28 Days of Portrait Photography


28 Days of Portrait Photography


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I have a question for amy and dusty for starters and then maybe nikias well zoom photo is wondering about we talked a little bit about you okay with me to kind of jumping all over the place yeah yes okay all right zoom photo how do you get referrals from your current clients like what do you guys want to do our clients love our work and we give them one hundred dollars voucher along with their order but no one seems to take up the opportunity can you suggest how we make referral system a success what have you guys been doing you know you do it and is it a success we have we've done a little testing we've given out referrals for years and we've not given out like we're four credits for years and there doesn't seem to be any difference between who refers us and who doesn't if they love it they become an evangelist and they'll tell everybody about it you know they some people are more vocal than others people we've never given her folk credits to will refer twenty two thousand dollars wor...

th of work for us over four years well and it's also crazy some people that actually spend less with us well actually refer mohr go out until the world people spent a ton and you know what they carry anything yeah so when nikki went into that marketing show she said I'm going to book twenty shoots paid shirts and I said no you're not I said you'll be lucky to book five inches and instantly I watched this whole energy going this nikki think about it you're gonna book five paid clients that was being a minimum of twelve hundred dollars fifteen hundred dollars then they're going to bring you all of their friends you're gonna need work your butt off at that event because there's going to be twenty other businesses here that wanna work with you and the ultimate would be the big picture is down the track but you're right what it comes down to is a personal connection now I can photograph some people in enjoy them but not maybe make friends with them and then you can photograph the next person there's just one instant connection and they seem to team clients that really comes down to their experience with you not with how could the photos are but their experience with you are you working on the relationship that you're having with them because I wouldn't you agree they're the ones that really connect you and send you work because they like you if they like you they send you more work and always look at the big picture somebody may only by two photographs that send you five clients and they've just seen twelve thousand dollars you know don't look at the small sail look at what I can get what is the opportunity here always the opportunity what do we always switch topics a little bit tio something that some other people are having challenges with and it would be it would be also cool to hear your experiences because you've gone through twenty eight days and learning the bedside manner soo has a very distinctive way of getting her clients into zone and I'm wondering if you guys feel that you have some of that now to sue mention that she looks at amy's images and she can see that connection that amy has been able to create the question is from christina I have the hardest time producing a quality bedside manner manner I suck it small talk and I think that it's actually hurting my business how do I become a better communicator how do I help clients feel at ease and therefore more willing to refer me to their friends as well as in the experience itself I have heard you have actually shot with all of these guys and I feel like when they with me they don't talk and because I dominate anyway so when they are on their own their own personal of these come out right yeah and also a lot of our glamour clients are actually our wedding clients as well so we also already have like a repetition with reputation with them amy giggles a lot yeah that seems to get them giggling and I don't like it when I go like okay class and then I start laughing and realized my fake laugh yeah I mean in terms of getting connection I try to stay really calm and just because I know they're really nervous and if my energies calm they're going to be more calm just constantly talking to them reassuring them that they're doing the right thing and this is great I'll keep it up and I learned from you it's not beautiful beautiful beautiful but we're really just affirming that they're doing a good job yeah yeah um you know something I feel that what is really important is I also suck it small talk so that's why I don't like going to parties and I really struggle with having small talk and I just said the first time I met nikki I took it a paris because a friend had this cancer and the fifth time I met these two we had a conversation about amy's body image with her husband well I'm photographing them in a hotel room in san francisco so neither of them with small talk and a few second small talk that means you prefer deeper conversation while people go pretty deep with me pretty quickly even when they first meet me because I asked the questions you know I'm not like wow is that with you out there I'm you know I talk about body image and then she talks about how she feels about it buddy he talked about how he feels about her body we talked about the difference between men and women and we had this insightful conversation about body image I have a conversation with nicky that's not small talk one thing I learned from twenty eight days which I often go back and reference but is to sit them down when they get there tell me how you want to be photographed tell me you know what inspired you to have a photo shoot today you're not just us here yeah and you know you never know what you're gonna get I mean I had a client who said to me I'm I've always been the ugly sister if three sisters I've always been the ugly ones that you love that about woman tell me how you wantto tell me how you want to go I waited a beautiful really just a big light yeah but you know she gave him I never would have known that but that's the beauty of women I love it can't wait and I apologize for everything it's like the media I'm so sorry and forty three you know I wish I had done this twenty years ago well I wasn't shooting twenty years ago you know and it's like I'm so sorry I just put on seven pounds so you doesn't look like it doesn't matter you know I'm so sorry my here's a bit dry or I just cut me here or I'm so sorry miss qin's drive way apologizing everything but that this powder is what we do is we sit down instantly vulnerable instant vulnerability and every now and then you get like the super hard like I'm not giving you anything it's like I'm going to go to a clairvoyant and I'm not going to give her anything because I'm going to see if she's really so they think they're going and then they go she you that isn't that crazy and I was like well no because she's a clairvoyant on this personal stuff like that but you know the truth is is the report you get it's not about warming people up don't say gorgeous darling sweetie darling sweetie darling what do you want today nikki what do you hear for you'd like a beautiful photograph for facebook here's another question somebody wrote somebody face but now in bed was so in twenty eight days wrote the other day my client rang and said I just want one portrait how do I deal with it to a tune her away no you just tell her to bring in one outfit this is a good one for women they'll bring three but you've given her one outfit choice she just wants one beautiful portrait so you khun do you shoot in half an hour and you just say so for your one shot how would you like to be dressed and if she you bring in the best outfit and we'll photograph there and if she gets one killer portrait and doesn't buy two more she just walks away with one that will be framed on her wall for the next thirty years and it's called marketing so thinks matt and go sure let's do your one beautiful put it what do you want and if I only in one hundred dollars that day I'm going to make sure shoot it in half an hour I'm going to do a killer job I'm going to entice it up by at least twenty more and I'm going to get something I can use for my wall of my folio and if not know that she will see me more work from that one beautiful portrait okay I discredit that so so many questions that are still coming in about hope getting started um shelly I have a number of questions but perhaps the biggest where to start what should my main focus be as I moved towards this new chapter is it bettering my skills isn't working on the marketing aspect is it getting over myself doubt and there you got that that chart up again so of those is there anyone that's most important the first thing you need is a folio you can't put up a website and this you have a folio a lot of people spend all this money on the website in the folio is not very strong and then they're not detecting any work and I've looked at so many websites and you know that one of the hardest things is a photographer is I wanted to look at them and say your work's not strong enough and they're already at the mike ling stage and failing at that um how do I know my portfolio is stronger next question you know creative people it's called how long is a piece of string how long is that ottoman you know and weii maybe got twelve hundred emails after office which upto ask how long the ottoman wass and I don't know I created by bought it from my kia it was long enough for a woman to lie on but how long and how tall was it and how long you're kind of missing the point it's what we were doing on the ultimate not the ottoman and it was kind of how we were directing the woman that was on the ottoman and she could also do that on the floor what color floor way get lost in these logistics and then it's like but people tell me my work is good enough what are you showing your mother people tell you by buying it and it's really really important that you work on getting your failure up to power and you can compute it teo the photographers you admire you compare it to mine you can compare it to but you know even the day you've got to see this a client and stop comparing so you spend the first half of your create computing and in the second half of your career not competing anymore doing your own thing and that really hard I didn't I head out to that get a mentor payment or work for a mentor I knew when my work was good enough yeah I mean that that team keeps coming up jackie marino my biggest fear is what if I can't get great shots that they will actually like that's going to happen to you it still happens to me I did a shot last shoot last year and I failed it happens to me every year twenty five years be prepared it hits like a ll help you're going to sack they're going to tell you sack and then you cry about it or what did he do eat a pound cake vodka all of the above and you know I I will never be good enough for me and if you think if you walk out going boo yeah nailed that you're an asshole on it's going to be reflected in your sales because a creative the doubt there's just always there is this good enough what if I fail is this good enough it's when you do this week why do you think that's when you do your best work as you try hard you don't get lazy and you are not cooking cutting you're out of your comfort zone and you're pulling stuff out that you didn't know you had sweet ting yu are crying about it you're in pain you're in a world of pain and then you get and you just like I just absolutely run that and then you look at it and it's like one of your best images so where does confidence come into that equation then what is confidence ego you mean ego I'm confident that I'm confident that when you're in my space I'm going to try and take the best photograph you've ever seen of yourself I'm confident that after all my experience your body shape will not trip me up I'm confident that I am ninety nine point nine percent will get your expression the only time if a fail is when I'm in a foul mood or I'm tired or I'm over whipped not you so I'm confident that when I'm in my flow I'm going to sell you beautiful portrait and take the best photograph you've ever seen if yourself but it might give a confident that I'm a brilliant photographer no nobody is you ever confident that you're good uh I'd like to think I'm good at business most of the time I still dropped the ball on my service I'm happy to admit that so confidence what is confident you're facing people described me as being a very confident woman I'm like seriously I'm not a confident woman by any stretch of imagination I'm assertive but anything I'm confident confidences bravado it's an interesting way yeah now that ego but I really like how you explain the difference of what you are confident of versus not that's really cool I had a question in here I'm not finding it right now but that was about what do you do when you're just not in the mood when you just can't bring it or or or de burgh how how do you how do you do that I've walked into it into the kitchen at my studio in one of my staff members have broken up with her boyfriend and she was crying for like the fourth time that year that I like and I remember looking at her and I said you can cry but in fifteen minutes you can put eyedrops in and you walk out there and you give their client the best you've got and I said don't you ever bring your personal crap to my studio ever again and somebody said to me sorry sir but we're just not robot and I remember thinking I've had this way of always being able teo push aside no matter what I'm going through and try and give them my best and I still felt that we're emotional human veins and you will differently bring your emotional baggage to your shirt you just have to manage it the best you can and then move on yeah that was from kathleen you're right cannon and sometimes I've done the shooter I'm so sick or so tired or in physical pain over something or an emotional pain over something and I haven't been the nicest person and it's reflected in my referrals and reflected on my sales and all I can do is it's really interesting is when they come back to the viewing is being a bit of space and give him lots of love and attention spend more time with them than you normally would take them out for coffee because you'd be amazed at how you khun bring people back from and this you've offended them you can bring people back from attention all human beings want us to be seen to be heard and to feel special and is a service provider if you can't see them hear them and make them feel special you failed they're all human beings want so when you come back you can I've been honest to clients I've said look I'm so sorry I love your shoot I'm so sorry I was so grumpy I had so much going on that day and I really loved shooting you but I know that I was just really struggling that day and I've told the truth like girl talk when you're in the viewing room together and I was like I just had a they fight with my wife in in any way your images are so beautiful or don't say it and just give them more time love and energy right now and watch them just turn around I've also done really stressful shoots well I think snapping at my staff you know they'll drop a reflector on the client below the here across the lip glass get in get in my way after you might get out of my way get out of my way and I know that I've seen like that through the shape and you know I think to myself my goodness afterwards that was so stressful for me that showed but when the clients see the photographs and they loved them and I give them this amazing viewing experience they'll go that was the best day of my life and I think really because I'm barking at everybody and I'm all stretched out but she remembers it as being way better than I did okay I just want to interject with what you're saying now and what someone asked a few a couple questions ago about how to have a relationship with your client as you're working with them one shooting day and there's five of us I think here that have been photographed by you and what you have shown us when you teach us is different than the real experience and working with you I mean I'm sure I'm gonna talk to torrey I guess you don't wanna interject with her that you come to us like the softest kitten and you're not like you I'm sure you've had those experiences but that's not your mainstream of what you're doing is barking at your staff and so forth your staff knows howto work around you and when I was with you there was probably four people right in that shooting space but your focus was only on me and I was the only person in that room when it's damp it one blowing a fan in the pitons one whole dinner flick today I'm here and before you know it you're surrounded by this little mane of people but yeah you're the only person you really are anyplace yet you're not looking I mean you do speak with him but you're not you're really right back on your subject and you're looking in their eyes and you have love in your eyes because you know what you're doing you know what your your mission is and you know she'll come in and she'll actually look at your hair it just look at you lovingly give you that confidence that she really cares about what she's doing and I'm gonna listen to her and she's not looking at her camera she's not thinking oh my camera settings wrong and she's not talking about that she's talking about me as a client victoria's client nikki is a client so that's being saying and being seen and feeling important yes okay so being hood is when you talk before and after the shoot when you get a lunch afterwards or when you have a coffee afterwards that's being heard because there's not a lot of talking that goes on during the shooting really important I say everybody don't do the long talks during the show get the shit down talked before about what they want talk after about the experience and getting to know them a bit better because then you build that report but when you're shooting shoot so let them be seen and feel important way shooting them let them be heard before and after and then when they come back for the viewing let them be seen heard and feel important because they're giving you money in this moment when they come back for their pickup there to pick up their work seen heard and feel important we do I fall down on my business production and service in turn around that's one of the most important part because that's where your referrals come from that means they're not being seen heard or feel important after the baby money that breeds contempt okay this is where I fail if you fail there you need to change that you really need to change that um where do I start you know that you keep that saying would I stand people say that where do I start where do I start with is that these guys started with weddings they started the same way all waiting photographers did they started charging a couple of hundred dollars to shoot back hard with things and then they learned the craft and build it up they built a winning business to forty three weddings a year and five years niki's film who winning business in parallel because she's a one woman team they're a couple with two staff so nicky's a one woman team that can do team to fifteen weddings a year and take twelve portrait shoots a year they both have already told you what the business goals are can you can hear what their business how many shoes do you want a month for a portrait we want want like four month during wedding season eight out of it okay to awake no winning season one awake okay that's your business girl that's got to go on the wall with an average sail off twelve hundred twelve eighteen hundred outstanding I want you to write that I think poster above your dear yeah and I have a month eighteen twelve a month and I have my vision board and it looks like a kindergartener drew it but it is there yeah I it doesn't matter how good you are joy just you know put it up on piper mean but I don't create I posted this this morning somebody it she tweeted this about me last night I don't make vision boards I do what I want boards and I didn't make it happen every single day okay think of more questions for these guys you standing to know where they're at in terms of this data where there it with their goals I'm going to get them to do a quick business rating you're going to do a quick business rating on those teen steps the slide can come up right now we'll go to break and I want you to I can't I can't really tell you how important this is and yet I put out this sort of thing on my first creative life two years ago so I know a lot of people are actually delegating it so when you say we'd always start stop there and give yourself a rating and then choose one subject at a time and whether it takes a day a week a year or ten years with if rates single wake on getting everyone if you're writing a teen if in a is time you're sitting here teaching a creative life class uh you're on the same track as I wass it's not gonna happen overnight you're not going to be an overnight sensation ask yourself one question at morning tio what am I trying so hard to achieve because I think he might be a little bit misaligned and we think you're going why am I pushing myself so had for what

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Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


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1Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting
1Second Weekly Q&A Session
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1Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
1Day 18: The Corporate Headshot
1Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
2Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
1Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule
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1Third Weekly Q&A Session
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3Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1
4Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2
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