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Bonus Video: "Actions"

well hi this is a quick bonus video that actually came up based on a question that someone asked during one of the first days when we're broadcasting live on creative live and it's is there a way that for example every time you open a document it will do something like convert to a smart object or duplicate the layer or something and there is a function lets you do this it's tied toe action so first you have to make an action and then use this function called script events manager now before I show it to one little important note and that is the main thing remember was script events manager it's every time I do a make be happened but the key word in that is every time so you can't this is not something either turn on and off or it will only happen certain times once you set this on it will stay until you turn off again so when the important things to remember about this is before you go too far remember that if you turn on this setting you have to remember turning back off again so her...

e's how it works let's say that I want to create a function that says every time I open a document turn into a smart object and again not to suggest that you should or shouldn't do this because the only problem with this might be in certain circumstances maybe you don't want to I'm going to guess that's probably not gonna happen but let's see how you do it so first of all we go to the actions panel and within my actions are going to make a new action make it smart and this action will only have one step and that is convert to smart object and then I stopped recording so that's all I do here was making action that tells it convert to smart object now we wonder file two scripts and then script events manager I'm going to tell it yes I want this to happen and then I need to look at the kind of the functions and basically the event is the thing that's going to cause this to happen do you see the options are start new open so I want to say every time you open a document make something happen and I'm gonna make what happens is an action and my actions I have one called make it smart and then we hit ad so now in the script of mitch manager have this thing says every time I open a document run this action done all right so let's check it out if I now both in a document you see it's already smart now this was a j peg if I go back to camera I could show you this was a j peg file and now it's smart looks pretty interesting right all right so let's just take it a step further and see one happens what if we do this what if we tell this jay picked open and camera and we're gonna open it as an object well good news is nothing I was my concern was would it put that camera smart object inside a smart object so it doesn't appear that that is the case however what it does mean is every time from now on every time I open an image this function will be in place so at a certain point you have to remember to say okay now I'm working on a project where it doesn't make sense to have this so maybe I'll just turn this off for now so that that won't happen all the time so the key phrase in there again is every time once you know that though if you consider every time I do this I want something to happen it could be pretty powerful the other thing way to look at it is you could also think of it as every time for the next twenty minutes so if you know you're working on a project where for the next twenty minutes or an hour it makes sense to turn something like that on once it's created you could turn on off it will just remember you're the one that has to remember to turn it off again so it doesn't happen every time from now on but script events manager pretty powerful way to make something happen every time you do a particular function in foshan

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I watched this live when it was on air. NOW that it is on Flash Sale for a short time, I will be able to own it and really benefit fror it. There is no way to remember everything! Owning it will be like having your own Photoshop encyclopedia of steps! THANK YOU Dave Cross for the wonderful class. AND, THANK YOU CreativeLive for putting it on Flash Sale! Happy New Year 2018 in advance! Roz Fruchtman aka @RozSpirations