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Adding a Second Layer of Paint

I think this guy is basically dry enough that we can move on to the next step here okay, so what I'm gonna dio is I'm going to finish the upper portion and the bottom portion of mine on this side with some extra layers of paint that I want to add so I kind of want to add some depth of this as much as I love this dark lappas blue mixed with the purple I just kind of want to give it some movement it's very flat right now so to do that I'm going to grab the purple that I have and this is where I break all the rules and I don't mix things and I just well it's what I just kind of doing my thing so I know that I'm going toe have my moon later up in this section so I'm going to kind of make a little spot where the moon will be and I just kind of add a bit of a circle and I'm using a really dry just using the dry brush from there I'm just kind of going out and just adding well rings and shadows and stuff in the purple there is no scientific rhyme or reason to this other than just like the way ...

it looks and sometimes to me that's more important than following any rules it's just if I'm happy with it the method to the madness doesn't really matter I'm just going to swirl that around I'm gonna take an ad just a tiny bit of white and this time when I say tiny but I'm not going to do big sport like any less and I'm really gonna do just a teeny tiny little drop I'm gonna mix with my brush into the purple and get just a little bit lighter shade and if you had something and you wanted to go darker he would just add a little bit of black but I tell everybody the best investment I ever made was buying just a simple cheapo color wheel so when I started mixing colors it just made it just somehow it clicked for me it made a lot of sense to me when I would look at the color wheel and go oh, of course if I mix this in this I'm going to get this and color theory well it's not my forte and I haven't studied it officially it's one of those things I'm really interested in is why always buy books on it and my goal for the summer is toe actually take a class all on color theory and just really get into it so I'm just gonna go at it in little bits of this slightly lighter purple just at another little bit of light and depth in movement and stephanie I know we talked about including, you know, possibly including portrait sar pictures if that's what you wanted someone from online is wondering is it necessary for mixed media are to have a quote in it I'm it's not something that's no standard er well people do it that way but I mean, I've done a lot of pieces that don't have quote in it or anything like that and it's just, um one of the people want somebody yesterday asked me about makes me artist and somehow I totally blinked on didn't say christie tomlinson and if you want to see somebody who does amazing mixed media work that doesn't include quote, she does these girls and their it's all layers of paper and then she does paint over the top of it and it's these beautiful portrait it's and their dresses or the paper and she just does amazing work and you definitely don't have to use a quote at all for me that was how I got started. A lot of my more recent work doesn't include a quote I think for me it was just like, ok, this is how I work and I like, quote so much that I include them, but if you don't want to do that, you definitely don't have tio at all on theirs I would say a lot of artists who don't so it's just kind of up to you what you want to do or not so um and mixed media is so funny because everybody thinks that there's rules to it, but there's there's not it's really just the idea of taking you're using more than one media you're mixing paper and paint your mixing wood and jess oh, and other stuff that's really that's what mixed media is it doesn't mean anything more than that it's using and combining more than one thing. So, um, there's really no there's, no rules or set, you know, expectations and I think what's really cool right now is everybody is experimenting and trying new things and making new projects and trying to break what they think are the rules, and I think that makes for really amazing are right now hey, I'm done adding in that little bit of purple, I'm gonna put that to the side and now all I'm going to do is add a lighter brown so that it kind of looks like stand down here because I'm gonna have my boat on the beach so we take a little bit of the number a little bit of the white and mix that together got this one a little dark still someone do some yellow in there, lighting it up if I like her it's a little muddy, but that's ok, all right, we'll take this and just added in down here and I'll probably go back in with a little bit the darker brown and just kind of add some depth to it as well and then once I get all of this part done here we're going to paint the entire thing a nice dark brown to just finish it off, take some sandpaper to it and at a little distress if you want to finish it off before we go to break that way, you guys kind of know what to expect here in the studio keep in your home, stephanie here e hang stuff like this I mean, I have actually have the toilet paper boat now it's part of a canvas piece like hanging in my living room so I keep stuff like this and stuff like this can be really cute especially for like a kid's room and yeah, I was looking at it definitely looks like something that might go on a baby rumor yeah, but I love having I love three dimensional pieces so much there's just they're just fine toe look at their ink there you no good they're fun to make their fun to look at I love having stuff like this in my home yes man, I don't have a laser printer um I just haven't any check printer but I love quote is can you like spray something on top of it to keep it from running? Lee you probably could spray it with like a spray lacquer or something I haven't done that and it doesn't run really bad it's just a little bit just enough that you'll notice it like all of a sudden you do all of them you're like why is there like a hint of gray like a slight but what does it look slightly fuzzy so it's not horrible if you do and honestly I would say most of my projects I do it at home off of my inkjet and I just I just know that that's gonna happen uh I usually make sure that I don't take it straight from the printer and was let it sit a little bit longer but um I'm just I would say that ninety percent of what ideo comes right off my inkjet so it's not so horrible that it ruins anything it's just something to be aware of when you're doing it especially if you print in color other than black just know that that's definitely going to make a bit of a difference when you do it okay thanks yeah I have a question from one of our viewers do you typically need one brush for each color do you rinse the phone brushes or keep each breast on one particular normally I yeah say normally I would have a big bulge are here and be damning and wiping and going but I forgot to grab water before we started teach so that's why I'm using different russians today the phone brushes I'm really bad and that is one of those things I probably should rinse out and keep, but I do so much damage to them that I typically just throw him out because I'm really hard on them and by the time you wash them, sometimes they'll hold up but I am a heavy handed person, so I tend tio um not leave them in the best shape when they're done so right and a little further on that question our dollars store film brushes the same thing yeah, and the question was and the answer was yes, we talked about my phone russia's is one of those things I do not spend a lot on so it might get him on sale for ten cents apiece somewhere I go through them enough that um yeah that's totally fine the one there's one that all of a sudden and this is so weird but I had been buying at one store forever and I noticed that after like a few minutes but the head was like breaking off and I have so fresh and I'm like I'm only paying ten cents for these but I still was expecting like them to last longer than what they were so you can just try different ones and see what you like and I ended up finding others or almost is cheap and used them as well so can I finish up me sand here and I I mean I'm not gonna lie I am a dollar store from the huge dollar store fan so not gonna lie about that okay so as soon as I get done with this I'm going to fix the little bit of blue paint that I just smudged with the brown and then we're gonna paint the frame and then dry it and I'm going to use a nice dark browns that it almost looks like it's stained but if you wanted to your frame in another color feel free for me it was just a way to kind of round off and finish piece so that's why I they like to do it felt very unfinished I didn't do that ground back I like tio not waste my paints when I have all of this paint sitting here and I know that I'm done I typically take a canvas and I just start adding it to the canvas and save as much pain as I can't it builds this really fun background that I can use for something else down the road and if I end up covering it up time if not that it makes for really nice colorful way to save all of my paint okay I'm going tio grab my brown again the number and know that I have to use a lot because I'm going right on to the world I'm going to go steal a smaller phone brush from over here, your supplies, and you're not going to get it back. I'm not borrowing, I'm just taking ok, and I'm just gonna go through and paint the rest of the base here. I'm gonna do the same thing I did when I painted with the blue. I'm going to get to a point and then stop and go back in with the detail brush so that I don't accidentally paint over something that I like it's. Like I said, I'm pretty heavy handed with a phone brush, I just feel like it adds a little bit of I'll finish look to the peace, and then if you're like me and you got a little bit of purple and blue paint where you weren't supposed to, it covers it all up, and I'm all about covering up the mistakes. I am going pretty light on it. I'm not making a super dark because I still want to see a lot of that great wood grain. Well, I definitely want to get it covered, so I'm just gonna cover this, and I always do the very top two on the off chance that I don't know where it's gonna land if somebody's going to sit it on a tabletop for something like that, I don't want the top to not be and I'm tall enough that if it hangs out some of the things that I'm still likely to see the top so and know that it wasn't finished and that drives me crazy so so now everybody tuning in is watching us watching paint dry that's okay just add this online and then I'll hit it with the heat gun to get it completely dry and then we'll take some sandpaper to it just kind of rough it up and get back to some of the wood to that doesn't feel quite so dense and dark and I can see where I got deco pot on the would cause it's like oh all of a sudden it's going into the wood and it's a lot lighter and suddenly super smooth and shiny in that spot that's where I made a mass I have to say a parent to yesterday I have very little paint on my hands which is amazing I hope I'm getting her name right I think it's lying I'm impressed that stephanie can wear jewelry while she cracked does it ever get in the way and tell her that she's amazing well I do and then I regret it so I yesterday I was wearing a bracelet I got done and I was like all me that so I stood there and I pick it off but a lifetime's out go completely jewelry free but I knew I wasn't doing anything today that I uh I was gonna have to worry about so you know what I'm doing on the days where I'm um I'm a very big finger painter and so a lot of times when I make bases for canvass work and stuff, I'll just get my hands in there and just go to town and just for me that's a really if you ever really want to do some stress really get a big canvas, put your hands and some paint and just go because there's something really freeing about that takes you back to kindergarten and, uh and stuff and on those days I definitely take the jewels of the jewelry off and go from there my husband hates because I never take my wedding ring off until I have to get it cleaned and then it's like, well, look at that my my wedding ring is now turquoise and hot pink and all these colors, but yeah, ideo tend to to take it off when I'm no, I'm going to be really getting messy so the worst is living in wisconsin. I do wear a lot of scarves and then I'll forget that and I'll bend over and it's like paint all in my all in my scarf, so I have certain clothes that I only like there's a throwing the scarf that only gets used and lives downstairs in my furnace room slash art studio, so ok we're almost there for those of you at home watching paint dry and I even though this is one of those heavy bodies I'm putting an un really thin to try toe spread it out so that it's not overly thick and we get a nice then if you wanted to you could add a little bit of water to this even and then not even more so it comes out more of a steam then a heavy paint ok so I've got that done blue it is ok I'm just going to take my brush again um and now it's just a matter of getting in there and doing that quick detail work in the corners I wish I had a really steady hand and could just take a phone brush in get down in there and not have to worry about it but I don't on one of those people who has to use tape tape off everything when I paint a room I don't it ends up all the places it's not supposed to be and that's one of those times where that drives me crazy if there's like the wrong paint color on the ceiling it just I will sit there and stare at that spot forever it just makes me insane get down in here you guys feelin good out there yeah we're jumping fast today so I'm making you guys race to keep up with me sorry about that came and what's fun about this is you could dio anything you wanted in one of these boxes you could take some really cool you know photos and make this into like a big photo frame and you can from a vacation have all sorts of fun little nick next that you found and make a little display out of it with postcards and stuff like that to there's lots of options for these kind of projects I just love that I love the the freedom and the creativity you can have when you do stuff like this because possibilities are endless okay? Probably not may neatest job on the edges here but we shall see are you guys doing over here good see some greens blues who I like what you do very here she looks like she actually did some different strokes with white stop me which is really cool like I said it's always fun to see the variation from the same pile of supplies try and get in here and get this done before we call it for break well since I put on fairly thin it'll only take a minute to dry with the heat gun so I'm gonna try to do this I'm gonna try tio dry one side while I paint the other this's true multitasking on I'm not looking for the frame to be perfect at all just discovered is they can be all right so I got that done. I'm going to go back. There's a couple spots where I kind of got a little heavy handed, so I'm gonna fix those quick. Just smooth them out with color and you're right there. That's the nice thing about acrylics is it's just easy to fix salmon and dry this and you're drawing that one of our viewers is asking, is there reason for using the deco podge first visit? Because the paint might show through later that could happen? Or I just I like getting that stuff down and then I would rather have all but splash up than the splash splash down. You can kind of do this in the order that you want. I just this was the way I like to do it so that and sometimes because I don't know what I'm starting with it's, just the way that it naturally evolves for me and a lot of times I want to get this party going, see what colors I use see what materials I use, and then that helps me decide on what frame color I want to create, too, and then I don't have to go back and re paint it later, but if you're more comfortable doing it. The other way. That's, totally thing, but you do. You do need to be cautious of that with depending on the type of paper you put down. If you're worried about that color showing through, that is something they keep in mind.

Class Description

Three-dimensional art has so much character, but it can be logistically difficult to create and quickly become heavy and burdensome to handle. In 3D Mixed Media Art Displays, Stephenie Hamen will teach reliable techniques you can use to create pieces that are as structurally sound as they are beautiful.

This class will solve the mystery around how to create and recreate collage parts and pieces in a lightweight form, while keeping things interesting and detailed. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a mold to produce additional parts
  • Use paper clay to make additions to your artwork
  • Incorporate found objects and ephemera

You’ll learn what materials work well together and what types of adhesive work best for securely adhering them. Stephenie will inspire you to explore and experiment, while making pieces that are fun and dimensional.

If you are ready to freshen up your work, need a boost of inspiration, or just a little guidance on the logistics – 3D Mixed Media Art Displays is the class for you.