Decoupaging the Wood Base


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Decoupaging the Wood Base

The first thing we're going to do is start getting the base of our tray ready to go so we're making a three d shadow box and so what we're going to do first is grab our deco podge and then some of the vintage papers and tear them up again today to do some duck apologizing on the one side and this is an unpracticed surface so the one thing to keep in mind is we're gonna work in the slower smaller sections we're not going to cover the whole thing with the deco podge to it here are paper because it'll start to soak into the wood the wittle absorb that media pretty quickly because there's no protective layer already in there and so what the deck a posh dies is it feels in the papers that were going to use to decorate this side of the peace so we take a little bit off our deck apologize and we put it down on our would base here and it's going to absorb pretty quickly so we need to use a good amount you know we're going to just start putting our paper I'm using the music sheet paper today be...

cause I just love the music notes and I'm just going to start adding this line and after you put it down with the deco pot as you put another layer over the top of the paint over the paper sorry to seal it in I'm just going to continue to add my paper here to the base I'm going to cover the whole thing pretty completely with the paper now you've got these gaps in the wood if the deco pot is kind of seeps down in there that's okay I covered the whole thing so you kind of lose those lines on the side of the peace it'll just kind of drip through to the back on under the paper below also if you're doing this at home just make sure you have and you're using this with the gaps in it you're going to want to make sure you have something underneath so you don't get it all over your table okay we'll just keep deck apologizing and covering nothing says morning like dekel posh great way to start the day you guys get over there okay go partying away yes so I love this particular decca pies because it is less tacky and makes me less of a mess and I get messy enough on my own that anything that helps with that situation is great um but it drives really quickly it's just a great dekel pas to use for your projects and it's got a glossy finish if you would rather have a matte finish you can do that there's all sorts of different finishes you can get for your deco pot is depending on what you're going to d'oh with your projects you can get some that even have, like a chalkboard finished, so if you wanted to deck apart something and then use it as a chock board, you can do that, too. I'm going to go over the big gap, and I know that it's going to be a little bit unstable in that one spot, but we're not going to attach anything there, so that's ok, just gonna keep going here, you can find these kind of vintage papers and all sorts of places I usually find mine it thrift stores or where I come, where I live, we do, they've to garage sales and, like all town garage sales, where everybody just puts their stuff out in their garage and gets rid of it in the spring and it's, amazing what you can find and someone's garage sounds really weird, but it's great and, uh, and things like that or I've got friends who have cleaned out basements or whatever and find stuff, and I'm always the keeper of there, their goodies so it's pretty easy to find it if you don't have any place on you confined locally, there's a lot of difference people online that you can purchase vintage stuff from I have a question from online joe's wondering, what does she think about the homemade decca posh? Does it work justice good you get it depends on what you're going to do with it the thing about the homemade deco podge is um depending on the materials that you used to make it with um you just may get a little bit of a different look it works just fine um but I'm I use it enough that I've found what I really really like so I stick with what I like which is this if you really like the homemade decca pies you can use it um it's just depending on where you store it how you store it you may not get the same consistency every single time um and I'm just super picky I guess about what I use so if you like it and you're happy with the results then I say go for it um but I don't know from a longevity standpoint either like how what the law like but with lifetime where we'll be on it where with this I kind of I kind of know that so I usually stick with premade stuff but that's a good question I also go through it so fast that if I took I by the time I made it I would have consumed it so it's just easier buy it in bulk pre made and then get to work so okay almost done putting these on and that well like it when you know his vintage papers um way taught some classes yesterday and we did this as well in one of the questions that came up was yellowing of the paper and you will see a little bit of that um when you dekel possum because they're vintage papers and you're changing the composition by adding the deck a posh to them and they're just going to yellow naturally over time anyway so you will see a little bit of that but I'm not using anything that I'm worried about preserving I mean, I just ripped it up in the shreds so I can't really be worried about the preservation of this beautiful music if I'm doing that so um that's just something else toe to keep in mind while you're working ok think one more piece of my will be done here I'm trying to not get it up on the sides too much because we're going to paint that and then sometimes it's the pain you get a little bit of a different look with the deco passionate the pain when it hits the deck apologies when it hits the wood so I'm trying to avoid that but I'm a sloppy deco pleasure so it's not gonna be perfect ok, that last piece on and then I was going to put a little bit more on top of this just steal it all and really good all right? We've got that deco pot is mine you know, it was spread that around and we're gonna let that dry for now, I gotta clean this stuff up and then I'm gonna get some paints out. We can do the paint, start the paints for the other side. How are you guys feeling out there? Decca pausing madly? Okay, those for labor? I'll drive this just a little bit here and then I'll get the paint self. I'm just using a heat tool to speed up the drying process and because we're drying on the wood, the heat will gets extremely high. It looks like a hair drier but it's much hotter than a hair dryer, so if you hold it in one place too long, you will maybe get a little bit of a would scorch mark, so make sure you keep it moving so we don't end up with a nice bonfire at some point because I forgot to pack the stuff or smart. So and how would you feel about air drying that are using actual blow dried hair plugs? You can air dry it for sure it just takes longer and so, because we're I'm trying to speed up the process a little bit today, but you definitely can air dry this to, um, and a hair dryer does work. It's, one of those things where it's just doesn't get is high, so it just takes a little longer to use a hair dryer. I would just say, use the hottest setting that you have on your hair dryer. Help speed it up, so but if I was at home, I would probably do this and actually air dry it. Unless I was, I really just want to keep going, which does happen occasionally. I grew up. My dad was a wood worker that was like who's electrician's, but his hobby was making burn, insuring things out of wood. And so there's. Something like when I smell would like this it's like flashbacks to my childhood, of being in my dad's workshop, and that smell of fresh cut pine in mourning.

Class Description

Three-dimensional art has so much character, but it can be logistically difficult to create and quickly become heavy and burdensome to handle. In 3D Mixed Media Art Displays, Stephenie Hamen will teach reliable techniques you can use to create pieces that are as structurally sound as they are beautiful.

This class will solve the mystery around how to create and recreate collage parts and pieces in a lightweight form, while keeping things interesting and detailed. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a mold to produce additional parts
  • Use paper clay to make additions to your artwork
  • Incorporate found objects and ephemera

You’ll learn what materials work well together and what types of adhesive work best for securely adhering them. Stephenie will inspire you to explore and experiment, while making pieces that are fun and dimensional.

If you are ready to freshen up your work, need a boost of inspiration, or just a little guidance on the logistics – 3D Mixed Media Art Displays is the class for you.