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this is a really great keynote for me to pull up before you start your twenty eight day challenge I've given you a formula and I've told you to remove your blocks of showing you what your blocks are that they're going to be great to work through I've addressed your physical blocks in your business are they dressed your personal blocks in your own self I've given you a formula to start working towards and now we look at this one component which is actually a challenge on twenty eight days but what I really wanted to do was open a big discussion about it because I feel like most people do not talk about this and we're gonna talk about pricing okay how we price ourselves as portrait photographers in the market and I wanted to open up I actually originally wanted to open this up a panel I wanted to get one of the best wedding photographers in the country that I know one of the best children's photographers that I know and sit down and each of us give what we believe is an international sta...

ndard for pricing portraiture winning in baby photography across the board because I don't believe anybody really sees you should charge this much and there's so many instructors that won't talk about their own pricing now about three years ago I put my prices on my website and it didn't change my business I thought it would in fact what board was ah higher number off people that actually wanted to be photographed not that didn't want to call me if they were afraid of that number and I didn't say my images of this match I saved my images start at two hundred and seventy five dollars my folio started twelve hundred so I made it informative but not scary for people to see my price point correct so as I did that I realized that it was probably more helpful for me to have my prices on my website and then when I did my new website recently I didn't put it back on again oh yes I did I think it's all my info page now but again only images or commission starts when I first found a web site a few years ago that head commissions winnings commissions started seven thousand dollars I remember thinking we're not going to call if you think seven thousand dollars is way out of your price list and if you still like it you're going to call so obviously that photographer's only ever going to deal with people that are within the price range you have to have a pretty powerful website and whip and body of work to make that ok because I guess there's a lot of people they're gonna look ago what that's not with seven grand the website I'm referring tio while it's really beautiful and obviously it was a price point where this guy was not afraid to say what he was and what he was with and I remembered at the time being shocked by it like I remember going well he's balls there can believe he's got that price on there but then I think back and also I thought no that's what he should be look at his work it's incredible I'm going to respect this man right from the beginning and of course I did so here's the thing about pricing and after my talk just now about you know getting out of your own way yesterday and today I've come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with price and everything to do with your average sale so the price of your products simply facilitates what your average sellers if you offer three albums three thousand four thousand five thousand there is pretty much an average that says everybody will spend four thousand dollars because that's your medium package it's probably where you feel comfortable that's what everybody feels comfortable it's like small medium or large madam you get a choice and you go I'll take the medium size thank you not too small not too large just right about right is that a human mentality maybe I don't know so whatever your price point is it tells me that your average will be based on what you think you're worth is a hole it doesn't matter whether you tell acrylics or canvasses or folios of albums or individual prince you will make the same amount of money consistently because that's what your average will be do you understand that you will attract the same amount of money make the same amount of money regardless of what your prices I learned that about half now ago when I was just thinking about what I just told you over the last two days you see what I just told tina was this how much should I charge I charge this match it's my price list I've never made that a secret not to my client's because they're the ones paying for it why would you keep that a secret and certainly never to the photographic industry because it's what I'm worth and certainly never to you guys is you know leaning from his instructor however here's the intriguing thing my prices have not gone up and twenty years this priceless comes from my first studio where I was employed and it has never changed this is what we were charging twenty years ago amazing right the only thing that's changed in the last twenty years is my average ah that's nothing to do with your price and everything to do with what you're with I swear to god I have not put my prices out since then so what does that tell you and that just astonished may right now over my chip hot they lunch I remind to partly lunch bowl which was beautiful by the way I want to buy franchise not kidding so I just occurred to me I'm about to launch an entire keynote on price and I have nothing to say about it other than that however what I do have something today about it is what o you say about it I can't catch this match I'm not good enough I can't do this what should I charge journey down the road is selling teen a proteins for twenty five dollars and it goes on and on and on and on and on and qin era and russ and susan all the czech host that creative life they have fielded thes questions for years and years and years the same dumb stupid asked questions but how much is an eight by ten but how much is an eight by ten so how much do I charge how much do I charge how much do I charge it has nothing to do with what you charge and everything to do with what your average sale is so that tells me that the priceless and the products you create must actively sell your average sale and it must do it effectively and in really good price point with productivity and it must have a good profitability do you know what that means if you were selling an acrylic print for forty dollars and it costs you thirty three dollars to make it you're making seven dollars then you have the paychecks on that so that's pretty much a coffee from starbucks all right so if you're selling a product for three hundred dollars and it cost you twenty dollars to make then it's two hundred eighty dollars that you have to pay techs on that's just business so the idea then is what is your average sale what is the product that you want to put together so do you want anything to do with it you want to just flick it off get it framed you wanna pass it over how do you want to deal with your production what do you want some people want to have framed pictures I know one thing when I changed my portrait business from framing to know framing something changed nothing changed and what we're making in terms of money and everything changed in terms of how our images were presented at the end so we decided as a studio that framing was just too much of a pain if you framed an image they would they would look really beautiful and then the people would come and pick them up and they might say are no I told you to remove that red button on my coat it was already framed we went chicken the images and then frame and we were just this's a headache let's change our price and let people gone pay for their own framing and this here will be just a normal mounted price this is a mounted prices is not a framed price so then what happened was nothing changed we went from there is our framing price so that is our normal price and we just told people we didn't offer framing anymore but we didn't move our price and we still made the same amount of money because people buy whatever you tell them to buy it doesn't matter what you change as long as you change it and hear everything just changes and so all of a sudden people were buying mounted shots we were winning the same amount of money we didn't have a five thousand dollar framing bill when for us what we weren't winning in was when people came into our studio the framer he used to deliver all of the framed images to the front of our beautiful walking studio and people would walk in and stop and look at them and they were really shoots really picked up waiting to be picked up and they were laid out all against the wall and people were captivated by them and not only that every single one of those archival e framed images now hang on somebody's wall and yet I believe maybe ninety five percent of the ones we sold unframed do not and all of those beautifully framed archival prince have my name on them and that is called further marketing in business and if you see an image and you go wow that is an incredible shot of you kate who took that I don't remember her name some girl and ponds and they have a look at the back her name's on it and there it is my phone number and you can call me anywhere anytime beautiful timeless forever so there is a give and there is a take but what you need to understand is what the value is like you said a man do you want to offer acrylics you want ofthis deal you want awful that stuff that's fine having a new studio don't have it on your price list until they're buying they don't need to make that final decision people don't know until you talk in to tell him anyway so there's no point blinding them before the shoot I blind them with your incredible photographs in your experience not with what they're going to be buying in three weeks time okay then the price you put on that the price you put on that has to be profitable it has to contribute to a good average sale and it has to sit comfortably with you now I will not criticise somebody that the charge is three times more than me if if they do that comfortably and their clients are happy and they're taking beautiful work props to them I wish I was that open maybe that's my money block but that's not for me to criticize or tell him it's not with it because I see people shoot way lister may charge three times more easily and make a lot of money and it is not my job to criticize those people it's my job to up my experience in my value and simply up my average price don't you think so I want to open a fast discussion about this and one of the hardest things about this this subject is I feel like already the internet you know asking king of questions I feel like this subject comes down teo you know when I did my first creative live and I was telling people this is how you pose curvy girls this is how you pose to women this is how you pose you know in people would be like so what if you get somebody with a crooked mouth and what if you get someone with one eye swell on the other hand what if you get somebody with the part in the middle of the hit and what if you get someone with one ear higher than the other and what if you get it um you know you could ask a million questions but the truth is you must ask the right questions that would pay how doe I left myself average give me some tips on that um what do I want my every to be how do I work out my profitability so that I know exactly what I'm meaning from this how do I streamline my products are making the most amount of money but still giving my clients a huge value because you must give more in physical material than the dollar value you receive wallace wattles when you do that that exchange of energy is so big it will come back to you tenfold and if you understand that statement understand it again when you give more in physical value than the dollar value you receive you're the one that shifted in yourself because you believe what you're giving is higher value than the money you're saving and I don't mean I'm giving way more than I'm getting paid for that's not gratitude do you understand so too may pricing now is all about value your value what you're with how you wantto work how you want to wake your production in the value of what you want to give your clients I had a wage mentality when I left the studio and I spent two years floundering before I started my own business and in the two years of floundering I created the same amount of money I owned is away gina somewhere between four and six hundred dollars a week so I took my money mentality away from my wage and like I said to you this morning great you feel guilty about making your own income and you you can go and work in a job that pays you four to six hundred dollars a week and you're happy to take that because it's not you paying it and that's what you think you're with so I went out and built a little business built on that with on what I was with a weak so when you want to know how to price yourself I suggest you ask this question how much money do you want to go in a week right now he's the good thing in business I stopped my business I'm green I'm so green it's not even funny it's actually embarrassing when I think back to what I didn't know about business I'm predicting to make you know or two to four thousand dollars a week big time and I go to a business coach I pay this business coach and he says to me right so you'll pay yourself and unlike two to four grand a week and he's like no I thought that's what your prediction to making your business and was like oh what do I pay myself any guys what everyone else pace himself in business knows I won't know what that is because I don't know anyone in business is that team between not like excuse me you mean I have to win two two thousand dollars foot to get two hundred bucks and I was like yeah but what happens to the rest of the money theo business gets it and I was like so I create something and then pay them yeah yeah I was like uh how do I get more and more so I get ten percent of whatever I am I guess and then I went uh ah right nobody told me that if you think that's stupid don't laugh because of nineteen ninety nuff people that they're going ah uh and that was exactly right I suddenly realized that in order to have a viable in a financial business in order to have a profitable sustainable income I needed toe actually set up a business not just a little contract job that flipped me a thousand dollars every now and then and that's what most of you have okay I needed to actually create a system a product in a service based on a professional income that was going to pay me regularly and then I knew I had my grand up pants on in fact in that moment I remember thinking I have never bean more grown up in that moment than any other time in my life I've worked it out the thing they never tell you but maybe they tell you that business gold really smart kids go so I did come to the conclusion that at the end of the day it didn't matter how high priced that what mattered was my average what I was working towards my average how I spoke about my average what I set up my average how I sold my experience to get my average how I'd consistently marketed and sold and shot to that average and that when somebody spent eight hundred dollars it wasn't a bad sailor when someone's been eight thousand dollars it wasn't a good sale because all it wass was contributing to my average so I took this price list and I started my business and I was winning four hundred dollars a wake and then I started my own business and it was big and I taught the photographers and we had an average of eighteen fifty a week and it was consistent even the girls were pulling eighteen eighteen fifty per shoot in average and then I moved to australia on my own and my average went up to three thousand three hundred dollars so what changed what changed never once my price because my price never shifted once what changed was my value and service because when I went out on my own I decided to change what I was doing and how I was doing it and instead of doing three shoot today at eight hundred dollars and driving myself into the ground trying to market retouch and shoot that I did one shoe today I spent longer with my client I gave them more pre service more after service and my average doubled immediately you see that it doubled so I work less enjoy it more for higher average so your only goal is to value yourself put a number on it get an average from it work out the profitability and then raise it to the next level if great single year month annual quarter your only goal is to raise your we have to go raise your average and the more you believe in your service the more you believe in your value the more you believe in yourself the high your average will go alright shoebox photo yes but what is that value why doesn't anyone say this is the market hourly rate for editing for shooting so I can have a formula here she says it's not emotional okay I get it I'll give you a market early right I'm with five hundred dollars now to shoot because it takes me an hour if I think of all the consultations and calls everything I do with my client and then I spend an hour in here and make up and then I spent two hours shooting them and then I spent an hour re touching them and then I spent an hour there now is selling to them and then doing the final production and that to me quite to five hundred dollars six hours five dollars three thousand dollars plus tax on my mark it right right now it compared to my average is the amount of hours that I'm getting from my average so again I'm going back to my value in average but I'm sourcing that hourly rate from there that makes me with five hundred bucks so when I'm paying an editor twenty five dollars an hour to retouch my images and I hate it doesn't it stand to reason that if I'm making an income or she's doing my retouching and I'm with five hundred dollars an hour that I can out in here anyway and I should be doing what I love that would be smart business so what is the hourly rate it is your average divided by the time it takes you to do it and again you've come is it the chicken or the egg exactly like I was going next yeah so what a photo from your average is seven hundred dollars and it's taking you seven hours in your with one hundred dollars an hour and I suggest you either change your price point at that moment or change how you're doing it to get more profitability then your average will go up and if you don't then it stands to reason that you're only going to be with one hundred dollars an hour and I'm with five hundred dollars now and when I'm doing a job I hate from now on I think to myself could I outsource this for less than five hundred dollars an hour and if the answer is yes why the hell would I be doing it but the trick is is if you pay somebody to do the job you hate doing for twenty five dollars an hour you've just lost seventy five bucks which nobody wants to pay because it's seventy five bucks and you could just do it yourself is that when they are during the retouching you have to be doing something that makes five hundred dollars an hour you can't just go to the beach or you can and just have a good life with your kids and just lose seventy five dollars instead of hating what you're doing all right now I've just hit the kinnah I just did that to kiner about never changing my price but my value going up and kenna and I was just saying I guess for the last three years of czech hosting kenna has head this conversation online over and over and over and over again so I said to kenna I want you to hit me with every christian that she constantly gets asked about price so very first one most likely the most common that we that we always have shannon elizabeth says I have absolutely no idea what to charge I've always done free portfolio building shoots so now I just don't know how to start charging agnes bergman pinto says my biggest challenge how to start out in charge and determine how much when you start out in build portfolio are you supposed to do it for free or kenya charging how much and from them from there how do you move up so it's for those people who are just starting their business and really just they don't know what number to start at how much you want to end what if I said I don't know you don't know how much you want it in how much do you want to learn with the greatest deflection on creative life history that was like adfl said right there that was like boom boom scott and tina did you see that quarterback on and pass it to the front row I had a long term goal of wanting to make six figures by the time I'm thirty five I just had an ah ha moment when you said I had no idea that what that one hundred dollars or one hundred thousand dollars would be is ten percent of what my gross sales should be tax write e a million dollars so that means that I have to in order to reach my six figure goal what you ever sell I don't even think what do you think it is haven't all well because I do weddings and portrait so but you haven't ever seen they're combining those I would say probably seven fifty okay seven fifty so times that by divide that by million yeah no I want twelve hundred sheets yes right yeah one thousand three hundred thirty three doable yeah uh not more force you today every day of the entire year yeah basically yeah so we need thio triple your efforts right or double it or just at least get it up over thousands but the idea is one thing is really interesting and that is how it should go back to that question online how much do you want in the people saying I want six figures because you might put on a lot of weight what you get you asked for six figures um I I always sort of think to myself you know at the end of the day you need to make goals for work not income so I don't ever say I want to make six figures for these million dollars I want to make one hundred thousand dollars and I want to make a hundred thousand dollars instead I would rather say I want one hundred photo shoots and my current averages a thousand dollars so I want a hundred photo shoot it's easier to find a hundred photo shoots and it is to find a hundred thousand dollars you know why I could see his one hundred photoshoots sitting in front of me right now but if I had asked you all to give me money it's a no so if I give you something in return then obviously the money is here so that tells me that once make the goal for one hundred photo shoots and I'm going to get one hundred thousand dollars I didn't need to up my service in my value and my product and then I'll in more and I didn't put a cap on that and I potentially could up my average three times there in in three hundred thousand dollars so why put a limit on what you're going to end when all you need is the work not the money and also there's a different energy in working for money then there is working for shoots so when I have to go tell you to go out and find one hundred shoots you'll talk to three hundred people four hundred people but if I told you to go out and find a hundred thousand dollars you won't be able to find it I guarantee it because there's a difference in the energy of that now back to the question how much do you want to in big deflection from klosterman over the front row and we're back here again how much do I want to in well when I left my studio I knew I had to in four hundred dollars a week to survive and that's what I end so that my weight mentality so to me a folio with with four hundred dollars and that's to me exactly what I touched and it's exactly what I don't because my mentality was I can survive on what I've seen for the last ten years all I have to do is survive and I had a survival mentality not a thrive on mentality and I decided right then that I just needed four hundred dollars so to me a folio was four hundred dollars two folios was eight hundred dollars oh I'm getting rich now if I do three and that was exactly what I attracted it exactly what I got is exactly what I said it's my standard and it's all that I end so then when I started the studio I don't actually think I started making money until I got staff there is nothing like having to pay other people to make money and then all of a sudden I had a reason to go for a higher goal and every time I went for a higher goal I got more of that percentage and then I realized what I was doing I was working for other people and I was getting the payoff from it but I'd never did it for myself until now when I left the studio I had the biggest rock bottom year off my career I left the studio moved to australia and failed for a whole year I couldn't even book shoot I remember booking the shoot I sold four hundred dollars four years ago so four hundred dollars in the school went home tony mom and your mom run me told me I was a rip off and she wanted a refund I sat down and cried and then I realized the whole time I built that studio I was working and making money for others but I never valued myself and I learned that after building a two million dollar studio in three years not before so that value is the key to changing what you earn and it will absolutely blow you away so what is the folio with whatever you put on it you think it's two hundred that's what you'll get if you think it's four hundred that's what you get if you think it's twelve hundred that's what you get and if you put twelve hundred on it and you get no bites I don't believe that you believe it's with that or I don't believe that you are offering maura and physical value than the dollar value your saving why don't you agree I would challenge you because if you there is nothing in my priceless that people go you know what it's too expensive I believe it so once you believe that people stop asking in fact we used to joke about studio were in our sales room and we used to say you know I say remember when we started out business and people would go hey how much and we didn't believe in that priceless we didn't leave them there and then our sales went right up and we're averaging eighteen fifty and then we knew it was with it now that we know it's with it nobody asks us any more is that the law of attraction I don't know do we believe it yes I don't know but it isn't dark fortune to what you believe and it is instantaneous so if you believe that you'll sell it so you can put whatever you want on it I just had my own little personal uh just stay here I just had this it was just clear like you say what it is and then it isthe yeah right is it really that easy yeah do you believe it it isn't just perception tell me something when I said you don't write sinner on what you wanna be list don't write thinner um on every one of my list for ten years I've written thinner even though I've seen way thinner and I was not happier and I've gone back and forth a few times way thin a way bigger way thinner and then I settled somewhere in between and last year when I wrote my list for the first time I thought I'm not gonna write thinner on the list because I'm just going to accept that now is what I've got I'm going to rock it I'm gonna love it instead of living in the future when my body is perfect thank you love that one girl's never gonna happen your body is perfect now and I just occurred to me when I met jill because I was still I'm old I'm fat you know and then I watched that beautiful girl and her chest has been cut away and how could I ever complain about my breath when I know her and how could I even complain about my body and my health I know her you know don't you know if you complain about your size going meet someone with no leagues get some perspective and that changed me because I realized I didn't have to put I'm thinner I now love myself more now that I have it any other way and it doesn't matter what I am because the more I like it the more it changes anyway and it just seems to be getting better and I don't know why but because maybe it's just I think it is and nothing shifted you don't have to lose weight to fall in love in fact you put on weight you didn't put on weight and start hating yourself you put on weight because you did hate yourself and so no amount of weight last will change the fact that that was your truth and that's how you got there in the first place and I'm using white is an example because to me wait is no different than money it's no different than very success love they are the same same door you know same pathway it's the same thing in relation to what you believe about yourself so that's where I met all right so there are people in the lounge that air still pushing back guys push and saying yes but I'm still not sure where to start there's a saying saying but the person's question was they don't even know what to chart what to start to charge with they have not charged previously we have to start somewhere you have to crawl before you can walk walk before you can run what do I do oh okay um trish a lot on trish is said if you have never charged you have no idea what someone will pay for your work and you can't show them previous paid jobs so they trust you I can trust you see trust yourself that you're with that because that's what you're really saying to may okay but you live in a world with where everybody's a photographer and there's a million different people that can give you their price and you know what other people in charge sing so don't lie to me when you say I don't know what to charge because you know exactly what job logs down the road's charging don't you because you've already sent them e mails you really think that your friend to scene faking amount so that they got there oh everyone's done that right so the idea is I don't believe that you don't know what to charge I mean go ring ring twenty photographers and find say listen how much do you charge for a portfolio and charge around the same amount of the people you think your work is like if that's your problem but what is it you want to end if you want to do a full day shape for twelve hundred bucks put twelve hundred dollars on it then and include everything work out your profitability start shooting work at an average and then try to up your value and up your profitability you want to start a four hundred dollars status four hundred dollars just be careful what you give for four hundred dollars because if you give everything for four hundred dollars you will just get four hundred dollar clients and no one will value you so common head of values somewhere between four hundred and twelve hundred do you know what the national average sale of a photographer and america is nine hundred bucks average net includes all the big studios that includes weddings nine hundred dollars so that tells me and in australia and new zealand live in hundred our average is higher and when somebody puts in the chat room right now um but is that the dollar exchange you don't remind me all right so when somebody puts it is that causes your dollar value we have dollar for dollar by the way america in australia not new zealand isn't about seventy sixteen but the truth is it's in correlation tio what you in the dollar that yoon in the same country it's an average it is not you know comparative so our average is a little higher but then we have a smaller economy which means that we have a higher power my point you understand a price point will be driven down in all countries where there is a larger population because there is more competition in a lower price point above all above you know overall but the truth is that we are only sitting two hundred dollars higher than you as an average national average in eleven hundred dollars average is not much and it's average meaning a lot of photographers pulling eight grand a lot of photographers of polina johannes head of studio in new zealand since two thousand seven and then obviously two years ago so you had five years and business before there's quite hit you we did yeah do you believe that that's around right live one hundred dollars for an active and active studio do you think that is about right living hundred dollars for an active studio you know lots of photographers you know the average you know most photographers are only pulling eleven hundred dollars average wouldn't you agree um it's a big question because there weren't that many studios in christ church and so to say most causes a lot of people working from homes and I'm not sure if you should actually distinguish between working at home and having a studio because you should still be charging the same amount that I'm sorry I mean all photography is not greedy I just means a bigger studio also that includes everybody as you say they'd be people who have successfully chatting lots more but I figured probably about eleven hundred would be a good good average because most people think that's incredibly low and when you ask most people what they are owning on average they tell you three grand or to brand and it's not true because remember I used to tell people what my average was in the studio that we build in oakland was eighteen fifty and I was the lowest average of everyone I met and I thought well clearly I'm not doing very well and I was pulling for four fifty shoots a year so I realized something in that moment that people don't really know their average and they haven't really worked it out so I would I would challenge that for new photographers what the first when I started a charge one hundred and seventy five dollars but everything for everything I gave people disk did you make money you know no so my average I would never have said if I if I were to say my average was eighteen hundred I would be like oh yeah I mean I would say whose whose average is under five is under three hundred dollars right now when whose whose average is under five hundred dollars or is you know what I got I think we're talking even lower number yeah well let's talk lower okay so average being across the board and then an average of the entire income from all photographers divided by you know the amount of photographers just like portrait if you average is under three hundred dollars you must be in business for under a year would that be right nobody would be in business over a year of three hundred dollars if they didn't have a part time job do you have another income another source of income yeah so it's not possible it's not possible that you would in that you would be in business over a year at an average of three hundred dollars and she had a supplementary income or a husband what it was I have a husband and I relied on his income and so um my average sales I did a lot of portfolio building because you just relocated to a new location you don't have to explain that we all went there and so my when I went through when I was prepping for this and I actually did my average sales I wanted to cry because it was two thirty five but why did you want to cry because I knew that I was undervaluing myself yeah you're undervaluing yourself but you know you're at the same time you weren't being paid in your eighteen my yeah I have a great life yeah my business was not a business and so that's why ha so here is the problem because the average photographer judges you because they see you is being the photographer fat that is ruining my business and here way found way just added it internationally we found a way wake up in a minute so you can all see two different thiss woman is single handedly taking down out in the straight on the best part about it is clearly she's doing thousands of portrait's a year at an average sale of two hundred ninety five dollars not how many portrait you doing awake be honest the honest two sessions a week is ok like the maxim dino so you're not hurting my industry now we all know what you're doing is hurting yourself okay so now that you know better you're going to lift your average yeah great absolutely all right and there it is nobody is bringing down an industry because people like me are doing workshops toe lift the international standard of portrait photography for free around the world on creative life so that we can all come up together but they will always be newbies and those newbies need toluene value professionalism service and they have to learn how to make an income and we all did it so why can't they and I do not look at those newbies and say you know that new b down the road she's charging two hundred bucks and she shooting better than may because if that newbie wass shooting bit of the may and stealing my clients I would either have to go and get another job or I would walk down and say come and wait for me I'll pay you twice as much and then in seven times more because I know what I could really sell who with for so come on there is no such thing those are just excuses and blocks so your average is too low and you need to triple it at least east in the next week and if you tell me oh my god I can't triple what I charge because I won't make money can you see the oxymoron I can triple my priceless because then I won't make money ah it's kind of funny right that we even think that way I can't stop doing that how they make money trust me once you stop doing what you hate you have to go and do something else and if it's something you love it kind of gets exciting and then before you know it it's like oh these people are rushing in the door and then you stop getting inside of them people stopped coming in the door and then you have to reset that oh it's a default sitting did I not tell you that oh sorry all of this inspiration right now will be gone tomorrow all of it you will default to self hate and you'll default to fear and you will default to victim and you will default to no money so you have to reset it every day reset it and push it a little further a little further and a little further and tell you this is your new truth okay microphone last year was the first year I decided to charge for portrait's eyes only doing weddings my average I did figure it out at my end was about eight to nine hundred dollars it was there's an empathy yeah we'll go with that uh s so I have ten packages for my seniors which I know like I'm sitting with amanda and I've got this price lists and thinks a couple pages and ah but a ten year old wants ten choices have you've seen their stores I mean claire's has turned the silver earrings you can never have too many know but I keep a lower package because they do have girls from schools all over in a large area and I want to attract them a cz well but do I have to get rid of those toe up my average more how do you how do you know that the price point well like dunks I mean people in trailer homes big screens but you know I wonder I'm tryingto because they have big screen I know the poor people spend more money the rich people I think poor people a bit of clients and rich people rich people with their money like if they wearing it on the finger I know there's nothing in the bank I know they are rich and then the really rich ones the plane you notice that the really wet track there's no diamonds there's no shoes plane plane plane big money so if I'm good in service an experience which I think that I am doing very well in those parts how doe I raise my average without raising my prices without raising your prices how do you raise your average yes you need to get rid of your cheapest price first okay yeah they surfaced stop take your bottom pegged off completely yeah absolutely completely then you need to plump up your highest packages so like give them more yep give them more product or just charge them or get the more product give more I don't know how much more I could add to the top package which gang like I'm basically giving them my children my husband my big screen tv but you can't be because if you're still working from their lowest average point and your highest point has everything then you're not selling everything you're selling a lower effort okay let me break that town alright yeah becoming a lunch I think what you need to do is shave off your bottom package and come in at the lowest point you're prepared to be paid for for a shoot let's say that six hundred do you think that's high okay okay and what what's the lower one you've currently got so you shave off the four hundred package you shave off the four hundred package and you come in at six fifty as your lowest possible package okay okay the only person you have to sell it to is yourself because you're the one that's thinking are no what about the people that think that's too expensive someone who will spend four fifty four great shots will spend spend six fifty don't you agree what's two hundred bucks because I'm just not giving them the option yeah any lower yeah but then you you take away their option and b you adjusted in yourself I don't want listen six fifty I'm with that today right yes then you go up to your highest package which is three thousand three thousand and that's a nice plump everything package decides my big screen yous okay so then you make your six fifty package you're eight fifty packaging your twelve fifty whatever they jump up it a little less than what they are now so that everything looks really plump from twelve fifty up so the more money you spend the more you get okay which is how it's structured but I think just getting rid of the lower ones will help me feel better but so long as you do feel better well I kind of feel like cried when they only get the for hundreds more like I didn't do my job but I didn't sell them correctly okay this is not based on your performance ego that is not based on your performance it is based on your service you don't get paid because you put under performed or didn't get papers you underperformed you didn't get paid because you offer a package for four hundred fifty dollars and they're like sweet I gotta let for four fifty they didn't decide that because you didn't take good enough shots ego they decided that because that's what you offer wouldn't you agree yeah the only person that has to get the hit around that is you if you adjust that try it but believe it and if it doesn't work I don't believe you believe it it's kind of like when they get the witches in salem and they tie rocks to the feet and throw them in the in the lake and if you drown you weren't a witch and if you float well being you at the stake say all right I'm going out there it's like if she fails it's like well kel it the only person standing in your way of you but the truth is it is so you know salem witch and that's exactly what this tie rocks your feet and if you float you know you're a witch okay so we have a ton of people coming in with the common questions that we always see every single time everything with time rogie kitty says my problem is clients who want me to just give them the cd because they'll print them for cheap cancel they want his digital images they don't want anything more so chad died eight hundred dollars for sadie and put it in a beautiful box but what if that's not my client what if I what if I what's the next one what if I live in a small town the next one is what if I emilie rene one what if you live in a small town and everybody wants cheap work and you know you're worth more but you can't get people to buy from you even if you believe you're worth it that sounds like about five belief systems on I'm not with it with and you think you believe it at the end then you hear that nobody will pay my price is I'm not good enough I'm not good enough nobody will pay it I live in a small town there's no money here and by the way I don't believe any of that's true okay all right now let's go down that path because I'm kind of like I grew up in a small town and I live in a very small town off farmers farmers wives do not wear diamonds they do not buy gucci shoes they do not have here extensions or plastic boat that rhymed ah farmer's wife lives and works on a farm and she lives on the land and she doesn't wear make up and she often has short here I built a studio in corrector in my carriage in that town and my average cell was eight hundred and fifty dollars overnight and that farmer's wife had more money in the bank than the rich woman in town she had more money because she didn't spend it on herself and I just don't believe you can't draw an income from a small town I don't believe it and I believe that you will draw whatever you see so unfortunately if that's what she believes and then she finishes it with even though I believe it I don't believe it don't you agree now that you know the truth now that you have seen and you can never un see out there I just have to say it's mindset somebody wrote on facebook page last night that I challenge sandra on her blocks used today and that they think maybe sander wasn't blocked she just doesn't have a market herself on gina spare off miller how can I endure but how can I educate my clients about prince versus disks that is how I do it ja what are the words this is what they think this is what she's looking for what are the words don't ask me how much I tagged and then asked me if you can have a cd hey so how much do you charge my images that it uh what I should do a full package for three thousand three hundred dollars okay and can I just get a cd well yeah you get a city with it but can I get a city by itself but three thousand three hundred dollars you might as well get the folio as well present you know what you get and the cool thing about that is you don't have to go and print them because I already done it professionally for you you get a beautiful folio bugs and you get all of the images on city so that you can put them on facebook twitter and print them out and give some to grandma for christmas and you can do that down at the local matt if that's what you want because everything you buy from may you will get on elektronik cd the size that you bought it without a water mac you've paid for it the your images with a smile on your face just like that so gina that's the answer to I don't know the right words to get across that that my my service and prince are the better way are way better than the cheap for target for selling basically nothing again who kids what the chief photographer selling nothing is doing I care what you were getting and you're making it about somebody else stop making it about everybody else and listen to your own block stop blaming other people that don't even exist because that person is not surviving we know it she's certainly not thriving on turning thirty five dollars down their idols and the truth is at the end of the day that is the bottom line I'm not going to stand here and tell you that do you believe there if you want to charge twelve hundred dollars for a folio and they just want the cd then you can say oh don't ray everything I sell you also comes with the cd and if they say but can I just have the cd say but it's twelve dollars you get both so what they're really saying is but wouldn't it be cheaper for me to get the sea day instead of the prince the cost is not in the prince the cost is in creating the images and doing the retouching which is on the same day the cost has already been incurred so however you buy them you're going to get both from me and you and then flip it immediately to value you can then take that today and print as many as you like because you bought them in the yours you own those I'm giving you the rights and all of a sudden the person sitting there thinking I'll own them and they will be mine but if you better constantly with what you believe is that belief system and blame the industry for it you are not looking at the single biggest block sitting in front of you right now and that is a money block pure and simple you don't believe it if you say it like that I swear to god that will shift in your business does anybody have anything to say to that good or bad amanda question santa I know it is not I have a few people that we were talking about this the other night um when you're doing the multiple like four girls say and you know they know that when they buy it they're going to get it on a day when they get it on the desk how do you make it so that they don't just buy the few that they all like and get a few of them and then take the disc and print them for the other three girls I can't you know summing sense when I do the shoots of the three girls I do one shot of them together we'll start by images of them together they buy the individual shots and I give them the group shot is a freebie and that's in the marketing challenge that I've got for shooting those girls that's I mean some people who were asking me that three reasons you don't shoot a whole other girlfriends to get the people don't buy that they buy images of themselves they do the experience together and that is the difference okay so michelle see right now I'm not using packages just selling ala carte dough I have to make packages to increase my average no alec cat is the highest way to get paid because with ala carte it is quite simply what they are choosing its its mean you that is just menu on the cart there it is choose what you want in orderto up your allah card in effect alley cat is the highest level of selling this is the highest level of selling here because people believe if they have a package they feel safe that they're going to get that money but with ala carte pricing that's when you have to be really experienced because this means I don't know what I'm going to get but the irony is is you're not getting a consistent amount you're getting an average so in order to raise that average you need to either ed on like cd or enlargement or framing or you need to end on something product or ed on value include the make up you know so the only way you can lift your average in an alley cat menu is to take it up with ed owns or you know extras or if your service is tight and your experience is incredible then it stands to reason your average will come up for those two reasons because when you offer an incredible service and an incredible session and a high rate of photography and then you're really following through on another cat menu your riff urals will just be consistent that's how I built my business I think the packaging is really for that startup photographer and the ala carte menu is for the serious business what would those adams be uh say day um packaging on upgrade and size of the image so instead of discounting you could say I can make that the biggest size framing discount framing mounting discount uh it would pay making the experience bitter making the experience bigger making decision longer longer in your consultation so they have more personal time so they really feel like you're checking their client that's really into the experience there's a million ways to bring up your value offering champagne giving them buying a coffee machine like a ll those finishing touches that make you feel like you've walked into you noguchi in rome and the difference between walking and taguchi in rome and walking into forever twenty one and and I bet and I bet that you would then feel like you're giving more value yes and then you would believe it and then you would also feel like you're getting more value and you were happy to pay for it so this ultimate lots of waste t ed value but the truth without discounting but the truth is is you need to just constantly be monitoring the average cost because that is what you're earning regardless of your priceless if you were constantly monitoring your every now why when I asked photography is what the averages they can't tell mae why don't you know what what you're earning or do you know I just don't want to tell anybody and regardless of your price you only have three options you know you either up your price up your service or up your value and imagine if you did all three because that's what I did and I'm here so say I am that new photographer yes and I don't even know what to include in my packages and how to start building a package how to start yes pricing the different ones and how to yeah how do I find out what people want okay don't ask people because what people want is not what they buy what people want is what you tell them to buy so um remember when we were talking in the marketing about the biggest name in telephones with a nokia remember when nokia was the biggest cell phone in the world the biggest kind of member for this gnocchi or not I put it on my keynote fish aerial someone out there or not and basically they with dominating the world and cell phones and steve jobs board out the iphone and nokia spent millions of dollars ended an international survey on touch screens finds and all the people said no we don't want touch screen phones so they never made one now a market driven product can't be driven when the market doesn't know what they want and steve jobs not any decided he knew what we wanted he decided he would revolutionise what we wanted and then we all went well I love a touch screen phone and I'd never go back but we didn't know because we didn't have one right so don't ask your market what they want and even though there was certain market driven products what you offer will be reflected back straight away you can adjust it after you decide so let's say you go in it the six hundred dollars folio and you're not getting any bookings because there are a lot you're with your work's not with that you adjust your value you adjust your service still not getting it again yes you will and that means you need to shoot better there'll be one block there but once you clear it it'll be flow but the truth is I do not ask your market what they want because they do not know what they want I would go for attain to twenty images because that is enough for everybody to build an album ten to twenty images for me is a good number for you to work retouch it's a good show case of a shoot don't give them more than twenty people like I gave sixty images on a folio is that how long did that take you to retouch what twelve hours what are you stupid and then I think to myself you know you don't blind people with that sort of work you just give him the twenty best ones how do I decide which of the best ones will if you don't know that you know you should whip that out pretty quickly so I would say eighteen to twenty images and anywhere from four hundred twelve hundred dollars a starting price makes me feel comfortable and you adjust your average immediately and they work out what you're getting and I will say that with regards to team two twenty images it's one of the hardest things to do in your new b because all you want is validation for all of them it's just pathetic but it's so divine because it's what we all did and idea say if you say this but I'm gonna charge and this is the package I'm goingto do I would seduced you do one of two things three things I suggest you go and work in the studio amazing studio that you respect and admire worked for free and washed the floor if you have to that's what I was prepared to do to become a photographer I said to my boss when he rustle him that I said to my very first bath when he employed me I will clean the toilet and mop the floor every day if you let me work here and I did I worked ten to twelve hours a day for us blood sweat and tears I loved my job that much I was prepared to do it for nothing you know and I suggest you go on work in the studio that you admire even at the two weeks so you can work out their system their value what they charge and how they work so that you can base your business on that or I suggest you uh watch creative life because I mean free education we go people telling you exactly what to charge right there and then and then work on your value and work a system that works for you and the third one would pay go into the industry or just go and get a full time job in the industry if you're vet fresh that your work is you're struggling to price your work it's probably not good enough to sell yet it's okay to be a newbie but don't be a newbie and starve it's okay to have a job and be training in photography as long as you are moving forward in building a business and to go and get a job and probably go and get a job in the photographic industry now I'll tell you one thing right now total the fledgling photographers out there the one complaint I hear from thousands and thousands of photographers is I wish I could find a re toucher is that truth so when I was at my lowest point at twenty eight twenty nine I hated photography are struggling I didn't want to shoot families I wanted to shoot glamour I hadn't started my own business I made an income on the side from teaching photographers had to do photo shop in doing the photo shop for them if that's the way into the industry then I could find you one hundred photographers that would employ you tomorrow and then your in with some of the biggest names in all of our country and if that's not an education and how to run your own business then maybe you should think about not going into business because if you don't want to know how to educate yourself to business and you're not interested in it tacy says sue thank you for this morning my thirteen year old daughter came in right when you were discussing self worth and self hate her response omg mom is she talking to me now I get it you know what somebody sent me an email yesterday and I read it to kiner and russ and I just started to cry and I just like I get amazing emails gotta get amazing emails but this one girl thinking e mail the other day to say that she's fifteen years old and she had her mom's a solemn mom and her mom got breast cancer when she was living and had a double mastectomy and never told her because she didn't want to worry her so she said that she was going away for a week and left her with friends and she said my poor mother win ended there on her own with nobody to hold her hand to be strong for me nobody to support anybody hold her hand and I just cried by that I just think to myself you know what photography's an interesting beast right because we kept a human emotion we capture people everything that we do is about emotion everything that we do is about reflected self it attracts a certain type of person and it's really crazy and it's an interesting industry and its a beautiful industry and one that I've loved for twenty three years but the truth is at the end of the day what we deal in this human nature we kept your human emotion we freeze it for all time in fact one of my all time favorite sayings that I used in my marketing was you are someone that I love and I want to capture you for all time so I would show a picture of a mother and daughter and I'd say you were someone that I love and I want to catch you for all time and use it because it is priceless and it is beautiful and it's the truth and thank you that is the best thing anybody could ever say to me because I think to myself at the end of the day when a thirteen year old feels like that then we can change that weaken trained it for our daughters sisters nieces nephews sons and that is perfect because we're talking about business right and money that's what it's all about so so I just want to take a step back there are a number of people that didn't fully understand when you were talking about the ten percent and that I needed to make a million dollars if you wanted to take home one hundred thousand dollars is a lot of people have a specific question I'm shooting for myself I don't wantto have any employees I just want to be my myself so why do I need to put in ninety percent back into my business that seems like a lot uh well the government takes thirty so that's not yours anyway which leaves sixty and then you have to pay your rent your expenses your cameras your backdrops your insurance and then you have to pay any contractors with you outsource or not and then you have to ever ties and market yourself and then if anything happens to your studio or you want to upgrade you then have to go up another level so that sixty percents pretty much sitting quite heavily in your business so the idea that you would operate a business the same way you operate your dollar for dollar living week by week is laughable because if you have no shoots for two weeks where will the income come from and it's not in the bank so you cannot spend your income the way you did when you got a wage because the thing is where the wage is that everybody thinks the same thing it's going to be the next thursday and then we lived like that and then we have a crisis and then we look in our bank accounts and we go oh it's not there anymore and then we have a who moved my cheese scenario somebody writes a book about moving cheese and I always say when it comes to the crisis or when it comes to the crunch or when it comes to losing everything or losing your home not getting insurance for it when it comes to being at rock bottom you know who's swimming naked when the tide goes out and if you're swimming naked and you have not saved bank that money and your business doesn't have some income behind at your income is not there or you haven't prepared for tex you're in trouble that is basic common sense I save my tax I pay it immediately because I don't want to get caught out do you know how many first businesses don't pay their techs in the first five years that's why they fail because they spent too much money and didn't focus on anything more it's a simple fact you save your tax and then you take twenty percent more and you put it in a savings account and that is your business account then you pay yourself in all of your auxiliary expenses and what's left is yours and so in order to raise that by you need to raise your service your value your product and everything around it it's just comics won I won I love that discussion through way to go on and on and on the power you know how many but what if emails I'm going to get now but whatever what if there is no what if it's a bottom line it's amos self height empathy victim need a voice small thinking same thing bottom line what about repeat p clients when I go home and read you my pricing structure and raise him up what about those clients that come back and they're expecting expecting to see the four hundred fifty dollars with a cd I have two choices you can either offer them only a four hundred fifty dollars city for repeat business if they give away tina fuel vouchers to the friends because they repeat clients so they really liked you and they were pretty spend more money with you I'll give you the same deal if you help market may how's that and they don't tell anybody that I judged you for fifty tell them all that I charge you twelve fifty and then those people that come in we're coming on your recommendation on twelve fifty and thank you so much for being a repeat client and I'm prepared to look after you like that every year for the next five years that I'm here on business also because you mean a lot to me and you came back thank you there's always a way people there's always a way you must open your mind expanded to positive thinking instead of what you don't have stopped seeing like starting scarcity see abandoned and then make a bunch of out of it there's no such thing as a free lunch the best business advice I got was this the richest man I know in australia that is one of the most challenging portrait photographers looked at me and he said to me in the next three years I see you at the forefront of international photography I went by this ah what goes yeah I just wanted to tell you that I think may I'm in my garage and he's like yeah don't worry I'm not worried about you because I want to give you some advice and I said okay what is it he goes what's in it for me and he said a free transaction you do in your business I want you to say in your mind what's in it for me so I can give you a cd for four hundred and fifty dollars but what's in it for may what are you going to give may look I'm happy to charge you the original price because I like you've come back how about you do something for me there is no such thing as a free lunch there was an even exchange lift for leaving right for receiving there's an even exchange fifty fifty and if you hand it off and ask for it back and then received gratefully you will be abundant that is just perfect so thank you very much I'm happily charge you for it and fifty dollars I'm so glad you're going to give away these people and you're not going to give him teen vouchers and let them walk out the door they're going to give you ten names you're going to write a personal card from your clients and send it directly to that person

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