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Bonus Video: "Free Transform - Warping"

in this bonus video I want to talk a little bit more about free transform and warping throughout various of the thirty days I've kind of touched on here's free transform and thrown off a couple little tips along the way but wantto go through it a little more kind of summarized some of the key things to be aware of with free transform and warping just so we had in one particular video now like a lot of things in photo shop there's always multiple ways to do things but if you learn the keyboard shortcut for free transformed commander control t and then also learned some of the modifiers that go along with it I think you'll find life is a lot simpler so let's take a look here I've got this coffee mug and I want to put this logo onto that coffee mug so I click and drag to the tab wait and then transferred over it's a little too big and if I hit commander control t here is one of the first things that people find with free transform is I can't see the handles so how can I transform it so on...

ce you've done the shortcut for free transformed then press commander control zero and this will show you all the handles now at this point it be hard for me to know exactly how much to scale it down because I can't see the coffee cup underneath but if I lower the opacity slightly you can see I start to see the coffee mug underneath now I want to keep it proportional so hold on the shift key but I also want to make my life simpler by scaling more quickly than on the whole the whole down option are all so I have two keys held down shift to constrain and option or old to move towards the center this way it's very easy for me to say that looks about right there and I enter and put the opacity back up two hundred percent now if I was in the middle of free transforming decided I really was making a bad mistake I could hit escape to cancel out of it but obviously in this case I do not need to so now I have all this I just want to try and get rid of all the white so the simplest way to do that is this blend of sliders I did got that by just double clicking on the layer this really isn't the important part of this whole project really I'm just trying to get rid of the white so we can see what we want and in this case I know I don't want the white anymore so I'm going to add a new layer below and use merge down again that's one of the rare times you'll see me actually merge so that was looking okay but now I want to take it a step further and try to further transformation now I could just go back to free transform and start playing with it but one of things that I like to do is give myself the chance to change my mind you probably figured that out by now right so I'm going to start off by making this a smart object was one of the kind of somewhat hidden things about smart objects is even warping and transforming can be smart so let's see how we do that we're going to take our logo here and convert to a smart object now I hit commander control tea for free transform one of things you'll notice is up here in the options bar there's this little button but when I click on it it says it puts handles on here allows me to warp it I could warp using some built in one's to see if any of these work for me probably not but it's sometimes it's worth a try some of them are a little odd like make it a fish shaped ok interesting no now what you could also do by the way is look it's up like this say that's too much let me try to change up in this case I think I want to go right back to customs like hit escape pre transform and start with custom because now I can use handles that air on here to say I would like to make it look like this not that it would make much sense in this case but I can also kind of drag on it and make it look the way that I want but because I made this a smart object one of lucas said one of the kind of hidden things is if I've done all that and then decide later on I'm not quite sure if I go to free transform looks like nothing's available if I clicked back on the war but you see it left it where I left off and that's important note because if you didn't make it smart than although what happen is you'd warp it and soon as you finish then that would be the new shape and it would be much harder to edit it so this ability to go back to this smart object and continued a warp it is pretty darn nice all right let's take a look at another example of how we can do some interesting transformation this is taking it up a notch what if you want to transform something to fit something like this so let's find a photo doesn't really matter I suppose let's use this one I'm just hoping this is a regular photograph and drag it over here and you can see once again it's way too big so I had free transform fit and window so expressing commander control t command control zero nice want to get fairly close at this point to the final size that I want you to do some further transformation here just to make sure and what I want to do is I would normally do this much more carefully but I'm just going toe roughly decide that's about half way and the jews new layer by a cut because I want to separate these into two halfs and I'm probably not very exactly but that's ok for our purposes free transform this is another case where I would definitely lower the opacity down because I want to see what I'm doing now I start off I could just start to scale it down proportionately but really that's not going to help me so I hold down the commander control key this allows me to scale each corner independently so now you can see I'm getting closer to matching here the size that I want once I'm got to that point and of course on a real project I'd be zooming in closer to make sure then I go to free transform excuse me to warp because now I can just warp the curve at the bottom to match up it enter now I did not make this smart but I could have certainly to give myself more options put the opacity back and change the blend mode to something like multiply just so we get some of the natural shadow that's in there and then do the same thing for the other side lower the opacity commander control to be able to go to each of the corners that we're trying to match like that again normally getting in closer just to be one hundred percent sure then go to warp and pull up where I need pretty close again for my purposes that's going to be fine normally I would again get really close and make absolutely sure but since I'm just trying to show you the concept here and multiply all sudden work well on our way to making it look like we have a photo on covering the pages of a book so a couple of key things free transform if you can't see the handles press command control t then command control zero two individually or first let me say to scale things proportionately shift to scale towards the centre option or halt if you want to corners individually commander control lets you do that and on top of that you can use warp to really make things fit so this was just a little bonus for you to show you a bit more detailed summarizing the areas of transforming and warping

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I watched this live when it was on air. NOW that it is on Flash Sale for a short time, I will be able to own it and really benefit fror it. There is no way to remember everything! Owning it will be like having your own Photoshop encyclopedia of steps! THANK YOU Dave Cross for the wonderful class. AND, THANK YOU CreativeLive for putting it on Flash Sale! Happy New Year 2018 in advance! Roz Fruchtman aka @RozSpirations