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3D Mixed Media Art Displays


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Overview of Supplies

Everyone welcome and thank you so much for tuning into the craft and maker channel I'm your host vanessa villa forte and I will be with you today with stephanie hamman on three d mixed media art displays were going to be covering a lot of hands on awesome activity so stephanie taken away. Thanks, vanessa. Hi, everybody today we're doing three d mixed media, so this class is going to be a lot of fun. We've got this great would tray and we're going to learn how to mold paper. Clay, we're going to add paint. We're going to use gel otto's again. We're just gonna have a lot of fun mixing everything together. We're going to do some dekel polishing. We're going to be a nice, big fun, crafty mess so I hope you guys are ready to get started on our class today, so I'm going to quickly run through what you guys should have for supplies in front of you. So the first thing is you need your big would trade base. This is what we're gonna build the entire project on this is from walnut hollow, one of ...

our lovely, generous sponsors. They sent one for everybody here. After that, we have our paints, we just were gonna use acrylic paints from ranger that they sent we're going to need deco posh, which is um, the clash posh from I love to create, and then you'll need some vintage papers. We also will be using some quotes again today. For those of you who purchased the class, these air available as part of the download that you get when you purchase the class, everybody here has a copy of all of them as well. We're going to using a couple different glues later. We will also be using some jell otto's. We're going to use mold maker paper, clay, all sorts of great stuff. For the full supply list. You can just check out the class link and it's all there and there's links on those so that you can find all the supplies online. But for you guys, we're going to get started. He is ready, all right.

Class Description

Three-dimensional art has so much character, but it can be logistically difficult to create and quickly become heavy and burdensome to handle. In 3D Mixed Media Art Displays, Stephenie Hamen will teach reliable techniques you can use to create pieces that are as structurally sound as they are beautiful.

This class will solve the mystery around how to create and recreate collage parts and pieces in a lightweight form, while keeping things interesting and detailed. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a mold to produce additional parts
  • Use paper clay to make additions to your artwork
  • Incorporate found objects and ephemera

You’ll learn what materials work well together and what types of adhesive work best for securely adhering them. Stephenie will inspire you to explore and experiment, while making pieces that are fun and dimensional.

If you are ready to freshen up your work, need a boost of inspiration, or just a little guidance on the logistics – 3D Mixed Media Art Displays is the class for you.