Bonus Video: "Copying Smart Filters"


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Bonus Video: "Copying Smart Filters"

hey folks just a quick little update here thanks to a comment from you one of the viewers of the thirty days of photoshopped classy and manning posted something on twitter talking about copying smart filters from one image to another because in my video I say you can't really do it well turns out there is a way to do it which I hadn't discovered yet so thanks ian for passing on some things I love about photocopies you never stop learning even when you're teaching it so let's take a look at how this works here I have one image and I have a smart filter it's a gauzy ambler and I've put a mask on here to make this kind of gradual effect and not decide I'd like that same effect on this other document what the problem is as they talk about in the class if you try to just dragon drop the smart filter it won't work so what you need to do instead is go the window menu and arrange and tile the window's doesn't matter how you tell them horizontal vertical we need to see both of them and the othe...

r little catches you have to make sure that you click on the layer which is kind of counter intuitive because you think if you were copying the smart filter you should click down here but actually click on the layer now if I click on the smart filter and drag and drop you see it is dragged and dropped onto the other document now to go back and consulted all to tap skin you can see here's thie effect is completely editable now don't be surprised if the first time you look at it might look like this where it's collapsed up but you have to open twirl it open like this then of course you khun adjust whips cook on the mass first checklist eight so you khun either adjust the settings you khun scale it or I could delete that completely and of course I can also add it the filter settings themselves so thanks teo and manning for that little tip I appreciate it's always nice to get input where people try things I know I tried that in previous version that didn't work so well but here it does so tyler windows and that way you can copy smart filters from one window to another

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Photoshop is an essential tool for all working professionals, no matter what industry. Join legendary Photoshop pro Dave Cross for an intensive 30-day series on everything you need to know about this unparalleled — and often overwhelming — program. Dave will teach one hour every day for 30 days, covering everything from setting goals to expert retouching strategies. Taught in bite-size chunks, this series will help you improve your skills, efficiency, and creative ability. At the end of this intensive series, you will understand basic techniques for every photo editing task, innovative hacks to improve your workflow, and which tools to use (and which ones you never have to learn). In addition, you learn how incorporating a non-destructive workflow will boost both your productivity and creativity. This is not just a passive, sit-back-and-watch class: you will be encouraged to actively take part by completing assignments and participating in live Q&A and feedback sessions. If you want to take your Photoshop skills to the next level, join Dave for 30 Days of Photoshop.

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I watched this live when it was on air. NOW that it is on Flash Sale for a short time, I will be able to own it and really benefit fror it. There is no way to remember everything! Owning it will be like having your own Photoshop encyclopedia of steps! THANK YOU Dave Cross for the wonderful class. AND, THANK YOU CreativeLive for putting it on Flash Sale! Happy New Year 2018 in advance! Roz Fruchtman aka @RozSpirations