and then you tin comes all the way forward and down locate this albany to go all the way around so it needs to go to the outside of your thighs if you can get there around better now don't pin your shoulders back it's really important that you bring them ford and drop them down so that they're not too high long chin towards may so I love when people start moving their bodies held different things happen and you know they pin their elbows back and then the chin goes in so just watch all their movements now chin down just a touch a tiny smile through the expression through your eyes good girl that's where we're at and then what I want you to do is I want you to hold your elbows across here so under your boot blind that hold them nice and on the corners right there so right thrown throw that it and I just want you to turn don't move back or forward and justin and bring your chin beck I came all the way back so with the shoulder forward okay now I'm going to do a simple movement here where I get to go side to side so I'm going to stop recording live you so I can come in front of here and you can watch this from shawn's angle so that you can see I'm going to do because I really like that but I want to show you how I can work it just that how about I just get me out by just you okay that's it now come back on that now with this shoulder okay so when she was wish iwas the arm was too fled in ford so all I did was bring her elbow back towards me so that she could work her shoulder forward then I can come right into here push your chin forward and down down down stop there we go all right now I'm just going to move around here now some people do this really well in some people dying so susan's really upright she's got a good posture here so I'm going to move her around a little bit because at the moment she's holding up like this so I want you just to push your bum back that way and what that does things that brings the opportunity to bring that down a little bit more that's it so when I bring her back there she told into the shoulder okay open your shoulders up to me and stop open your shoulders up to me openly shoulder up to me that's it so open your shoulder up to mate never you tend this way all right stop okay and now jenn down now open your shut up to me more that it now but you turned down that's it nice okay from there I want you to tune this way all the way around and I want you to kick back like that give me a lot to shape hold your elbows on a coming down there again let that filthy naturally backhand can just go away and I just want you to go up right okay and long chin stay there okay keep that out open your shoulder up to me again so just open your shoulder up so don't just spin your shoulder bone back like open like that that's it now let this hand go down the wall and we've got good space there long chin towards may and down this way it's beautiful right there good girl okay from here just a tiny bit more sparkle in the eye that's gonna give me justice take on the matter now don't get too low that's the words day there okay now your eyes are going the same color it's a stress notice I'm shooting right on her island I'm going to come down a bit lower that absolutely beautiful chin up half innit good girl okay now I just need a little bit more smile on your lips okay that's gotta believe it bring you tend this way I'm going to come in closer and I'm gonna hit this here not half an inch that's gorgeous right there and now I just want I want you to change the weight on your feet to your back foot and I want you to tip back and I want you just to touch here on there and I want you to just bring your shoulder and connected don't bring that shoulder for too much that ten down teo touch good girl that's perfect working those eyes and then turn stand and turned towards up actually stay there chin down now okay if I'm going to do that that back home just needs to come forward to so I can see your back on your left yet the backhand just slide it for decks at that stay there because I could just see it poking through the bet and shoulder up just a little bit in the front the hex it stop and then tune in to the front and just do cover girl just like that elbows out on that waistline long chin lifting out I'm gonna straighten you out and then launch in pushing forward and down down down down down down stop there it isthe right there go gorgeous and chin down a little bit more and just a little bit of a smile in your mouth and more in your eyes you got it that was perfect good shit that was a really neat transition to see so I'll make sure that we put these up side to side thank you very much okay I'm gonna show life you hear turn up to move too far off your spot let's just do this again when your hands come down that's in your elbows tucked in nice and tight I want a long chin towards me area don't move that's gorgeous and just bring your chin back this way and uh not too far come back again I'm going to just readjust all right tio here because I'm not front onto here that's the one so this is my typical cover girl loving that chin down just a touch real action mouth and give me those beautiful big guy sets a girl now lips together and just a tiny little e smile that's cute okay I want a little oui but more smile than that so just a little wait that's it gorgeous from here I want teo I'm going to come off and one thing I'm going to do with you before I do is I want to show you this transition I want to show you looking over the shoulders attuned just don't move off the spot so just tune away that and bring your chin back to the spot that's it now shoulder goes forward all right they're incheon goes down eyes into here that's the one and so here I am going to take a shot and then I'm going to start I do something every now and then where to in this transition so what I'm gonna do is now move this way and then just spend all the way the other way and just look over your other shoulder that's it and do it again okay and I kind of do a quick change so I get to do it again that's it and stop big smile and do it again and this time look down to the floor that's it and do it again and this time look down big smile that's it and then come back again and this time hold your alibis so I often do this let's have a look at the siri's so that we can go through and just see if it looks good I do that because sometimes it's really good to get people in a slight movement in it sometimes really work so I'm going to take off life you and then I'm gonna come up close and I'd love to get a fan in here so I'll just organized that and see if I could get a little bit of movement and ariel is here okay so what I'm gonna do is elbows down flat against your body and work this shoulder I could don't put your ten down too far okay I want you to bring it up to me now with the shoulder forward instead good girl stop and from here chin down just a touch that's the one chin down a touch more that don't go down too far bring it turn back towards may the head's perfect stay there and turned back to me now well it might expose get too low there and then I'm going to shoot this horizontally so from here I need you to turn your shoulder away stop and then give me a tip down with your chin note the other way away from make a girl stop and I'm just going to come in this way and I just want you to give me a tiny little bit stadium gonna open this up and I'm gonna put some fear into here taking me tipped forward more that's it stay there tiny little fan just tip this way and reelection bottom left are a good girl okay tuned directly towards me and then just go elbows back nice and long and then just let your mouth okay amy I'll bring this ford and I want you I'll take two shots and then you can come in chin forward and down down there on stop happening chap harry let's go up a bit more okay lips together and now I just collect the math it's a little bit now ten down go go ok let's together not so much that beautiful good kill that's perfect expression okay let's together and tiny little smooth nice easy smile love it okay from the anchor back against the wall just lean back with your shoulders that's it come down the wall a little weed but mark no kick out what you were doing was good but just come away from they don't come down come away keep that extreme yeah that's good that's good hands there now chin around me now okay I may not need a family here amy I'll try long chen towards mary stayed it no out a little bit more stop reelection mouth okay I mean you can't put a little bit of air in here just stay off the wall a little bit that's why come forward now did you you got it that's it okay chin around to me that's the one that's beautiful also may be perfect okay lips together a good shark will bring you turn around a bit more and down stop chin up half an inch just bottom lip down chin down a little touch not so much with the bottom lip could kill that was perfect thank you absolutely perfect so just like that flowing sequences keep them three four minutes maximum keep the girls moving out and then they get changed and then they do round two and then they get changed and then they do around too dumb

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


1Teaching 2 Photographers in 28 Days
2First 2 Years: The Truth
3Rate Your Business
4Year One in Business
128 Challenges
3Price & Value
4Checklist, Challenges, and Next Steps
1Day 1: The Natural Light Studio
1Day 2: Mapping Your Set and Outfits
1Day 3: One Composition - Five Poses
1Day 4: Flow Posing
1Day 5: Posing Couples
1Day 6: Capturing Beautiful Connection & Expression
1Day 7: The Rules - Chin, Shoulders, Hands
1First Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 8: Rules - Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry, Connection
1Day 9: Styling & Wardrobe
1Day 10: Shooting Curves
1Day 11: Posing & Shooting - Groups of 2, 3, and 4
1Day 12: Posing & Shooting Families
1Day 13: Products & Price List
1Day 14: Marketing & Shooting the Before & After
1Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting
1Second Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 16: Posing Young Teens
1Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
1Day 18: The Corporate Headshot
1Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
2Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
1Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule
1Day 21: Posing Mothers & Daughters
1Third Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 22: Marketing & Shooting - 50 & Fabulous Demographic
1Day 23: Shooting into the Backlight
2Bonus: Shooting into the Backlight
1Day 24: Marketing & Shooting - Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
2Photoshop Video: Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
1Day 25: The Beauty Shot
2Bonus: Vintage Backdrop
1Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic
1Day 27: Sales & Production
1Day 28: Posing Men
1Bonus: Pricing
3Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1
4Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2
5Marketing Part 1
6Marketing Part 2
7Money: What's Blocking You?
8Bonus: The Folio Shoot
1Photo Critiques Images 1 through 10
2Photo Critiques Images 11 through 27
3Photo Critiques Images 28 through 45
4Photo Critiques Images 47 through 67
5Photo Critiques Images 68 through 84
6Photo Critiques Images 85 through 105
7Photo Critiques Images 106 through 130
8Photo Critiques Images 131 through 141
9Photo Critiques Images 142 through 167
10Photo Critiques Images 168 through 197
11Photo Critiques Images 198 through 216
1Identify Your Challenges
2Identify Your Strengths
3Getting Started Q&A
4Rate Your Business
5Marketing Vs Pricing
6Facing Fear
7The 28 Day Study Group
8Selling Points
9Interview with Susan Stripling
10Emotional Honesty
1Sue's Evolution
228 Days Review
3Student Pitches
428 Days Testimonial: Mapuana Reed
5How to Pitch: Starting a Conversation
6Your Block: Seeing is What You're Being
7Your Block: Valuing and Receiving
8Building Confidence: Your Own Stories
9Building Confidence: Your Self Worth
10Pitching An Experience
11Pitching An Experience: Your Intentions
12Pitching An Experience: Social Media
13Final Thoughts